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Bie Sukrit featured real life celebrity couples for MV

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Singer/actor Bie Sukrit featured 3 real life celebrity couples from 3 generations for his new music video for his latest single ‘Rak Tae Plae Wa ter (True loves mean you)’. The first couple is Khun ‘Et’ Suprawat Patmasut and his wife Nut Neranut of 40 years, though they have been together for a long time, their love for one another has not change. They represent senior soul mates. Khun Et Suprawat was recently featured in ‘Samee Teetra’ on Ch3, playing Ploy Chermarn’s grandfather in the series.

The second couple is actress/producer ‘Aom’ Piyada Akarasene and her husband ‘Art’ Sara Jutharattanakul with their daughter nong Nava, they are the cozy adult couple with a child.

The last and third couple is script writer/actor ‘Ter’ Chantavit Dhanasevi and his long time girlfriend actress ‘Peak’ Patarasaya Krousuwansiri. They are the fun young couple.

Each couple had a moment where they discuss their relationship, what it is like now.

In the video Khun Et asked, ‘how long have we been together…I will tell you…’ He points his wife, she answers: ’40 years this year.’

Art looking at his daughter Nava: ‘In the beginning our love wasn’t like young love, it was fun and rowdy, we just had fun together without worries. At this point, if we are going to have fun, we have fun with 3 people. We became ‘us’.’

Peak narrates: ‘If you’re gonna date, you have to be happy (have fun) together. When you’re not happy, you won’t stay together.’

Khun Et:’Our Love is not like jit jut like when we were young, it’s more like a concern among people who are getting older.’

Aom narrates:’Our happiness now is to see her laugh, smile, cry, it has become the thing that makes us happy, it energizes us to contend with the outside world.’

Ter:’When you have someone who is complete in every way come into your life, it makes your life better. From now on, you are no longer lonely, you have someone beside you.’

Khun Nut Neranut:’Along with understanding, forgiveness, feelings for that person, you also have to have personal time from each other.’

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Pope Thanawat is featured in Dome Jaruwat’s new MV


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It is got to be one of the most depressing Thai music videos of all time. We got ‘Pope’ Thanawat Wattanaputi playing a man in a terrible relationship with a woman who wants to leave him for another man. She sticks around because of pity–Pope is handicap due to a fall down the stairs when they were fighting. Near the end, when she was about to throw him off the cliff, he asked her: ‘I want to ask you frankly, do we still love each other?’

Her answer: ‘I just pity you that’s all.’

He then takes off the blanket covering his legs and gets up from the wheelchair and we realized he was just faking it! To test her? To keep her from leaving? Who knows but it’s over now. He is able to leave her.

The song is titled ‘Reuang Jing Reuang Sut Taai (The Truth is the last problem)’ by Dome Jaruwat: The star 8.

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Tum the Star 9’s ‘Ja Ruk Jon Gwa Ja Roo’ MV premiers

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‘Tum’ Warawut Poyim aka Tum the Star 9’s music video for his first single ‘‘Ja Ruk Jon Gwa Ja Roo (I will love until you know it)’ featuring Mark Prin and Bella Ranee Campen premiered today and I can’t follow the concept of the video. I thought she was a ghost. Bella  is an old lover who traveled through worlds (time) to find her love Mark in the present. The MV featured some lovely dovey scenes of Mark Prin getting close with Bella for us to enjoy. It’s a pretty video, featuring some pretty people, at a pretty place–I can settle with that.


Bella Ranee and Mark Prin featured in a MV


 photo markandbella2_zps123b99ec.jpgThey look decent together, Mark Prin and ‘Bella’ Ranee Campen are featured as two lovers in ‘Tum’ Warawut Poyim’s first single ‘Ja Ruk Jon Gwa Ja Roo (I will love before you know it)’ after winning The Star singing competition season 9 on Modern 9.  It’s a really sappy ballad.

Tum seem to have  a strong impression of Bella, he stated he was shy around her because she is so beautiful. They started filming for the MV early in the morning, he met her when she was not wearing any make-up. Even without make-up, she is stunning said Tum.

This MV will be released on May 23rd, 2013. After seeing these pictures of Bella and Mark, Thai fans want them paired off together in a lakorn. At least just one lakorn wrote a Thai netizen. Their faces match. Sorta.

Teaser for the MV

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The Begins sings for the ‘Ruk Karm Sen’ Ost

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I was introduced to them today by accident while watching the behind the scenes look at Anne and Tik’s new lakorn on youtube.  They are ‘The Begins’, their song is titled ‘Chan dee jai tee mee ter (I am happy to have you)’ for CH3’s new evening lakorn ‘Ruk Karm Sen (Love over noodles)’ starring ‘Namfon’ Patcharin Judrabounpol and First Eakkapong. The first episode aired on Thursday March 21, 2013.

The premise for the lakorn is typical, it follows a young who transform herself from an ugly duckling to a beautiful swan and finds love with a rich humble guy. She used to be beautiful and did well in school but abandoned it all to work full time in her family’s noodle shop in order for her 2 younger siblings to further their education. When she went back to school, she finds herself falling for her teacher who days earlier saved her from purse snatchers. It’s innocent and sweet and their will be some Juliet and Romeo conflict because her father hates his mother.

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The song ‘Talay See Dam’ reminds me of Steven Yeun

A co-worker of mine is a fan of the American AMC zombie TV series ‘The walking dead’, we were randomly talking about it one day. I told him my favorite character in the series is Asian guy Glenn, I haven’t been keeping up, I was told Glenn is kicking ass this season. Good. My favorite character is kicking ass and probably won’t be killed off any time soon. I will stop watching if he is killed and is turned into a zombie. For what ever reason I decided to look up Steven Yeun, the Korean-born American actor who plays Glenn on youtube. This guy is really likable and an adorable Asian guy. Someone is starting to have a mini-crush on Steven Yeun–me.

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