Raeng Pratana Ep 14: he knows she loves him


Episode 14 felt like a filler episode, there were misunderstandings after misunderstandings and nothing was resolved. She was gonna take him back and then something happen she decides she wants out. It was a tearful episode.


Ravee makes her move when she learns Kratae is staying with her family. She tries to kiss Pitt and is horribly rejected by him.

Ravee:’I have always been concern about you. I have worried about you every much. Do you know the reason why? Because I still love. Since you don’t have Kratae anymore, you have nothing to tie you down, we can leave together.’

Say what?

Ravee:’Yes, leave. To go anywhere, just the two of us. I willing to leave everything as long as I don’t have to marry Puwadon and to be with you–To be yours.’–aren’t we delusional.

Pitt doesn’t like this at all. ‘Do you  know what you are saying?’

Ravee:’I know what  I am saying, I am mentally stable [no you are not]. Khun Sutapah is not here anymore and we still love each other, am I right? I know we still love each other.’

She goes in for the kiss, he rejects her by moving away and standing up. ‘What are you doing?’

Ravee:’Doing what people who love each other do.’–well he doesn’t love you, so it’s wrong in his eyes. Back off.

Pitt:’Can you stop acting like a person who has no value. Whatever happen to your self-respect? The Ravee I know, the proper woman,  the sweet, and lovable person, where did she go?’–I don’t know.

Ravee:’That Ravee she died already. Do you know? I don’t think it is strange to do this since we love each other.’—He doesn’t love you honey that is why he feels uncomfortable.

‘Pitt, don’t tell me that you love Khun Tae already. That woman does not see your value. Don’t forgot why she married you, she needed to save her reputation and her family’s dignity. But me, I love you. I love you na. I love you very much.’

She goes in to hug him, he just stands there and tells her to leave.

‘Please leave before I see you worst than this.’

After saying that, he walked away. Good man. I am gonna give you a high-five guy.


Ravee goes home to tell her parents she had just slept with Pitt and there is nothing wrong with that. Her mother slaps her. I would too if she was my daughter. You just don’t say that to your ASIAN parents EVER.

Ravee’s parents drives all the way to Kratae’s house to confront Kratae’s family about it. They tell Kratae’s family Pitt is a dirty bastard who slept with their daughter and he is gonna get it. Geez, just put it out there soiling both Pitt and Ravee’s name. Kratae’s family does not believe it.

Before she left, Ravee’s mother told Khun Nop to pass this on to Pitt. ‘Pass this along to your son-in-law, don’t use this dirty method to hurt my daughter again, or else he is gonna get it.’–Oh lady, it’s your daughter. Not Pitt.


Kratae heard the whole conversation and faints. She is consoled by her father: ‘Tae, everything you  just heard, don’t think too much of it. Let me ask Pitt about it first.’

Kratae:’You don’t need to ask him. He can have relations with whoever he wants, it’s none of my business.’–you better make it your business, he is your husband.


The Kratae and Pitt shippers are doing their best to bring them back together. Yai goes to Pitt’s house to ask him about Ravee and to inform him on what has happened. Pitt denies sleeping with Ravee and Yai believes him. But he is not Kratae, she has insecurities about their relationship.

‘I believe you but Tae probably believes when she left you brought Ravee over to have happiness together.’–like sleep together. Okay.

Pitt says he will go over to see Kratae to explain things and Yai said he has information that will Pitt out.

Yai confesses to Pitt that Kratae has always loved Pitt since they were kids. When Pitt started showing no interest in her, she started acting out. He knows because she told him.

What do you think about that? To me, he seems unsure about Yai’s confession about Kratae. Maybe he is too stunned to express an emotion.

Yai:’So what about you Pitt, do you feel the same way about my sister. If so, you should not let her slip away.’


Kratae hears a knock on the door and is livid when she opens the door to find Pitt on the other end. She pushes him away and tells him to leave.

Pitt:’I won’t leave until you listen to my explanation. Ravee and I did not do anything.’

Kratae:’If you did nothing together, why did her mother come here to start trouble?’

