Raeng Pratana Ep 15end: a happy ending

Yea I fast-forwarded to the end. I woke up late couldn’t watch it live and I had to wait for the video to be loaded.

The rundown:

-Don and Ravee have it out in front her parents, Ravee told her parents Don raped her and kidnapped Pitt and Don ousted Ravee for being a conniving B with Kratae. He slapped her, she stabbed him in the stomach with a fruit knife. Don’t worry he lives.

-Pitt was able to untie his knot and free himself to find help.

-Don’s father begged Pitt to not press charges against Don for the kidnapping and the beating, Pitt agrees if they drop the charges on Ravee for the stabbing.

-Pitt rejects Ravee again in his hospital room when she wants to get back together with him. ‘I am sorry but the woman I love is Khun Tae. When we separated it made me realize, the person I have always loved  is Khun Tae.  I knew I was not suitable for her so I tried to step back from her. But I can’t do it. I can’t forget her.’ Ravee said Khun Tae doesn’t love him, Pitt said he was fine with that. ‘It’s okay, it is enough for me to just love her. I have to apologize to you for all the years that have passed, I had closed the opportunity for you to see other people. Ravee, since you don’t have to marry Khun Puwadon anymore, you should open yourself up to find a man who will truly love you.’

-If only Kratae heard the second part instead of the part where Pitt told Ravee he was willing to do everything possible to stop Ravee from marrying Puwadon, she wouldn’t be crying. These nang’eks, they need to be trained on eavesdropping–to eavesdrop well, you listen to the whole thing! If you did, you would have heard how he told his ex he loved you. Oy!

-Kratae decides to divorce Pitt, her friend Prao doesn’t understand why. This is not what Kratae wants. Kratae explains herself, ‘when I was at the hospital, I saw how much Pitt loved that woman. The reason why he is so injured is because he was helping her out. For that reason, the person who Pitt should take care of is Khun Ravee, not me. No matter how long time passes, I will never be the ‘one’ for him.’–not true at all.

-Yai hooks up with Pitt’s secretary.

-While making porridge or rice soup, he thinks of Tae. Every appliance she touched at the house, it makes him think of her.

-Ravee told Kratae the truth–she has never had sex with Pitt. He doesn’t love her, he loves Tae. ‘Trust in the love you have together,’ Ravee told her. Kratae argues that Pitt only married her because of her father. Ravee tells her to stop thinking on her own, it doesn’t help. ‘Look at me for example, I had thoughts on my own that Pitt still loved me. I have never open myself to accept the truth that he loved you. It made me lose judgement into making many mistakes. I don’t want to you see you like that.’ Kratae tells Ravee it’s too late because everything Pitt has done he should take responsibility for. ‘Not so,’ said Ravee, they didn’t sleep together, he has always been a gentleman with her. She made it up to break them up. ‘Give him an opportunity to express his feelings to you.’

The caps:


The confrontation between Ravee and Don. She ousted him for raping her and for kidnapping Pitt.


She called him a bastard who no one will ever love not even his father. He slapped her, she stabbed him.


Kratae with Pitt at the hospital.


Pitt rejecting Ravee and Kratae listening to part of their conversation. If she listened to the whole thing, she wouldn’t be crying.


Pitt bargained with his deadbeat dad to save Ravee. He won’t press charges against Don if they don’t press charges against Ravee for the stabbing.


Ravee reconciled with her parents, Don does the same.


Pitt accepting his biological grandmother as his grandmother.


Don is leaving the country, he saying good-bye to his family.


Ravee telling Kratae to give Pitt another chance.

-Kratae and Pitt meeting up to file their divorce papers.

Pitt:’Before we get divorce, I want to say something. After you hear what I have to say and still want to divorce me, I will accept it. When I almost died, it made me aware life is uncertain–you could die today or tomorrow so I want to tell you everything, I don’t want everything in my heart to die with me when I have not expressed it. I am sorry for repeatedly hurting your feelings. I felt terrible every time  I did it.’

Kratae:’Why did you do it?’

Pitt:’Because I love you. I love you, Khun Tae. Love to the point of not wanting to LOVE you.’


Pitt:’I felt I was beneath you, you were beyond me and you were the daughter of the man who has been kind to me. Khun Tae, I have secretly loved you since we were kids. I loved your cuteness, your cheerfulness, I had fallen in love with your rudeness. I didn’t want to drag downa star like you to associate with a dust like me. I had to lock up my heart containing only you but I didn’t know by doing that it would hurt the person I loved too. I have told you everything inside my heart, can you tell me your feelings?’

Kratae:’I hate you.’

That surprised him.

Kratae:’I hate that you know me well. I hate when you speak poorly to me. I hate when you look at me like this. And I hate that I love you. Why do I have to love you, Pitt-Bo (Pitbull)?’

Pitt:’So that concludes, you love me.’

Kratae laughs:’Of course, I love you.’

I guess they are not getting a divorce now.


Ravee and Don saw each other at the airport, they parted ways in good terms. Don sincerely wished her well.


The couple expressing their love.


Pitt want kids:’Lets have two or three kids together.’

Kratae:’Who said I want to have kids with you?’

Pitt jokingly:’If you don’t want to have my kids, I can go find someone else.’

He starts to walk away, she pulled his ear back. ‘Try doing what you said, you will get hurt more than that.’

Smiles. They made a vow to never leave each other and told each other they loved one another.

The end.