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The ‘UGLY Duckling’ series comes to end on Sunday DEC. 20, 2015

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If you only had one lakorn to watch this year, I would highly recommend the first installment of the ‘UGLY duckling’ series from the Bang channel, ‘PERFECT MATCH’ starring DJ Push Puttichai Kasetsin (29) and Mook Worranit (19). Luckily for you, it is completely subbed at GMM TV youtube channel. It is NOT one of those kill joy, overly dramatic, sad type of series where someone dies of cancer–no, it’s pure FUN. There is no villain, the real enemy is lack of self esteem, not believing that you are beautiful enough to be loved by a great guy. Every girl needs a flirty P’Seua to love them for who they really are inside and not what they look on the outside.

Junior played by Mook Worranit is a girl who has everything, she comes from a rich family, is popular, has a good looking boyfriend from a rich family,  is beautiful but has self esteem issues. She goes to have  thread lift procedure done when her friends teased her about having a chubby face and gets an allergic reaction that causes severe acne. With her ugly predicament, her friends and boyfriend abandoned her. She convinces her mother to send her to Pitsanulok for schooling and to be near a specialized dermatologist to treat her acne.

Junior befriends Ying Bee, a fun-loving gay guy from the north at Pitsanulok and P’Seua, an upperclassman who is there for her when she is in need. P’Seua is playful and flirty and through series of events develops feeling for Junior even with her severe acne. He sees her for who she is– a naive, compassionate young woman who will do anything for the people she loves.

Ugly Duckling is a 4 part series and I can’t say I can recommend all of them, maybe  just only ‘Perfect Match’. I couldn’t get through ‘PITY GIRL’ and I couldn’t even tell you what the plot is. ‘Don’t’ got really corny near the end and I only got through episode one of ‘Boys’ Paradise’.

I will watch the the conclusion of the ‘UGLY DUCKLING’ series this coming SUNDAY Dec 20, 2015, just to see Junior and P’Seua again and to see how their relationship has progress.

The Teaser for SUNDAY’s goodbye episode to the UGLY duckling series

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Ananda Everingham remakes Princess hours (Goong)

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Announced in late November, actor/ producer Ananda Everingham is doing a remake of Princess Hours (Goong)–the Thailand version. Don’t know how I feel about it, the series was like my gateway drug to Korean dramas. I enjoyed Full House Thailand version from Ananda’s production company Halo Productions, I haven’t watched his latest remake of the Japanese shojo manga ‘Mischievous Kiss’ starring ‘Mike’ Pirat Nitipaisalkul and ‘Aom’ Sucharat Manaying. Ananda’s Korean remakes aren’t bad, very modern, chic, you can’t complain. Just not a fan of remakes.

Princess Hours Thailand version will star ‘Tao’ Sattaphong Phiangphor (25) as the crown prince, ‘Pattie’ Ungsumalynn Sirapatsakmetha (24) as his go-lucky commoner bride, Bebe Tanchanok as the prince’s clingy ex-girlfriend, and French-Thai actor Phan Pagniez as the prince’s rival.

The blessing ceremony took place yesterday December 12, 2015. It will air on the True Visions channel.

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Fun Fueng Ep 17: The deception is revealed!

  photo funfuengep1770_zps064c98c7.jpgMaybe I should starting singing the Big Byung song ‘Oh my Stress’, everyone is stressed by the lie they created except for Vee who is completely in the dark about everything. E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G! But he stressed out too since he believes his beloved mother despises the woman he loves and possibly the woman he loves might not go through with the engagement since she is being stressed out by his mother.

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Fun Fueng Ep 17: The proposal and kiss

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I have been watching Fun Fueng (Impossible Fantasy) the 2014 remake off and on, fast-forwarding some scenes. When more focus is on the love conflict between servant girl Vilairuk and the driver Artit, I start to lose interest. She is whiny and he is just too naughty. That boy is trying to get away with too many things and he somewhat immature. When DJ Push and Jui come on scene, it’s game time. I just love them together, I just gush that he is so sincere, so madly in love with her that he is willing to defy his overbearing mother. The mental abuse he has had to endure by his moms, it’s A LOT. You gotta give him credit for NOT lashing out at her.

Let me to honest with y’all, I feel bad for the guy, the Khun Vee character–He is getting screwed left and right by everyone he knows. His mom knows, his dad knows, his servant boy knows that the woman he loves is deceiving him. Actually planet earth knows, she is pretending to be Montha, the servant girl when really she is Montheera, the mega-rich socialite his moms be trying to marry him off to.

This is the calm before the storm until the truth is expose they have a moment together and he proposes.

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Leh Nangfah: Episode 28 best ending ever

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They are so freaking cute, best ending ever. We get to see the AFTER happily ever after, their union, their marriage, their child. We get to see all of that. They just don’t get together, a hug on the beach while watching the sunset. No, they actually got married, we see their kid, their future.

It was fake, her uncle was not trying to steal her company, it was all a farce to make her become a better person and CEO. Her cousin Pat didn’t sell her designs to another company. Pat wasn’t that evil, she was more jealous that her father was paying more attention to Beauty than he was to her. The real enemy was Bee, Pat’s assistant who believed her father’s suicide was related to him getting fired from the company. Really he has  gambling problem and used the company’s fund or something to finance his issues. Teepope’s father was forced to fire him. Bee wanted revenge, so he pinned Pat and Beauty against each other and cause havoc for the company secretly.

This has got to be one of the most satisfying endings ever.


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Leh Nangfah: Ep 24 He confessed

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After having a terrible 2nd day at my new job, I came home to an absolute adorable episode of ‘Leh Nangfah’, the day wasn’t that bad I guess. I realized I might be over my head, but I can’t quit. I refuse to.

With Beauty at least she is getting some loving from Teepope. He is like how a guy should be, man up and confess, to which he did. No hesitation, I like you, I want you, I will be there for you, you will never be alone anymore–he said all those things, he was a true gentleman.

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