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Gybzy Wanida transform into Mae Nak in horror comedy

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Thai sexy vixen and singer ‘Gybzy’ Wanida Termthanaporn transform into the ghost of Mae Nak for the horror comedy ‘Mor 6/5 Pakma Ta Mae Nak)’ from Phranakorn Films. The film instantly reminds me of Mario Maurer and Mai Davika’s highly successful ‘Pee Mak’ from last year, also a mock comedy centering around the ghost story of Mae Nak. Can’t really say much about this new film, after watching the teaser, I don’t find it funny at all. It’s like a mockery, of a mockery, of a mockery–a few noted on youtube that producers should have waited until moviegoers had a chance to forget about ‘Pee Mak’, maybe in like 2 years. They are trying to ride on the success of ‘Pee Mak.’

Nonetheless, the film did wonders for Gybzy Wanida transformation to Mae Nak complete with a pregnant belly. As Mae Nak, she was unrecognizable from her usual self as being one of Thailand’s top sexy vixen posing provocatively in magazine covers or doing the sexy song and dance for her girl group ‘Girly Berry’ and her solo singing venture with Baitoey for the song ‘Don’t Cha’.

‘Mor 6/5 Pakma Ta Mae Nak)’ in 3D  comes out on April 10, 2014 around the Songkran Holiday.

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James Ji gets a movie deal with Toey Jarinporn

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The overly hyper James Ji (Jirayu Tangsrisuk) is moving from the small screen to the big screen in the film ‘Timeline: Jot Mai Kwaam Song Jam (The Letter to remember)’ directed by the renowned Nonzee Nimibutr (Mae Nak, Jan Dara), who recently directed the banned Neua Mek 2 with Mark Prin and Mint Chalida. James Ji’s co-star is Toey Jarinporn, not much is given about the plotline, for sure it is a love story.

‘The Letter’ with Anne Thongprasom and ‘Noom’ Attaporn Theemakorn was mentioned in the article because Khun Nonzee Nimibutr produced the film and I hope to cheese this film is nothing like that–not a fan of tragic romance drama films. If someone dies in a film and he is the main lead, straight up I don’t like it.

The fitting for the film has taken place with the two leads and filming will start this month.

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‘Pee Mak…Pra Khanong’ trumps ‘Koo Gum’ majorly in threaters

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[Nadech and Richey for Koo Gum]

The numbers are in and it’s not really surprising, considering the bad reviews from pantip forum and various other Thai media outlets. One of my favorite comments from a Thai netizen at mthai movies encouraged everyone to stop criticizing ‘Koo Gum or Khu Kam (Ill-fated lover, Sunset at Chaophraya)’ so others too could experience the hurt of wasting one’s money on a terrible film.

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Nadech carried ‘Khu Kam (ill-fated lovers)’

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As expected, come on. I saw her on the Tonight show, she doesn’t exuberant star quality, she was just there. Certain people have it,certain people just don’t. ‘Khu Kam (Ill-fated Lovers)’ premiered today in Thai theaters and the reception by viewers have not been positive. They love Nadech but not so much his leading actress Richey Omrawadee–her acting was described as non-existed. ‘We shouldn’t call that acting, we should call that just standing there,’ wrote a Thai netizen about Richey’s acting. She barely had lines, she was described as ‘abnormal’, she seemed immature more like a 10 year old girl than a young woman who attends a university.

‘The best part was when it ended,’ wrote a Thai netizen at Pantip.
‘Lower your expectations,’ several advised so that you won’t be disappointed if the film is terrible.

One funny review by a Thai netizen about the film:

‘Khu Kam, I went to watch it, it was very painful.

I wanted it to end quickly. As I watched it, I thought repeatedly, should I walk out?

Like they brought in Abnormal people, everyone in nang’ek’s family from her mother, dad, grandmother, the nang’ek, nang’ek ex-boyfriend, they were all ab ab (meaning abnormal).
Speaking of which nong Jeeja who played an abnormal person in the film ‘Chocolate’ did better than this.
You have to blame the director, he shouldn’t have let it pass since the first scene.
As for Nadech, he is like a soccer player running around exhausted (carrying the team) because his 10 teammates are playing like they are mentally handicapped.’

Some pitied Nadech for having his talents wasted on this film, he could have been more famous if this film did well, they said.

I chose a picture of Mario Maurer and Nadech Kugimiya in bed together for this post because currently their films are dueling it out in theaters and Mario Maurer’s horror-comedy ‘Pee Mak…Pra Khanong’  is dominating, by Friday it is predicted to reach it’s 200 million baht mark, which is quite a feat. According to a Thai netizen at Kapook, it is currently ranked as the second highest grossing Thai film of all time behind The Legend of Suriyothai.

Source: Pantip


Thailand has caught ‘Pee Mak…Phra Khanong’ fever!

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Just watching the teasers, it got me laughing, imagine if I was in Thailand and watching it on the big screen–I would be leaping up on my seat with laughter and most people did while watching Mario Maurer and Mai Davika’s hit film ‘Pee Mak…Pra Khanong’ which came out in theaters this past Thursday March 28, 2013. It is breaking records. The first day, it took in ~21.20 million baht; second day, ~23 million baht; third day, ~28 million baht–the total for the first three days is 73. 27 million baht. Day four, it has surpass the golden 100 million baht mark.

The film was written by 3 men, the director of the film Banjong Pisanthanakun, actor ‘Ter’ Chantavit Dhanasevi, and ‘Aem’ Nontra Kumwong. It was revised several times, to make it fresh, different from previous versions. This is a horror comedy centering around the legend of Mae Nak.

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Nadech’s ‘Khu Kam’ teaser

He said in the teaser:’You don’t have to explain, you have your reasons, and I have my heart that’s all.’

We only get to see the bomb scene. Not feeling the teaser, it was a slideshow at the end.