Kao Jirayu is a terror in new film

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Our ‘Kao’ Jirayu La-ongmanee is growing up and taking up a more edgier role in the new horror thriller ‘Last Summer:Ritron nan…Chan Dtai (That summer…I died)’ by Talent 1 Movie Studio, a new film production company.

Kao is playing a typical teenage boy out to have fun, out to get girls. His character is Sing, described as a handsome kid with a bright future. Joy played by newcomer ‘Ai’ Pimphakan Phraekhunnatham is an up and comer in the entertainment industry, she post on her status that she wants to die, which leads Sing on a mission to console her. Sing takes his father’s car along with his best friend Kan played by ‘Sabai’ Krit Sathaponphithakit to pick up Joy and her best friend Min played by ‘Panpan’ Sutatta Udomsin on a road trip to the beach.

From fun to horror, Joy dies that night at the beach but her ghost remains to follow her love, her best friend, and her younger brother. She wants to tell them something but the people who made a mistake don’t want to remember her or the incident.

Kao’s ‘Last Summer’ is slated for a June 27, 2013 release in Thai theaters.

It was kinda bizarre to see Kao disposing of a dead body and looking crazed in the teaser. It’s Kao Jirayu, the adorable kid from ‘Kaew Ta Pee’ and the shy guitarist Ped in the teen comedy ‘Suckseed’.

Teaser for the Film:

Source: Rakdara.net