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Singer/ actor Mike Pirat has fathered a child out of wedlock

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Actor and singer ‘Mike’ Pirat Nitipaisalkul has fathered a child out of wedlock born last week to a Sarah N. Casinghini, a Thai-Italian model. Oh my. The child is named Maxwell. He has known for 2-3 months about the pregnancy. Sarah and him used to date but have broken up for some time. A DNA test will not be performed because Mike is sure the child is his. ‘When I saw him, I felt he was mine,’ said Mike. His parents have not seen their grandchild yet, but Mike did state they support him.

Mike was there for the birth.


Toey Jarinporn transforms for Praew magazine

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Something different, a new look for ‘Toey’ Jarinporn Junkiat as she takes the cover of Praew fashion magazine for their 2014 May cover as a tatted up feather headdress wearing maiden. The theme is American western, native american–extremely different from her usual mix of cute and fashionable attire. She was barely recognizable in this photospread.

 photo toeyjarinporn-03_zpsf7d0a97e.jpg photo toeyjarinporn-02_zps763d03d6.jpg

Do you dig it?

Source: Kapook


A lot of tears at Aum and Nat’s wedding reception yesterday

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Shedding tears of joy among friends and family, actor Aum Atichart and his bride Nat Myria seemed truly happy at their wedding reception yesterday Monday April 14. It seemed like an emotional event, tons of tears. His speech for her was pretty amazing, it showed us how Nat Myria has changed Aum Atichart for the better.

Aum:’I have known her for 5 years…when I was younger than now…when I didn’t have a lot of responsibilities…when I was not as mature as I am now…when I am with her, I realized..her being a positive person, who has kindness towards her family, her mother–being around a good person, my personality changed also…this is one of the reasons why I have become a better person. It has made me a better man. I promise to continue to be a better person, I promise to love her from this day forward. I promise to love her always.’

Thanks Christie for the link to the video highlight of Aum and Nat’s wedding. Here is the link to the HD version at Facebook:

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Aum Atichart wept at his wedding

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A joyous time for Aum Atichart and his bride Nat Myria, they married today in a private ceremony among friends and family. They exchanged rings this morning, received blessing from their elders and will have a mini celebration among close friends this evening. No surprise, in attendance was Ann Thongprasom, Nat Myria’s long time friend and Aum’s former co-star in 2009′s ‘Revenge  Company (Borisut Bumbut Kaen)’ on Ch3.

Both the groom and the bride wept during the morning ceremony.

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Nok Sinjai and Nok Chatchai will become grandparents


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Producers/ actors/ directors ‘Nok’ Chatchai Plengpanich and his wife Nok Sinjai will become grandparents soon. Their youngest son ‘Dom’ Peradon Plengpanich and his wife Linda are expecting their first child together. The couple had a shotgun wedding on January 25, 2014. Linda is currently 7 months pregnant and they are having a boy. Three days ago, Dom had posted a picture of his son on instagram. Much happiness to this young couple. Life is beautiful.

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Tik Jesadaporn enjoys quality time with son ‘Tent’

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Introducing the real ‘Tik’ Jesadaporn Pholdee at home, being a father to his 2-month old son ‘Tent’ Jesapadin Pholdee, not as glamorous as being a leading man on TV, glossed up wearing a nice tailored suit, hair perfectly groomed–nope this is the real deal, it’s not half bad. He looks like a new father, exhausted from staying up all night caring for his young son. Good man. Nong Tent is absolutely adorable sleeping on his father’s shoulders, like it is the most comfortable place on earth. The picture is very enduring.

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