Raeng Pratana Ep 13: the showdown


Sighs, she has no faith in him. He loves you, stop listening to your own insecurities.

Today was the showdown–Ravee was revealed to be a psycho scheming B, the two-faced friend got caught talking to Don by Ravee and a mini slap fest ensued between the two former friends.


At he family barbecue everyone avoids telling the Dad about the fallout of the charity fashion show, he tells them he already knows. He doesn’t live in a cave and he is fine with it because he knows it is not true. It’s a good thing too because it makes him aware on how much Tae and Pitt have grown to trust each other. He puts both their hands together. ‘I am happy you two are living together with understanding and not using your emotions like when you were younger.’

Everyone is relieved that the Dad is okay with the situation, they were concern about his reaction affecting his health. As they are barbecuing together, Yai thanked Pitt for loving his sister Tae and advises him to confess  his feelings before it is too late. This family is just way too loving. They are also like a dispense machine for love advice.

Yai:’Pitt, you and Tae look like you really love each other.’

Pitt was about to tell him, they have a fake marriage, but Yai interrupts him.

Yai:’Thank you for taking care of Tae so well. Seeing Tae being happily married makes me happy too.’


Yai:’Hey, you two live together, don’t you ask each other this? Whether you are happy or not?’–no they don’t. They got issues.

‘Hey, this is a new era. Whatever you think, whatever you feel, just say it. Or if you want to know, then just ask. Let me ask you something, don’t you want to know how you feel towards each other?’–Preach on big brother! He speaks the truth Pitt.

Pitt doesn’t answer him, he just looks over at Kratae like a lost puppy.

Yai:’You still have time, you still have the opportunity to express your feelings to each other, why don’t you use this opportunity to your benefit? Trust me, before you regret it that you have let the opportunity slip by.’–yea listen to the brother, he knows.


Ravee doesn’t want to marry Puwadon, we know. She gets into an argument with her mother and her mother slaps her. She decides to runaway. Oy. Just move out of your mother’s house if you don’t like her rules. A western thought. She does have a job, what is she afraid of?


At the barbecue, Pitt had snapped pictures of Kratae with his phone. Before he slept, he flips through his phone to look at the pictures. Kratae comes down to get facial serums and cream from the fridge. She notices his tired face and decides he needs some facial serums too. She puts it on him unexpectedly and he looks at her completely startled. It’s a girl thing, just let her do it. As she is rubbing his face in with the serum he remembers Yai’s advice about expressing his feelings to Tae. Then she gently slaps him several times

Pitt: ‘Why are you slapping me for?’

Tae:’To make the cream go into your skin faster.’

Oh. She has to do  thisone hundred times too. Like wah, just playing only 10 times.

Just when he is about to confess, she interrupts him by telling him he needs to sleep. The cream works well when you sleep.

As he is preparing for sleep, the doorbell rings. Don’t open it. Just don’t.


Ug. she is here. Why did you come, there are hotels. You ain’t broke. Nope, she had to come running to Pitt after her fight with her mother. What is up with the hugging too, he is married. Of course, Tae had to see it.


She is crying to them on how she has to marry Don, tears, blah blah more tears. She wants to stay with them, her friends that understand her best. She used the word ‘friend’ to described her relationship with Pittaya when obviously she wants more, I found it very amusing that Pitt doesn’t give her a  response. He looks at Tae, like huh, honey, you answer her. This is uncomfortable for me because I know her staying here will offend you.

Kratae allows Ravee to stay out of guilt. ‘Pitt won’t be uncomfortable, you can stay here.’


The look on his face when Kratae allowed Ravee to stay, that’s far from the truth. He does feel uncomfortable.

They discuss the Ravee situation in the kitchen, they should let her stay because they know how Ravee’s mother can be. But Pitt is not staying with them, to be proper, he is going to sleep at a hotel. HAHA.

This is priceless. You know Ravee’s plans always fail. This couple is meant to be because you can’t destroy them. In a way, she makes them grow closer to each other.


She needs to stop stalking–she watches with envy as Kratae and Pitt say good bye to each other.

Seeing how affectionate they are towards each other, she marches back angrily into the house and notices something on the couch–a blanket and Pitt’s bedroom pillow. She realizes that Pitt and Kratae don’t sleep together. In the bedroom, she notices the other pillows matching the one downstairs. She brings it up with Kratae who had to lie  saying it is for her maid Bah Nee (Aunt Nee) who occasionally sleeps over.


