Khun Chai Puttipat Ep 6: they quarreled

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Khun Chai Pat was struggling today to contain his emotions, his jealousy towards Dr.Yotsawn. His youngest brother Khun Chai Pee noted he has never seen his brother Khun Chai Pat be this anxious in his entire life. Khun Chai Pat has always been the calm and collected one,  the appearance of Krong Kaew completely transformed him overnight. His brothers are amused by it. His younger brothers are awesome, helping him out in every turn from distracting Maratree to helping Kaew though they don’t know what the deal is with her and Khun Pinit. They are like the best brothers a guy can have.

When I download the raw video, I will add more details to this post. The lakorn just finished airing a  2 hours ago.


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She has a charity ball to attend and she doesn’t know how to dance, Khun Katesara and her adorable husband Professor Chinakorn are teaching Krong Kaew to do ballroom dancing. Khun Chai Pat makes an appearance and wants to be part of the lesson too as her dance teacher. He accidentally injured her foot so they had to get medicine for it. She feels very uncomfortable with him massaging her foot. He doesn’t care, he is a doctor and he gets to touch her. LOL.

It’s amusing, this would be their first love. Kaew is 19 years old and Khun Chai Pat is in his 30’s, yet both are inexperience in love and interacting with the opposite sex. For their first of everything, they are doing okay.

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Back to the dancing lessons, Chinakorn and Khun Katesara watched the young couple dance and noted they seem like a fairy tale couple in a novel. They find this to be the most romantic and sweetest thing.

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Khun Chai Pat doesn’t make an appearance the next day though he promised to come teach her more dancing. Kaew is disappointed. Khun Chai Pat is forced by his grandmother and great Aunt On to come straight home from the hospital to teach Maratree how to ballroom dance.

Khun Chai Lek asked Khun Chai Pee why Maratree needs lesson when clearly she can dance well. Khun Chai Pee answered, their grandmother wants to create a ‘spark’ with the physical contact of dancing. Khun Chai Lek doesn’t think it’s gonna work.

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Dr.Yotsawin makes a surprise appearance to the house and tells them that Khun Chai Pat was forced by his grandmother to teach Khun Maratree, Chai Pat’s fiancee how to dance. Tonight he will be Krong Kaew’s dance partner. Dr.Yotsawin is a good guy but clearly Kaew has no feelings for him. Their dance is emotionless.

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Good grief woman, Maratree lies to everyone she made the kanom (sweets, appetizers), really she brought it from her sister Katesara and they were made by Krong Kaew. The guys know she is lying, they tasted this before. It has a certain flavor to it. Really? It wasn’t made by Khun Katesara they asked her.

After the meal with Khun Chai Pat’s family, Maratree goes to her sister house to ask for more sweets, different types in different shapes for next time. Khun Chai Pat seems to like it a lot, he ate more of it than the actual meal. Kaew overhears this and is pleased with herself. The man she loves enjoys her cooking. Maratree brags to her sister about Khun Chai Pat and how he is going to take her to the ball and how his grandmother will loan her several jewelry set for the event. Barf.

Kaew is hurt by this.

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The next day when he visits, she gives him the cold shoulder and snide remakes.

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They argue about something, he is hurt she is being cold with him, she is hurt about the Maratree situation. There is a lot of resentment there.  photo khunpatep613_zps394ad2ff.jpg

The Jutathep men have different mothers. Khun Chai Pat is half-Chinese and his grandfather owns a major department store called Yokfah (Heavenly Jade). Khun Chai Pat goes to see his grandfather to ask for a favor, he wants to buy Krong Kaew a dance and other accessories. How sweet.

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The night of the ball, Maratree is disappointed when she is picked up by Khun Chai Pee, she expected Khun Chai Pat but he has to perform a surgery.

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After the surgery, Dr. Yotsawin is in a haste to leave  and doesn’t give Khun Chai Pat a reason.

