Introducing Lyn's Lakorn Blog a place to enjoy Thai pop culture... Fri, 18 Dec 2015 02:40:51 +0000 en-US hourly 1 The ‘UGLY Duckling’ series comes to end on Sunday DEC. 20, 2015 Fri, 18 Dec 2015 02:39:28 +0000  photo Ugly duckling _zpspla0usce.jpg
If you only had one lakorn to watch this year, I would highly recommend the first installment of the ‘UGLY duckling’ series from the Bang channel, ‘PERFECT MATCH’ starring DJ Push Puttichai Kasetsin (29) and Mook Worranit (19). Luckily for you, it is completely subbed at GMM TV youtube channel. It is NOT one of those kill joy, overly dramatic, sad type of series where someone dies of cancer–no, it’s pure FUN. There is no villain, the real enemy is lack of self esteem, not believing that you are beautiful enough to be loved by a great guy. Every girl needs a flirty P’Seua to love them for who they really are inside and not what they look on the outside.

Junior played by Mook Worranit is a girl who has everything, she comes from a rich family, is popular, has a good looking boyfriend from a rich family,  is beautiful but has self esteem issues. She goes to have  thread lift procedure done when her friends teased her about having a chubby face and gets an allergic reaction that causes severe acne. With her ugly predicament, her friends and boyfriend abandoned her. She convinces her mother to send her to Pitsanulok for schooling and to be near a specialized dermatologist to treat her acne.

Junior befriends Ying Bee, a fun-loving gay guy from the north at Pitsanulok and P’Seua, an upperclassman who is there for her when she is in need. P’Seua is playful and flirty and through series of events develops feeling for Junior even with her severe acne. He sees her for who she is– a naive, compassionate young woman who will do anything for the people she loves.

Ugly Duckling is a 4 part series and I can’t say I can recommend all of them, maybe  just only ‘Perfect Match’. I couldn’t get through ‘PITY GIRL’ and I couldn’t even tell you what the plot is. ‘Don’t’ got really corny near the end and I only got through episode one of ‘Boys’ Paradise’.

I will watch the the conclusion of the ‘UGLY DUCKLING’ series this coming SUNDAY Dec 20, 2015, just to see Junior and P’Seua again and to see how their relationship has progress.

The Teaser for SUNDAY’s goodbye episode to the UGLY duckling series

 photo perfectmatch 4_zpsco1i34gq.jpg
Seua trying to seduce Junior,  yes he takes off his shirt ALOT. It’s great fan service, thank you. 

 photo perfectmatch 3_zpsscyczl6l.jpg
I love his antics, he is taller, she needs help reaching a book on a high self–instead of getting the book himself for her, he lifts her up. 

 photo perfectmatch 2_zpsbhpfm3jq.jpg
He was dating someone else, but he made his move on her in episode 2 by pretending to be asleep and pulling her in for an embrace. 

The ost titled ‘you came at the right time’ sung by Mook.

Here is the link to the first episode on YOUTUBE–

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Tik’s wife and son Tent Fri, 18 Dec 2015 01:18:43 +0000  photo tentpeach 1_zps4inegkvp.jpg

A lot of celebrities don’t shun away from social media, they share photos of their family, celebrations, life, workouts, what they eat on their private social media accounts. In a sense they bring you closer to who they really are. Not “Tik” Jesadaporn Pholdee, this leading man is the embodiment of being ultra private, rarely will you see pictures of him with his wife and son.

Almost a year has passed since we last saw pics of Tik with his young son Tent. The little man has grown considerable since and will being turning 1 this coming January. Let me tell you, this little guy is a cutie.

 photo tentpeach_zpsxhi2kc22.jpg photo tentpeach 4_zpseg81ueon.jpg
Tik’s wife Peach and young son Tent. 

 photo tentpeach 3_zpslbymc22o.jpg photo tentpeach 5_zps67at8zws.jpg
Screw DNA, I won’t look like my parents. He doesn’t look like his mother Peach or his dad. 

Source: Sanook

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D2B’s Beam Kawee shares his pre-wedding pictures Tue, 15 Dec 2015 01:36:14 +0000  photo bk4_zpsi5zpnfbo.jpg

Back in my day the boyband D2B was the ‘IT’  thing, we have all grown up since then. Big passed away years ago, leaving ‘Dan’ Worawech Danuwong (31) and ‘Beam’ Kawee Tanjararuk (35) as a duo. For bit, the duo continued to released albums and starred in lakorns together. Those days are long gone, Beam is entering a new chapter in his life as he shares his pre-wedding pictures and wedding invitations on his IG account. Beam has been dating his fiancee Oil Atiporn for 12 years, the couple plan to marry on January 13, 2016.

Beam should be leaping for joy as his bride-to-be is profoundly stunning, a classic beauty. Beam was never my bias, Dan was, but in these pictures Beam doesn’t look half bad. He looks fit, someone has been working out preparing for his wedding. Or maybe he has this aurora of happiness that I find very appealing.

 photo bk1_zpsadzkez9z.jpg photo bk3_zpsqi2c240v.jpg
Loving the blue suit
 photo bk2_zpsxg0aepcq.jpg

Their invitation.

 photo bk5_zpswpde3exv.jpg photo bk6_zps5hjwlugw.jpg
I like this clean look, white shirt with blue jeans. 
 photo bk7_zpseobgie83.jpg photo bk8_zpsltyimlsl.jpg
Source: Kapook

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Gubgib announces pregnancy and wedding plans Mon, 14 Dec 2015 14:09:15 +0000  photo bie11_zpss79m1wop.jpg
To each their own, your life, your responsibility.

