‘Majurat See Nam Pueng’ more teasers

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Less aggressive, less angry, some romantic scenes–seems like the ‘Jamleuy Ruk (Prisoner of Love)’ of 2013 involving an arranged marriage.

‘Majurat See Nampueng’ is produced by Broadcast Thai production starring Ken Theeradeth and newcomer ‘Namtarn’ Pichukkana Wongsarattanasin as two people who are focused into marriage by their elders. Ken Theeradeth is the roughneck Pat Patmakorn and Namtarn is the dutiful Rojanachanai Witnee who is the adopted daughter of Khun Nai Rampao.

Rojanachanai has a younger bratty sister name Romeruethai Witnee played by ‘Saipan’ Apinya Sakuljaroensuk, who is the biological daughter of Khun Nai Rampao. She also has a boyfriend name Prawut Wuttisak played by Ta Warit. Khun Nai Rampao is good friends with Pat Patmakorn parents and years ago they promised each other if they had kids, they would have them marry each other. Since Romeruethai is the biological daugther of Khun Nai Rampao, this burden falls on her shoulders and she doesn’t like it too much. She doesn’t know the guy but already she has preconceive notion that Pat is a country bumpkin from Sukhothai, probably stupid, probably unfashionable, and she wants no part in this arrange marriage. Romeruethai and her mother Khun Nai Rampao tries to convince Rojanachanai to be the replacement bride for Pat but she refuses because she already has a boyfriend.

As a last resort, Romeruethai rudely tells Rojanachanai, they are not biological sisters, Rojanachanai was adopted by her family–totally guilting her into the arrange marriage. She felt an obligation to pay them back for taking her in, raising her, providing her shelter, being her family, Rojanahanai agrees to go through with the marriage to Pat.

Pat and his family comes down to Bangkok to go through with the marriage and he learns Rojanachanai is not Khun Nai Rampao’s biological daughter, they are marrying him off to the wrong girl. He is livid and thinks Khun Nai Rampao is tricking them to get the money (the dowry, the inheritance, I don’t know). Though he is really upset, he has to go through with the wedding.

Pat is a good looking guy, at this point Romeruethai is regretting her decision to reject their arrange marriage. She can’t believe a guy from the countryside can look that GOOD. She tries to seduce him and he totally ignores her. He takes Rojanachanai back to his home in Sukhothai and they do not get along because he is absolutely horrible to her. He gets better though.

Their relationship started off on the wrong footing and continued to be horrible with misunderstandings generated by interferences from other people, like the shady woman Urarak Jearakul played by Ice Apissada who attempted to pin Pat as the father of her unborn child. When that mess was resolved and Pat was proven not to be the father, Rojanachanai’s sister Romeruethai and her ex-boyfriend Prawut decided to come up to Sukhothai to break  up their marriage.

No, I don’t know when this is coming out.

Teaser 2 is the shorten version of teaser 1.

Teaser 3 is the newer version. He asked her ‘tell me again, what I am like’. She answered ‘a majurat (death personified) ka’. He teases her back, if you say that again, I will kiss you. Ha.