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Khun Chai Pat decides to go pick up Krong Kaew, but she is not there. She left already. He disappointed and worried about her whereabouts.

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Pimpster Ing-On and her serial rapist son Glai-Lerk aren’t invited to the ball because they have been blacklisted by Bai Bua but they have something up their sleeves.

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Immediately when he arrives at the ball, Khun Chai Pat goes on the hunt for Kaew.

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Khun Chai Pee follows his worried brother around and notes that he has never seen Khun Chai Pat be this anxious in his entire life. What is up, Khun Chai pat asked his youngest brother it doesn’t take that long to get to the ball right, like 15 minutes at most 30 minutes. Why isn’t she here? He wondered.
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To the surprised of everyone, Krong Kaew arrives with Dr.Yotsawin.
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Krong Kaew sits with the host of the ball and is eyed like a hawk by Khun Pinit and longingly by Khun Chai Pat.

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Khun Chai Pat takes the opportunity to confront Dr.Yotsawin when Kaew goes up on stage on why he took so long to get here and why did he bring Krong Kaew to the ball. Dr.Yotsawin cheerfully tells him, he was asked by Khun Katesara and he got lost on the way here.

Khun Chai Pat asked him why did he get lost, Dr.Yotsawin answered no one wants to get lost they just do. It’s funny. When it comes to Kaew, Khun Chai Pat is transformed into an irrational person. Dr.Yotsawin doesn’t even know what’s going on. Khun Chai Pat tells Dr.Yotsawin to not do this next time–getting lost. It can’t be helped.

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Collecting her prize for winning Miss Siam, Khun Ying Dara asked Kaew for one thing for Kaew to be the first to honor the dignity of a beauty queen. Whatever, I think she needs to confront her husband and tell him to stop having other mistresses, keep his hands to himself and pants zipped up.

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After the prizes were handed out, it was time for the first dance between Khun Pinit and the most beautiful woman in Thailand, who is Miss Siam. Up on stage, Kaew is shivering in fear, she doesn’t want to dance with Khun Pinit. With the fast thinking by Khun Chai Pee, who walked over to Khun Ying Dara and asked her out to the dance floor to face her husband, the announcer had to say the most beautiful woman is Khun Pinit’s wife, Khun Ying Dara and they lead the first dance for the charity event.


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Maratree manipulates Khun Chai Pat out to the dance floor by saying Kaew and Dr.Yotsawin look good together and they want to be the next couple out on the dance floor. Khun Chai Pat is in competition mode, he leads Maratree out on the dance floor as the second couple, followed by Kaew and Dr.Yotsawin.

While dancing,  Khun Pinit is able to snag Kaew for a dance. Everyone is worried especially Khun Chai Pat and Dr. Yotsawin, they are worried for her safety.

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The next song is faster, Kaew tells Khun Pinit, she doesn’t know how to dance to this song. They should stop. He takes this opportunity to take Kaew outside for a stroll and chat.

He tries to negotiate with Kaew about their relationship, whatever she wants, he will give it to her if they further their relationship. Whatever she wants, a house, a ring, she can have it all. She is grossed out by him and tells him she is not here to sell her body. Plus, he is married.

Khun Pinit explains a man of power does not need to worry about the opinions of others, it’s different for men with money and power. They can have this type of relationship without the criticism of others.

Kaew doesn’t care about the opinions of others, she cares about his wife, her feelings about being cheated on. ‘It is the most painful thing for a woman when her husband cheats on her.’

Kaew wants to get away and Khun Chai Pat watches them from a distance.

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Dr.Yotsawin distracts Khun Pinit with his other mistresses to help Kaew get away from this clutches. Good man.


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Kaew runs into Khun Chai Pat and they have another lovers’ spat. Khun Chai Pat accuses Kaew of not wanting to dance with him. He is no use to her anymore so she has forgotten him.

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But it ends well, he takes her back to the ball for a dance.

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By the end of the episode, I think Dr.Yotsawin will know what’s up with Kaew and Khun Chai Pat.