In the room waiting for towels from Kratae, Ravee pretends that she is having a phone conversation with Pitt which saddens Kratae until Kratae receives a phone call from Pitt saying he has arrived at the hotel. Oh sookie now, someone has just been caught lying.

Later on, Ravee brings up Pitt’s sleeping patterns on how he is not a calm sleeper, which insinuates she knows his sleeping pattern well because they slept together. Ew. You have no shame. She even asked Kratae if Pitt is still snores heavily.  Kratae lies that he doesn’t and she doesn’t notice because she is a heavy sleeper.


The conversation ends when they hear Don ringing the doorbell. He was tipped by Ravee’s two-faced friend that Ravee had gone over to Pitt’s house after the fight with her mother. Not knowing any better, Kratae tried to stop him, he pushed her into a door, then the stairs, and told her what Ravee’s true intentions were:

‘Are you crazy? I want to tell you out of virtue, this woman is trying to steal your husband from you and you are stupid enough to help her?’–She doesn’t know yet, stop yelling at her.

After the struggle with Kratae, Don is able to take Ravee out of the house.


After struggling together with the steering wheel and crushing into trash cans, Don gives Ravee a warning:’Stop doing these crazy things, you have to marry me and you won’t be able to escape me.’

She tells him he is hurting her, he doesn’t care. ‘You will hurt more if you don’t stop causing problems. Don’t force me to hurt you.’


Don takes her home and her mother explains she is doing this because she loves her. She wants to hand her only child to a person she trusts. Huh? Lady you chose the wrong guy, if only you knew. He is violent with your daughter, sleeps with other women, is only marrying your daughter for an inheritance. He has nice qualities too like being able to outwit your daughter at every turn which makes this lakorn tolerable to watch.


Pitt examines Kratae bruises from the fight with Don. He is livid and declares that if Don hurts Ravee in any way, he is not gonna let it go. Tae notices his anger like it means Ravee is important that it ignites strong responses from him. She is sadden by it. Don’t be girl, he is not. He is just a nice guy. He would act the same to a stray dog.


Pitt visits Ravee at her cake shop and she spews out lies for him to hear. Why?

Ravee:’The truth is you can’t just blame Khun Puwadon. I don’t know what to say.’–Ahh..you do.

Pitt:’Just say it, is there something else I don’t know.’

Ravee:’When Khun Puwadon came to the house, I asked Khun Kratae to help but instead she went down and opened the door for Khun Don to come in. She didn’t help me at all. I know you trust her a lot and do not believe everything I say. But you should know that a person like me does not lie.’–Shut up! You been lying all day. Since last month.

Pitt:’I know you don’t lie but I am confident Kratae wouldn’t do that.’

Ravee:’You should think about this well, isn’t strange that Khun Puwadon knew I was at your house. How would he know if someone didn’t tell him.’

Pitt:’So you are saying Khun Tae told him?’

No way.  Lies

Ravee:’I don’t want to incriminate anyone but I know Khun Kratae is not happy that I come see you often’–no one is. Even me. Um and you were incriminating her.

The two-faced friend watches them from a safe stop and calls Ravee a liar to herself. Yea, I know, you best do something about that. Bring her down fake friend. I am cheering for you though you are crazee too.


After that conversation, Ravee discovers that her friend has been stabbing her in the back all this time, they get into this huge argument, we discover the friend has been harboring a longtime crush on Pitt. The friend was yelling at Don on the phone, Ravee caught her in the act.

Ravee:’So the truth is that it was you who called Don. Why did you do this when we are friends.’–you’re not.  Sorry. Everyone hates you.

The friend:’You thought that I was your friend?’

Ravee:’What does that mean?’

The friend:’In the past, you always try to overshadow me, whenever you do anything, you only think  about yourself. Whatever is good, you take it, including Pitt. You knew I liked Pitt, I saw that you were a friend and sought advice from you to help me out. But you made Pitt like you instead, when it should have been me. I was envious when I saw you two happily together. Khun Puwadon was a means to help me demolish your relationship with Pitt.’

