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Tomorrow, I’ll still love you: Ep25 goodbye scene

Hold up, Bor and Kaew are back together and now they are breaking up because Awn is conspiring with Phipat in saying that the child Awn is carrying is Bor’s. I’m confuse. Actually not really, I’m just behind. I’m still on episode 16 and trying not to spoil myself. I kinda get the gist as to what is going on but not in detail.

What I know is that Awn is pregnant with Phipat’s baby from the rape at the beach hotel. Ew. I can’t believe she continues to talk to him. Stupid stupid girl! So Putt knows that Awn is pregnant and believes it to be her brother’s child. These people need to go on the Maury Povich show–“Bor, you are not the father!”

Putt is forcing Bor to marry Awn and Kaew knows about the baby and the wedding too. She is also being force to marry Nuthi by her mother. Crazy stuff huh.

Bor and Kaew meet up at a park to ‘discuss’ their relationship, really, Kaew has already made her decision. It’s a break up, y’all.

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Tomorrow, I’ll still love you: Ep 15 Caps

Awn, fascinates me. He has been giving her the hand and has been rejecting her for the past few episodes, he even dumped her, yet she wants to stay with him. I don’t get it. She is just dumb! Like really dumb, he bluntly said he was bored of her. She still doesn’t get it.

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Tomorrow, I’ll still love you: Ep 14 Caps

Awww…Phiwit and Kong had their first fight!

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Tomorrow I’ll still love you: Ep 13 Caps

Putt is release from prison. Scary! The worst part, she shows no remorse for what she has done. I tell ya the system fails. She should have been in there longer but gets an early release. What the hell is that all about?

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Tomorrow, I’ll still love you: Island scenes

It is beyond ridiculous how far behind I am in this series, 8 episodes and counting. I have a lot to catch up on.

Things just kept coming up, Thanksgiving (I did not expect everyone to come), cousin’s birthday (the rodent turned 4, you can see his picture here), random obligations, this is not an apology or an excuse, this is just an update on my life, so how’s your life? 🙂

Back to the lakorn…

Our pra’nang were stranded on an island in yesterday’s episode (Ep21). Haha, at some point in most lakorns, the pra’nangs must be stranded on a deserted island or get lost in the jungle together. This is such a lakorn cliche but we eat it up.

I have to laugh at this episode because earlier I was glancing through an article about how lakorns nowadays are using sex appeal to lure viewers–female stars with their sexy form fitting outfits and male stars showing off their six pack to attract female viewers. Sefan Sunti was mentioned because he showed off his bod in the currently airing lakorn “Rahut Loh-Gan (Code of Hell)” on Ch7. If they saw what Pong was doing in this episode, purposefully not buttoning his shirt and showing off his bod, he would have been added to that list of male stars showing off their six pack to attract female viewers. It was bluntly obvious what they were trying to do, fan girl service!

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The cast of “Tomorrow, I’ll still love you” on 3Num3Mum

The cast of “Tomorrow, I’ll still love you” on the “3mum3num” variety show hosted by Mos, Kob, and Tang. Yes, I freaking squealed when they interview Fluke and Oh, our gay couple in the lakorn. I have become obsess with this couple more so than the main leads–their relationship in the lakorn represents everything I want love to be–devoted, simple, instinctual, and pure. I have this big tendency to gravitate towards innocent, loyal love without consideration of type (straight or gay it’s really irrelevant), Kong and Phiwit’s relationship in “Tomorrow, I’ll still love you” embodies everything I believe in. Yes, it’s a gay relationship, but who cares. It’s just profoundly beautiful. I love it!!! I love them.

I don’t know whether Pachara “Fluke” Thammon and Oh Anuchit are gay in real life, I don’t think it matters. Both are talented performers, they should be recognize for their work more than their personal lives. Honestly, I don’t think Oh is gay. I’ve seen his work with women and now I have seen his work with a guy (Fluke), with either gender, he does his job well. He’s an actor who understands that to be a performer, you have to take risks. Occasionally, you will have to play gay roles. He puts his all into and I just love the results.

Oh and Fluke’s interview starts around the 7:54 time mark. At the beginning, Fluke did not know he was accepting a gay role. He was told he was going to be in a lakorn with Pong Nawat, Aom Phiyada, Pin Kejmanee, and Oh Anuchit. Not until the fitting did he find out that it was gay role. So he had no choice.

“At the beginning, my handlers didn’t tell me, they just said I had a role in a lakorn with Aom, Pong, Oh, James, and Pin. Thus I thought about that, the task of working with my co-stars. I was more afraid about holding them back. Then, lastly, I found out that my character would fall in love with Oh.” Fluke said with an embarrassed smile. He’s so cute!

I nearly died when they reenacted their most embarrassing scene, the scene where Kong came over to Phiwit’s house for the first time for their physical therapy session. In the scene, Kong and Phiwit were bickering and near the end, Kong says, “If you dislike me this much, I will get a replacement for you.” Oh, saying his lines as Phiwit, looked at Fluke and said, “who said I didn’t like you.”–it was such an epic moment. Love it.

Then they showed a montage of Kong and Phiwit scenes with one of my all time favorite songs, Da Endorphine’s “Mai Tong Roo Wah Rao Kob Gun Baeb Nhai (loosely translated as ‘you don’t need to know how we see each other’)”. You can listen to the song here.

I love Oh and his jokes. When he receive the Phiwit role, he didn’t tell his mother because he knows she will have a fit. Oh said his mother doesn’t mind about negative news written about him but she does care about the gay news. “Since I have entered the entertainment industry and news is generated about me, my mother was never concerned. But regarding the gay rumors, she is concern because she has to provide an explanation to people and even to her relatives, ” says Oh.

When he accepted the role, he didn’t tell his mother (luckily, she lived aboard), he only told his father.

“Up to this day, when my mother asked, who am I co-starring with. I would tell her, there is Pong and Aom. (mimicking his mother’s voice) You’re co-starring with Pong again?” Everyone laughs at his joke.

“Then my mother would ask, who am I paired off with. I would tell her I’m coupled with a newcomer and she wouldn’t know that person.”

Finally, when she learned that he was portraying a gay role, she was not too happy about it and asked him, how will she answer people? So Oh jokily told her, “tell them I got paid.”

The show ended with Fluke singing his latest single, “Kwaam roo seuk dee-dee (tee mai aat bok krai)’-loosely translated as “the good feelings we have for each other (that should not be shared with others)”. The song was written for the lakorn to narrate Kong and Phiwit’s secret romance.

Love the performance by Fluke. He’s amazing.

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