James Jirayu is not afraid of Weir

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Miss ‘Bella’ Ranee Campen is in the news lately because of rumors with  actor ‘Weir’ Sukollawat Kanaros and now with her co-star James Jirayu from the 5 part Ch3 Gentleman series where she is the lover of Khun Chai Puttipat, the third brother. As Part 3 Khun Chai Puttipat aired this Friday May 3rd, James Jirayu and Bella have been seen a lot together promoting the series. They seem very close and people are wondering if their is more to this, like if they are secretly dating off screen.

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Post like this on his IG account makes you wonder too: ‘jirayu_jj I am happy that this Miss Siam is her…Bella @bellacampen.’

But James denies it:

”With Bella, we are just co-workers, we are not intimate friends off screen. Because we work together, see each other daily, we became close because of work. As for P’Weir, their shouldn’t be an issue. Because myself and Bella are close only for work. After work, we don’t go anywhere together. I have no intention of pursuing her. I assure you off screen there is no chance. She is very beautiful but we are friends. If you asked if they are pairing us up to promote the lakorn, that is probably part of it. I assure you, my heart is still open. I am still single. Before I entered the ET industry, I did have a girlfriend but we broke up and I am not hiding a girlfriend.’

Okay, there you have it, he is single and young and is not dating Bella so he is not fearful of Weir. James interview was done at the event for the Wuttisak clinic where he showed off his Latin dance moves to Ricky Martin’s song, I don’t know which one.

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Doing his dance.

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The picture from the interview with Thairath.

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They like to mess around, Bella posted this picture on her IG with the caption saying they love other a lot please watch their lakorn after Khun Chai Pawornruj ends.

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Bella writes the her Khun Chai is mischievousness and clumsy. Ha.

And here he is hitting his forehead with the mic for the taping of Seesan Banterng. Oh James,  what a dork. 🙂

Source: Kapook