Pitt:’From my dignity, Me and Ravee…’

Kratae:’You don’t need to explain anything. I don’t want to hear anything about you and Ravee ever again.’

She struggles in his arms. ‘But you have to listen. I beg you.’

She beats him and he lets her. ‘If it makes you not mad at me anymore, I will let you beat me.’

She looks up at him with tears streaming down her face. She stumps at his foot to get loose from his grip and runs for it.


Her family chases after her to the front lawn. ‘Why are you going?’ her brother asked her.

‘Anywhere as long as that guy is not there.’

Pitt offers to leave but he will return tomorrow.

‘Just because I am leaving, it does not mean I have given up. I will come back to you and never let you go.’

Good man.


The next day, he did come back and made porridge for the family which she knew right away because it was their recipe, the flavor they created together. This family and their rice porridge, they eat a lot of it.

After tasting the porridge, she demanded that Pitt com out.

Kratae throws her napkin down and asked him angrily, ‘why did you come back ?’–he wanted to see you. Duh!

Pitt:’I told you already I will not let you go. I will come every day until you listen to my explanation.’


Kratae:’If I listen to what you have to say, you will not come here anymore?’

Si, senorita.

‘Even if I believe you or if I don’t?’

Si, again.

They take their conversation to the pool area. Pitt starts it off:’I accept Ravee came to see me at the house. Nothing happened. Like I told you before, it can never be [his relationship with Ravee]. I can assure you it has ended already.’

Kratae:’Your relationship with her has ended a long time ago, but your feelings for her has not ended.’

Pitt:’It’s not like that.’—listen to the man.

Kratae:’I know all this time how much you had to force yourself to marry me. Just accept the truth, the only person in your heart is Khun Ravee. I know you are counting the days to be free for a long time now.’

Pitt:’That is not true.’–He said it softly too, like be loud about it. Be passionate, stopping being meek. I don’t understand why he is sounded all depressed like he has no energy. SPEAK up man.

Pitt:’When I was with you I have never had to tolerate it.’

Kratae:’Can you stop lying already. We need to speak truthfully to each other. I know everything  you have done is for my father.’

Pitt:’I didn’t do it for your father. I did everything for you.’

He takes her hand. ‘Please don’t be mad at me. Please trust me.’

She pulls her hand away. ‘I used trust you but now I don’t. We have nothing else to talk about.’

Pitt:’Khun Tae, I thought you said we would speak truthfully to each other. Why don’t you speak the truth with me?’

He walks over to face her and then the AB Normal song starts to play, I understand it is a good song I even purchased the song on iTunes but must they play it over and over again. It is like on constant repeat. Geez!

Pitt:’How do you feel about me? Do you love me? I am asking you if you love me?’

She starts to tear up.

‘Love? You know the reason why we got married, I married you because of my father. If I loved you, would I want my freedom from you?’

Pitt:’You probably felt tortured to be with me to tolerate living with a person like me.’

Kratae:’You understand it well.’

Oh my gosh, speak the truth people.

He starts to tear up: ‘And I thought we were happy.’

Kratae:’How can we be happy when we don’t love each other.’–OUCH. It was like she stabbed him in the heart when she said that. Painful.

He takes her hand again, he gives her the ring. ‘Whatever I give you, I don’t want it back.’

OH good gosh, in with the water works.

He leaves her with tears in his eyes.

Kratae is consoled by her sister Kratai. ‘Why did you do this for? The person who is hurt the most is you.’

Kratae:’I want the person I love to be happy.’

You know what, I think if Pitt would have told her he loved her, it would have made things better. He didn’t say it.


Both parties are depressed.

Kratae’s father gives her some advice.

‘Tae, I don’t know what kind of  problems you two have but from what I saw, Pitt is trying his best to make you not mad at him anymore. It made me realized, Pitt is always a good person. Hey, all this time, I have seen how you and Pitt are together. I don’t want a mistake whether it be intended or not to harm your good feelings for each other. Tae, can you give Pitt another chance. If two people don’t talk to each other, how can they understand each other? What we see and what we understand might not be the most accurate. I don’t want my child to suffer for the rest of her life. I want you to think over what I said well.’



