Hello! Welcome to the Lakorn blog. If you don’t know what Lakorns are, you’ll know soon enough. This blog is dedicated to everything about lakorns. It will feature upcoming features, screen caps, episode summaries, teasers, Thai celebrity gossip, and fan-made artwork associated with upcoming or current lakorns.

The reason why I created this blog is that blogs and forums catering to lakorns and the Thai entertainment industry in ENGLISH are hard to come by. The only reasonable Lakorn and Southeast Asia forum in English is Sarnworld.

Forums are great for discussion and meeting people with like minds, but it’s not very central. Information is scattered across several posts and in different pages. The main purpose of this blog is to centralize information so that it will be easier to get to.

I’ll will probably post a lot of media ranging from pictures to lakorn theme music to direct links to lakorn video files. These files will be opened to the public and all that I ask is that NO ONE HOTLINKS my files. Anything I post will be opened to the public and you may to do as they please with them. You may claim my artwork as your own and not even credit me. I give you permission to go crazy.

Contact: iheartlakorns@gmail.com