Toom Tam in ‘Sut Sai Pan’ will infuriate you

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I have been watching Ch5’s period drama ‘Sut Sai Pan (End of a Thread) ‘ starring singer ‘Toom Tam’ Yuthana Puengklarng with ‘Vill’ Wannaros Sonthichai off and on, I don’t know if I like or not. I just know the leading man infuriates me to no end, he is an emotional guy, very forceful with his love–sometimes he comes off as a bully. Each episode, he is mad about something, there is a constant misunderstanding. The nang’ek played by Vill is clueless because her estrange twin sister has been using her name to seduce men. Oh. Yea. This is like an epic ‘nam nao’ lakorn. 

If you haven’t been watching, let me quickly bring you up to speed. There are two sisters, twins both played by Vill. One is raised by her outstanding father, he is pretty well off, and he raised his daughter Kandaomasee well. She is proper and prim and well-educated. Her twin sister Kandamanee was raised by their mother who married a perverted man. Kandamanee has known she has a twin sister for some time, she is very resentful of her sister to who she believes had a good life with their wealthy father. Kandamanee has been using her sister’s name to seduce men and having the fun life. The latest guy to fall in love with her is Mom Luang Thiti Sorayakan, they dated when he didn’t know he was from a wealthy noble Thai family–the Sorayakan. Kandamanee played with his heart and tossed him away like a rag-doll.

Months later Thiti learns he is from the Sorayakan noble family and receives a major inheritance from his deceased grandfather who has been looking for him for years. His grandmother then betroths him to Kandaomasee and he thinks it is the same girl he fell in love with months ago. He is resentment towards her, has a lot anger because of what Kandamanee did to him. He believes Kandaomasee is a man-eater. In truth, he got the wrong girl. He bullies her out of frustration and Kandaomasee doesn’t understand why and she keeps telling him she is not that person he fell for. She keeps telling him she doesn’t know him, he doesn’t believe her.

Kandaomasee and Thiti do get marry and right away they fall into this rough patch of mistrust and misunderstanding. Thiti is furious with Kandaomasee for not accepting his love and Kandaomasee on guard in this strange environment where she is married to a man she barely knows and there are strangers coming up to her saying they know her. She had been studying aboard for years, she doesn’t know these people. She is constantly fighting with Thiti. She likes him but she is unsure of his love, she is not the girl he fell for. If he finds out they are not the same woman, will he love her still?

Thiti’s grandmother starts to see tension between them she decides they need to take a vacay at Hua Hin. In today episode, they are still at Hua Hin and finally they consummated their relationship. They slept together.

In bed, he tells her:

‘When I first saw you, I knew I could not love anyone else except you.’

In her mind: ‘Khun Thiti ka, I would be very happy if you loved me when you know I am not that woman.’

She is conflicted and then there is the drama with her father being in the hospital because of the shock that her stepmother has wasted away their money and inheritance on gambling debts.

By the end of the episode, Thiti finally meets the fake Kandaomasee when he nearly runs over her with his car. The preview will just piss you off because Thiti decides to tell his grandmother he wants to break up with Kandaomasee, his wife to be with Kandamanee, the real love of his life. Dude. You’re dumb. You can’t just switch partners like that and they are twin sisters. How gross is that? This guy has no shame.

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When they were fighting on the beach and he finally catches her in the water, he tells her: ‘I told you, you can’t escape me. Don’t flee from me anymore.’
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He enjoyed it. 

The scene where they slept together occurred in the middle of the episode. This is episode 7 in full, enjoy it before it gets deleted by youtube.