Ravee:’So that means all this time, whatever I did, where ever I was at, that guy knew what I was doing because of you.’–Yea pretty much.

They have it out with a slap and Ravee kicks her friend out of the shop.


How nice of Pitt to tell Kratae what Ravee said. Pitt told Kratae he doesn’t believe Ravee and Kratae offered to clear it up with her. He said clear it with her ‘softly’ because he knows how Kratae can be.

Kratae goes to clear it with Ravee and learns the truth that this B is nutso and have been deceiving them all along.

Ravee:’Pitt told you?’

Kratae:’Yes, because he knows I would never do something like that.’

Ravee sarcastically:’It looks like he trust you very much.’

Kratae sternly:’Of course, we are husband and wife that is why we trust each other.’

Ravee:’But you don’t sleep together? How can you call each other husband and wife?’–She got you there kid.

Kratae:’I think you have something stuck in your heart, if you have anything to say, just say it out directly. Don’t bottle it up like this.’

Ravee:’I have nothing stuck in my heart.’

Kratae:’But I do. Last night I heard you talking to Pitt but oddly Pitt called me the same time you were talking to him. Why do you have to lie to me? Why did you blame me in front of Pitt? Why did you do that, Khun Ravee? Answer me!’

Ravee:’It is because of you– who stole him from me.’–the truth comes out.

Kratae:’So that means all this time when you befriended me, apologized to me, because you pretended to do it?’

Ravee:’After you been stupid for a long time, you  are starting to wise up. Look,  I am not a saint who has an open-mind about the things you have done to me.’

Kratae:’But I apologized to you.’

Ravee:’Did your apology make my life any better? Not at all. My life fell apart more because of you. Pitt is my everything, it is the only good thing I have left, but you took him away from me and made me marry that bastard. It’s like I am going to hell alive. Though you gotten the love and care from Pitt, it should have been me.’

Kratae:’But I have never wanted you to face those things.’

Ravee:’Shut up, stop pretending to be a good person. If I can’t have Pitt, you can’t have him either. I will make you hurt more than me a hundred times, a thousand times more. I want to thank you for educating me on many things.’

Kratae confused:’What did I educate you on?’–Oh Kratae, it’s KARMA, remember what you did, creating lies to split up her relationship with Pitt. It’s her payback time. Sucks, I know.

Ravee:’Think about what you have done to me.’

Kratae remembers everything.

Ravee:’Have you started to feel hurt by everything that has happened yet? Everything you have done to me, it is coming back to hurt you.’

And their conversation ends.


Kratae tells her friend Prao about the conversation and Ravee tells lies to Pitt that Kratae was not reasonable with her during their chat.

When Kratae comes home, Pitt confronts her about it, in a nice way.

Pitt:’I told you to go clear it with her well, talk to her nicely, why did you blame things on her, Khun Tae?’

Say what? Kratae knows Pitt is an innocent party in this whole mess, so she keeps her cool and pretends nothing serious happened.

Pitt:’Khun Ravee said she felt terrible that she misunderstood you. She tried to explain everything that she didn’t mean it. You didn’t listen to her and left. She felt uneasy, so she told me to pass on her apology through me  to you.’

Kratae tells Pitt she will clear it with Ravee again, he doesn’t need to worry and goes upstairs to think in the bathroom. She thinks a lot in that bathroom.


It’s payback time for Kratae too, Kratae steals Pitt phones and buys him a new one. He was all happy, I get a new phone, a Samsung. Coool!


She sends Ravee a message pretending to be Pitt for a dinner date and then makes Ravee wait at the restaurant while she is having a nice dinner with her family with Pitt. So wrong. Her family tries out Pitt’s new phone by taking family pictures and pictures of Pitt and Kratae as a couple. Kratae sends the pictures over to Ravee.  I kinda felt sorry for Ravee, getting stood up is not fun.

Kratae has the waiter pass this note to Ravee:’Is it fun to wait, please eat your meal deliciously.’

So wrong and kinda scary to see Ravee’s reaction, she is gonna eat you alive, I wouldn’t mess with this crazy B.


Another part of Kratae’s plan with the new phone is to take photos and pictures of herself joking around with Pitt to send to Ravee. Though she is doing this to aggravate Ravee, she is having a good time and the act is sincere. They play with the phone taking a video clip of each other and by chance fell on the bed together.


