Teasers for upcoming Ch3 lakorns

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Ch3 just did their upcoming semi-annual lakorn showcase event, a press conference to show off their upcoming lakorns. Several worthwhile upcoming lakorns were showcased, they include: the 5 part Gentleman series, the 3 part girl reporter series ‘Saam Tahan Seua Sao (Three militarized girl Reporters)’, Ken Theeradeth’s sadistic romantic drama ‘Majurat See Nam Pueng’, Margie and Peter’s ‘Nang’rai Sailap (The Undercover Supporting actress)’, Son Songpaisan and Patricia good’s ‘Kaen Sanaeha (Fury of Love or Furious Love)’, and several others.

I am liking Ken Theeradeth’s lakorn with newcomer ‘Pichy’ or ‘Namtarn’ Pichukkana Wongsarattanasin, his character is so bitter towards women accusing all women of being money-hungry, he plans to take these type of women down to hell with his bare hands. In the opening of the teaser, he says:’Love does not exist. All women see money as god. They want money for  happiness and easiness. As for these type of women, I will be the spirit of the god of Death taking them down to hell with my own hands.’

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The girl reporters series ‘Saam Tahan Seua Sao’ with ‘Yaya’  Urassaya Sperbund, ‘Margie’ Rasri Balenciaga, and Matt Peeranee coming  up this summer–the lead guys are Aum Atichart, Chakrit Yamnam, and Boy Pakorn. It’s produced by TV scene productions.

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‘Khun Chai Ronnaphee’ starting James Ma and ‘Mint’ Chalida Vijitvongthong part of the Gentlemen series, he is the youngest brother. Khun Chai Ronnaphee is a pilot in the Royal Air Force who falls in love with Piangkwan (Mint), a performer who is of a lower social class than he is. He’s a Thai nobleman. There is part where his grandmother is telling him how his responsibility of being a nobleman is more important than love.

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Lastly, Margie Rasri and Peter Corp Dyrendal’s ‘Nang’rai Sailap (The Undercover Supporting actress)’, a romantic comedy centering around an undercover cop who recruits an actress to help break a drug case. She tells him on the phone repeatedly ‘I don’t want to go undercover’  then a car bomb explodes. No choice now.

Source: ThaiTV3 and Pantip