Ravee guilted Pitt in helping her escape her wedding day by saying she might kill herself. Pitt distracts the bodyguards as she makes her way down to the parking garage. From there, Ravee is surprised Yai who drives her off to a safe haven. She hoped it would have been Pitt.


When Ravee left, Don accuses Pitt of helping Ravee escape and punched him in the face. Their grandmother defended Pitt saying he would never do something like that. Don goes off on his rant in front of his grandmother:’You think he is a good guy, behind your back, he is having an affair with my bride.’

Pitt:’That is not true, we have an innocent relationship.’

Don:’Liar. I know you are jealous of me because I have a mother and a father and I have wealth and you have nothing. Even your own mother didn’t want you so she quickly died to leave you. Even your biological father didn’t want to accept you.’

The expression on his Dad’s face when he said that, pretty much he just ousted his own father. HAHAHA.

Don:’You were born to create problems. You are unlucky.’

Yea their grandmother couldn’t take any more of his rant and slapped him. Everyone is stunned and someone shrieked. Don stumbles back when the grandmother tried to apologize.

Before he left, he gives Pitt a warning: ‘I will not let this end easily Pittaya.’


Yai tells Ravee to stay here until she finds a new place. She wants Pitt. Well he doesn’t want you, so go fall down a well. Yai tells her back off. Dude is awesome.

Yai:’You can stop messing with Pitt already, everything is chaotic because of you. You should know you are causing Pitt to be distress.’

Ravee: ‘That is not true.’

Yai shouting at her:’It is the truth!! You listen to me, if Pitt wanted to help you out, he would have helped you out himself. But he asked me to help him because he CARES for my younger sister. He doesn’t want my younger sister to misunderstand. You should accept the truth, your relationship with Pitt has ended. If he matters to you, you should  give him up and stop involving Pitt into your personal problems. Let him go.’–PREACH on brother!


He brought her breakfast, they made up. Awww…it’s a dream.


Kratae informs her family she has made her decision about Pitt over breakfast. Yai calls Pitt to come over, Pitt might get a better response from Kratae today.


She made her decision, she puts on his ring. She plans to take him back.


Oh someone is gonna ruin their reconciliation, it’s gonna be Don coming to Kratae’s house to look for Pitt.

Yai:’He is not here and it is not appropriate for you to look for him here at this time because this is our family time. You can leave now.’

Don refuses to leave because he doesn’t believe what he has been told.

Kratae comes down and asked, ‘what is going on?

Don:’Khun Sutapah, it’s good to see you. Yesterday at my wedding, your husband escape with my bride, tell him to give Ravee back right now.’–like she is an object, like little boys arguing over a toy truck.

Kratai:’That is not true, Pitt would never do anything like that.’

Don:’You dare guarantee he didn’t do it? Now you (pointing at Kratae) tell your husband he can return someone else’s wife back now. Taking someone else’s bride is truly like a criminal.’

Don shouts for Pitt to come out and Khun Nop tells him to hush up and stop accusing Pitt.

Khun Nop threatens to call the police on Don if he doesn’t leave, Don doesn’t care all gangsta gangsta and said bring it out. It would be good because he can report Pitt for kidnapping. Khun Nop said he isn’t scared either, Don has no proof and he can report Don for trespassing on his property. The person who would go to jail is Don.

Don:’Up to this point, you are still protecting him when he is concealing another woman behind your daughter’s back. [looking over at Kratae] What is it like, acting like a saintly first wife with compassion when your husband is having a good time with another woman. You’re stupid. This family is stupid. This whole household is stupid.’

Just when Yai is about to pounce on Don, Pitt arrives. Pitt lies to Don did not help Ravee escape.


Don looks over at Kratae and goes ballistic. All the shouting, I didn’t even want to listen to it. He kept repeating the same old, return Ravee to him.


As Don has Pitt by the collar ordering him to give Ravee back to him, Kratae shouts out that Pitt didn’t do it.

Don:’Have you been so manipulated by your husband, your brain doesn’t work anymore? If he didn’t do it, who would have done it?’