Yea, he landed on top of her and goes in for the kiss but he doesn’t get it because she moves away from him. Tease. She lies that she wants to go charge his phone.


Instead she calls Ravee up. Oh so wrong. She sent the clip to Ravee.

Kratae:’Was there a clip sent to you?’


Kratae:’Oh no, I have to apologize to you. I just brought Pitt a new phone, we were playing with it, I must have accidentally sent it to you. They say this phone is really good, you can see every DETAIL.Was it like that?’–shameless Samsung phone plug.

Ravee:’Don’t lie, I know you had intended to send it to me. Do you consider this payback?’

Kratae:’You are starting to wise up.’

Ravee:’You think this clip can do anything to me?’

Kratae:’I don’t know if this clip can do anything do you but you can see when Pitt is with me, how happy he is. When he was with you, did he laugh this much? ‘–she has a point.

The answer is no and Kratae picks it up by Ravee’s lack of a response.

Kratae:’Your silence proves he has never.’

Kratae pretends that Pitt is calling for her. ‘Ka Pitt, I am about to come up. Please wait for me.’

Kratae to Ravee:’Pitt is calling for me. I have to hang up,  you never know tonight Pitt and I might actually become a real husband and wife.’


The next day, Pitt offered to make Kratae steak for dinner. As she is shopping for wine with her sister Kratai, Ravee visits him at his office with her wedding invitation. Ravee learns about their plans and decides to insert herself for dinner. Who does this, I would be embarrassed to interrupt a young couple’s at home dinner date.

Kratae comes home to find Ravee cooking alongside Pitt, she offered to help them cook but Ravee states this is her ‘SPOT’. Say what. You best move aside B.

Ravee:’You don’t have to, Khun Tae you can go seat down, this spot is mine.’

Pitt, do you not notice what she is saying or are you just ignoring it.

Ravee with a fake smile:’What I mean is it is my responsibility. I will help Pitt myself.’

Pitt is like too concern with cooking to notice the two ladies staring each other down like a western gunfight showdown.

At the table, Ravee is annoyed that Pitt is seating next to Kratae, they are married, she becomes more annoyed when Kratae feeds Pitt some of her steak and then whips his face down with a tissue. This is all Kratae’s  ploy to taunt Ravee at the dinner table and it is working. Ravee pours herself some more win.

Pitt tells her to go easy, she might get drunk.


After dinner, Pitt decides to clear the table and clean up to let them talk and boy do they have a talk.

Kratae:’Pitt is very lovable, a true gentleman, I am very lucky to be married to him.’

Ravee:’Though you married him, he doesn’t love you, he loves me.’

Kratae remembers a conversation she had with Pitt regarding Ravee, he told her he could never be with Ravee, it would be impossible and the reason he wants to stay married to Kratae is not out of responsibility, instead he wants to take care of her.

Kratae:’How can you be sure? From what I can recall, the relationship between you and Pitt can never be again.’

Ravee:’He said those things because he had to marry someone else.’

Kratae:’He told me that he wanted to take care of me.’

Ravee:’That is a lie, you are lying.’—she is not. Just accept it.

Kratae:’It’s  you who has to stop lying to yourself. You are the past, the present is what is important.’

Ravee:’Whether it be the past or present, Pitt still loves me. He loves me only.’–no he doesn’t. Grr. No way of reasoning with this crazy B.

Kratae:’In that case, let us verify who he will choose.’


The next day after discussing it with her friend Prao, Kratae sends Pitt a text asking him to come meet her at a restaurant  she has something important to discuss with him. He must come. Pitt sees this as an opportunity to confess his feelings for Kratae, he orders his secretary buy a bouquet of flowers for him. As the secretary is leaving, Ravee comes in with sweets. This girl has a lot of time on her hand.

The secretary is annoyed after seeing Ravee and without looking bumps into Yai in, there is a moment where they locked eyes. The sparks are starting to fly for these two. She relays what she saw to Yai how she is annoyed by Ravee frequent visits to see Pitt, people might start gossiping.

Ravee notices the flowers, Pitt tells her it is for Kratae, they have plans to see each other today. Ravee attempts to lure Pitt out of those plans by lying she wants him to come see her contractor about the designs for her new restaurant. It won’t be too long, he can still go see Kratae on time. LIES.

