James Jirayu and Bella Ranee on the Tonight Show

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In a span of a few weeks, James Jirayu is getting a lot of love from Thai audiences for his portrayal of the nerdy conservative Khun Chai Puttipat for Ch3’s Gentlemen series. Since his lakorn aired two weeks ago, it has been all about James Jirayu. Will he get as much endorsements as Nadech Kugimiya–he is so handsome, I love him as Khun Chai Pat that is what many are saying about James at Pantip and various media outlets.

James and his co-star Bella Ranee Campen made an appearance on The Tonight Show on Ch3 which aired today, both said they were astounded by their appearance  in the lakorn Khun Chai Puttipat, they reacted like fan girls when they saw themselves onscreen. Bella said she never saw herself look in that way–a young poor girl with pigtails.

When they first met, Bella thought James looked very young, in the series he is suppose to be older than her by 10 + years and he just simply thought she was pretty. ‘I saw her and my heart started pounding,’ said James about Bella.

The role was difficult for him since he is described by his co-star as a monkey gentleman for his hyper personality a big contrast from his character Khun Chai Puttipat who is calm and mature. Though COMPLETELY different from who he is, he had to make it believable. Bella’s obstacle was cooking, her character Krong Kaew is a phenomenal cook, Bella had to learn how to hold a knife and learn about domestic duties of a woman.

This clip is a must watch, they contain scenes from the series–the marriage bed scene, the water canal scene.

Pictures from the show, check it out here.