Ploy Chermarn is the older woman who falls for Mario Maurer

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Just when people are debating about Nadech and Anne Thongprasom, here comes a new lakorn starring Ploy Chermarn as the older woman who falls for the younger guy in Mario Maurer for the lakorn  ‘Madame Dun’, a romantic comedy from Broadcast Thai Television.

Ploy is playing an ambitious talent agent slash manager whose main goal is to make her client a SUPERSTAR, she is like the girl version of  ‘A’ Supachai Sriwichit, the man who manages all the big stars in Thailand from Nadech Kugimiya to Mario Mario to Aum Patcharapa to Mark Prin to a lot of people. Mario is one of Ploy’s clients and her love interest in the series. I am digging this premise, the woman is the care-taker, the dominant one where as the guy is her ball of clay waiting to be mold into a big star.

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Mario, what you looking at?

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Do they look good together?

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Is that ‘Chai’ Chatayodom Hiranyatsathiti? The way he is posing, I get the feeling he is gonna be her gay nemesis.
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Aun Witthaya is probably playing the other guy.
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Her outfit looks comfy.

Source: Kapook