Yai barges into the room and tells Pitt he shouldn’t– traffic is bad, he might not make it. He can go in place of Pitt with Ravee. Since Yai offered, Ravee changes her mind. If Pitt doesn’t have time, she can do it some other time.

Before Yai leaves, he tells Pitt not to be late for Kratae, the  flowers might wilt. He also emphasized the word ‘brother-in-law’ for Ravee to hear. ‘See you later, younger BROTHER-IN-LAW.’

Ravee lies that her phone ran out of battery, she needs to use his phone. He lets her use his phone.  She finds the text from Kratae and the location of the restaurant.


As they are preparing to leave, Kratae is starting to have doubts about this dinner date and the confession while Pitt is gleefully prepared to confess his feelings. She is scared, he is happy.


Kratae arrives at the restaurant first to find Ravee seating at their table.

Ravee:’Pitt told me to come see you. He knows what you want to talk about with him. He felt distress to have to reject you because he doesn’t love you. He loves me.’—shut up.

Kratae:’It is not true.’

Ravee:’Why are you so stubborn? If it is not true, how did I know you made an appointment to see Pitt here?’

Kratae:’Regarding that, I will talk to Pitt myself. I have nothing to say to you. You can leave now.’

Ravee:’The person who should leave is you and you should leave him, doesn’t this prove that he has chosen me?’–not really.

Kratae:’The things you have said and the things I have seen, his actions makes me not trust what you say. You can keep your lies to deceive yourself, Khun Ravee.’

Ravee:’Pitt is a good person, a gentleman, how do you know  when he treats you nicely that he loves you?’ Yea, it can be confusing. He is nice to everyone!

Kratae:’You are a poisonous snake, I won’t be fooled by you.’

Ravee sees Pitt at the entrance and starts beating herself. She takes Kratae hands and uses it to beat herself up too. This is some crazy stuff.


Pitt walks over to them and Ravee runs to Pitt for help.

Ravee:’I tried to explain to Kratae that we have nothing going on, but she didn’t believe me and violently hurt me.’

Pitt:’Why did you hurt Ravee?’

Kratae:’I didn’t do it, she is lying.’

Pitt:’I saw you with my own eyes and you dare tell me you didn’t do it.’

Kratae:’I didn’t do it. You can ask anyone, look at the surveillance camera.’–you should.

Pitt shouting at Kratae:’Stop making things up.’

Kratae:’So that means everything that has happened, you never believed I have changed, why do you base your decision on someone else’s words?’

Pitt:’Ravee is not someone else.’–Oh no. That is like a knife piercing her heart.

Kratae:’So that means I am the other/ the someone else person.’

She leaves crying.



She steps on the flower as she leaves, he chases after her but doesn’t catch her. He stays on to chat with Ravee half-listening to her apology, until he realizes why is she here. Ravee lies that she was here by chance to meet a friend. Oh. That explains it.


She runs to her family for comfort. Her brother Yai informs Pitt of her whereabouts and asked what happened between them.


Pitt goes to over to her father’s house to reconcile with her, Kratae refuses to forgive him. She only opened the door to return his ring and to slap him. He was like, I just got slap.  ‘You can go back now, I don’t want to see you again. Take your ring back too. I want my freedom. Do you hear me?’

Pitt apologizes to her but she doesn’t listen to him.

Kratae: ‘Why are you so annoying like this? Do you know I am bored, very  bored, you can leave now.’


She cries to herself in the room.


Her brother Yai consoles her.

‘If you still consider me as an older brother, tell me what happened.’

Kratae tells him everything about her pact with Ravee to see who Pitt would choose.

‘Everything that has happened, Pitt spending his life with me. Do you know P’Yai, he has never forgotten that woman. He only loves that woman. If he could choose, he probably wouldn’t want to marry me.’

Yai:’But Ravee is about to get marry.’

Kratae:’So she is getting married. If she gets married, it doesn’t mean he will stop loving her.  I don’t want to feel like this anymore. I am tired of loving someone who doesn’t love me. Every day I am with him, it make me love him even more, even though he has never thought of loving me. He has sacrifice himself enough for me, it’s time to let him go.’–if only you knew. It’s not a sacrifice, he wants this.

She receives an embrace from her brother Yai as she cries. End of the episode.