Kratae:’I know how embarrassing it can be when your bride leaves you on your wedding day. But I don’t think you have the right to throw a tantrum at someone else.’

She walks over to Pitt to stand beside him. ‘The day before your wedding, last night, until now, he was with me. When will he have the time to help your bride escape? Pitt and I, we love each other. Pitt respects me, he has never cheated on me, and he has never lied to me. We trust each other. Most importantly, he will choose me before anyone else always. For that reason, there is no way he took your bride.’

Don called Kratae the stupidest girl he has ever met. Don leaves when they threaten to call the police on him.


Yai defended Pitt about the Ravee incident. Pitt wasn’t with her, Yai took her.

Kratae to Pitt:’Is it true you helped Ravee leave?’

Yai:’Pitt did not leave with Khun Ravee like what that guy accused, I did. I took care of it.’

Kratae:’Why did you have to take care of this? Or is it because Pitt begged you to help.’


Pitt:’I begged P’Yai to help. Khun Tae, the reason why I did it was not because I have an attachment with Khun Ravee it’s because…’

Kratae doesn’t let him finish and ordered her brother to give them some privacy.

Kratae:’The reason why I asked you to come over is because of my father because sometimes what I see might not be what I understand it to be. So I wanted to give you a chance to speak. When the issue has turned out this way, you don’t have to say anything anymore. The thing you have done made me realize, you can’t bear seeing that woman marry Khun Puwadon. When you know how dangerous he can be, you still choose to help her. I should be envious of Khun Ravee, everyone seems to love her even to the point of sacrificing their life for her.’–Yea, I don’t understand her reasoning.

She turns around to leave, he takes her hand and see his rings. ‘You still wear my ring?’

Dude, nope. She is gonna throw it at you that is what.

Kratae: ‘You and I, it’s over, if you still want to be called a good husband, you know what you should do.’

She returns his ring. ‘I will give you an opportunity to perform the last duty as a good husband by divorcing me as quickly as possible.’


He gives her back hug. ‘No, I refuse to get a divorce. No matter what I refuse to break up with you.’

‘Let me go!’

Pitt:’I will not let you go, I will not let you walk out of my life like this. I…’

Kratae:’I hate you, do you hear me I hate you. I don’t want to see your face again. Stop bothering with me once and for all.’

Well that is over. She leaves him crying.

Pitt tells her family, Kratae wants to get a divorce.


Pitt apologizes to the dad for having it turn out this way. ‘I have to apologize for not being able to take care of Khun Tae anymore. I can not keep my promise to you any longer. I have done wrong.’

The dad is cool, he understands.

‘Pitt, you are not wrong. I understand everything, you don’t have to apologize whether it be about Ravee or Kratae. The truth is everything that has happened it is because of me, I wanted you to take care of Kratae so you had to leave the person you loved to repay my kindness. Kratae had to married you because of me. I tried to help connect the cracks in your relationship, now I understand it can never be connected.’—-NO, don’t say that.

‘I shouldn’t have placed my demands on you two since the beginning. I think it is time for me to let you and Tae go on the path of your decision.’

Pitt doesn’t want to.

The dad urged him to. ‘Pitt whatever you decide about my daughter, do it for you. Don’t do it for me. Don’t do it for anyone else. You have sacrifice yourself for me enough. You have sacrificed enough. Right now, what I want to see is for you to be happy. I want Kratae to be happy no matter how it turns out. I just want that, I would be satisfied.’

Well he wants your daughter!


Kratae to he family: ‘Pitt and I getting a divorce is not a strange thing, we didn’t get marry because of love.’

Kratai:’But don’t you love Pitt?’

Kratae:’You don’t need to worry about me. I am stronger now. At the beginning it will be painful, I will endure it, I must be able to do it.’

The dad tells her, she doesn’t have to endure everything, she can cry too. She still has her father, sister, and brother to wipe her tears away.’

Group hug! They group hug a lot.


 At the end, Pitt is kidnapped by Don’s hired men and is badly beaten up to lure Ravee out. It works and Pitt is left for dead.