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Tik’s wife and son Tent

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A lot of celebrities don’t shun away from social media, they share photos of their family, celebrations, life, workouts, what they eat on their private social media accounts. In a sense they bring you closer to who they really are. Not “Tik” Jesadaporn Pholdee, this leading man is the embodiment of being ultra private, rarely will you see pictures of him with his wife and son.

Almost a year has passed since we last saw pics of Tik with his young son Tent. The little man has grown considerable since and will being turning 1 this coming January. Let me tell you, this little guy is a cutie.

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D2B’s Beam Kawee shares his pre-wedding pictures

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Back in my day the boyband D2B was the ‘IT’  thing, we have all grown up since then. Big passed away years ago, leaving ‘Dan’ Worawech Danuwong (31) and ‘Beam’ Kawee Tanjararuk (35) as a duo. For bit, the duo continued to released albums and starred in lakorns together. Those days are long gone, Beam is entering a new chapter in his life as he shares his pre-wedding pictures and wedding invitations on his IG account. Beam has been dating his fiancee Oil Atiporn for 12 years, the couple plan to marry on January 13, 2016.

Beam should be leaping for joy as his bride-to-be is profoundly stunning, a classic beauty. Beam was never my bias, Dan was, but in these pictures Beam doesn’t look half bad. He looks fit, someone has been working out preparing for his wedding. Or maybe he has this aurora of happiness that I find very appealing.

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Gubgib announces pregnancy and wedding plans

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To each their own, your life, your responsibility.

Formerly known as Mario Maurer’s ex-girlfriend, ‘Gubgib’ Sumontip Leuangthai (27) has transformed herself and for years has stepped out of Mario Maurer’s shadows. She has made herself a fixture in the Thai industry not only as an actress, but as one of the Tv hosts of Woody’s ‘Wake to Talk’ morning show.

Today marks another milestone in Gubgib’s life as she announces her pregnancy and weddings plan with the father of her unborn child ‘Bie’ Thassapak Hsu (24). The couple plans to marry on January 23, 2016 at the Assumption Cathedral following the christian custom as Gubgib is Catholic. Then on March 6, 2016, they will have the official wedding. Gubgib is 11 weeks pregnant. Bie did apologize to Gubgib’s mother and family for getting Gubgib pregnant.

Gubgib stated they did not make a mistake, they made a misstep, they apologize for not adhering to Thai custom but are accepting responsibility for what has transpired. After they agreed to become a couple on their Korea trip, Bie had told Gubgib he wanted to marry her. The intention for marriage had already been laid out since the beginning of their relationship. I believe they started dating this year, late spring.

Source: Kapook


Kimberly gives Mark Prin a sweet congratulatory hug

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A big day for Mark Prin (25) as he graduates from Rangsit University with a degree in Business Marketing. His gal pal Kimberly Ann Voltemas attended the graduation ceremony with flowers and congratulated him with a sweet hug as posted on her IG account. Ann Thongprasom was also in attendance to support Mark, the press was there too. It took Mark 7 years to graduate.

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Aom Sakaojai getting married after 12 years

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Thai stars and their long term relationship before getting married–this is not an atypical occurrence, after much success in their careers Thai stars tend to stay in long term relationships before they get marry. Actress Aom Sakaojai Poonsawat, the nang’rai we love to hate is finally getting married to her boyfriend ‘Ae’ Atit Siphaplearn after 12 years of dating.  The couple has decided to marry on December 25, 2014–hey Christmas.

Aom shared some of her pre-wedding photos on her instagram. Can  you guess her age because this woman is in her forties and looking fantastic. I think a few of us need to go running and take some Pilates to look that good.

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Pinky Savika has married

I have been out of the blogging game for awhile, heck my Mae knows more about Thai celebs than I do nowadays, I didn’t know Aff and her hubby Songkran are expecting, and Kim and Mark Prin are dating, a lot of things happened. Drama. Janie supposedly getting beat up by her now ex-husband and I was like say what.

Marriages, break up dramas, and babies- the full circle of life, tons of Thai celebs are popping out little ones.

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