Formerly known as Mario Maurer’s ex-girlfriend, ‘Gubgib’ Sumontip Leuangthai (27) has transformed herself and for years has stepped out of Mario Maurer’s shadows. She has made herself a fixture in the Thai industry not only as an actress, but as one of the Tv hosts of Woody’s ‘Wake to Talk’ morning show.

Today marks another milestone in Gubgib’s life as she announces her pregnancy and weddings plan with the father of her unborn child ‘Bie’ Thassapak Hsu (24). The couple plans to marry on January 23, 2016 at the Assumption Cathedral following the christian custom as Gubgib is Catholic. Then on March 6, 2016, they will have the official wedding. Gubgib is 11 weeks pregnant. Bie did apologize to Gubgib’s mother and family for getting Gubgib pregnant.

Gubgib stated they did not make a mistake, they made a misstep, they apologize for not adhering to Thai custom but are accepting responsibility for what has transpired. After they agreed to become a couple on their Korea trip, Bie had told Gubgib he wanted to marry her. The intention for marriage had already been laid out since the beginning of their relationship. I believe they started dating this year, late spring.

Source: Kapook

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Ananda Everingham remakes Princess hours (Goong) Mon, 14 Dec 2015 05:11:00 +0000  photo princess hours 5_zpsvcpt2bjs.jpg

Announced in late November, actor/ producer Ananda Everingham is doing a remake of Princess Hours (Goong)–the Thailand version. Don’t know how I feel about it, the series was like my gateway drug to Korean dramas. I enjoyed Full House Thailand version from Ananda’s production company Halo Productions, I haven’t watched his latest remake of the Japanese shojo manga ‘Mischievous Kiss’ starring ‘Mike’ Pirat Nitipaisalkul and ‘Aom’ Sucharat Manaying. Ananda’s Korean remakes aren’t bad, very modern, chic, you can’t complain. Just not a fan of remakes.

Princess Hours Thailand version will star ‘Tao’ Sattaphong Phiangphor (25) as the crown prince, ‘Pattie’ Ungsumalynn Sirapatsakmetha (24) as his go-lucky commoner bride, Bebe Tanchanok as the prince’s clingy ex-girlfriend, and French-Thai actor Phan Pagniez as the prince’s rival.

The blessing ceremony took place yesterday December 12, 2015. It will air on the True Visions channel.


 photo princess hours 7_zps9mtekhyy.jpg
At Central World
 photo princess hours 8_zpspe3zokog.jpg
Tao sandwiched between Bebe and Pattie

 photo princess hours 1_zpsjlvae2yp.jpg
Ananda Everingham, the producer

 photo princess hours 3_zps7b4omoib.jpg
The supporting cast, Phan and Bebe
 photo princess hours 2_zpscmg80y1j.jpg
The main characters Phan, Pattie, Tao, and Bebe.
 photo princess hours 6_zps4embryup.jpg photo princess hours 4_zpshmdkomiw.jpg

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Kimberly gives Mark Prin a sweet congratulatory hug Mon, 14 Dec 2015 03:59:08 +0000  photo kim_1_zpsfpscqp9b.jpg

A big day for Mark Prin (25) as he graduates from Rangsit University with a degree in Business Marketing. His gal pal Kimberly Ann Voltemas attended the graduation ceremony with flowers and congratulated him with a sweet hug as posted on her IG account. Ann Thongprasom was also in attendance to support Mark, the press was there too. It took Mark 7 years to graduate.

 photo kim_6_zpsk8yiflpk.jpg
Kim’s sister was there too, she is the girl with the dotted white/black purse.

 photo kim_3_zpskiji0lzt.jpg
They had a good laugh. 
Source: Kapook
More picture here:

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Lady Gaga doesn’t need a nose job Sun, 15 Mar 2015 19:15:25 +0000  photo society_zps9pwql7sz.jpg
Lady Gaga is engaged to a guy whose hometown is in my area. The topic of them came up at work last week, it was all fine until someone had mentioned she was ugly and needed a nose job and her zany outfits doesn’t help her appearance. I was not part of the conversation.

Fine, those are your opinions and they are objective to your preference but to say someone needs a nose job I thought was MUCH. I am not a Lady Gaga fan, I do listen to some of her music. I will never attend a Lady Gaga concert. Her outfits are out there but she is an entertainer, as a person who is interested in the varied and unique style of Japanese street fashion (you know those fashion statements are colorful and nutty), I am not provoked by Lady Gaga’s meat Flintstones’ styled dress or anything she wears. To me, to be different and to do it well deserves a compliment. Lady Gaga”s outfit don’t look cheap, they are different but well made.

I don’t understand the judging between women against other women  or the body shaming. She looks ugly in that, she is too fat, too skinny, she needs a nose job, she needs to work on her thigh gap, she is wearing this and that wrong, she needs that done to look better. Excuse me? No wonder DOVE put out a campaign to help women accept oneself, to boost women’s self-esteem and I thought good golly.

When I look at someone, I see them. I rarely think oh she is ugly or she needs this done. Or her outfit is jacked up. I have never been targeted but to be around women who superficially bash other people on how they look and wear, it’s draining when you don’t really care and you wish they had their mean girl festivities far from your  hearing range. You gotta love those ladies who had to share that some girl’s pants makes her look fat and you’re all stupefied because you saw the same girl earlier and you didn’t think much of it.

Unless for medically reasons, I don’t see the necessity of plastic surgery. Getting a nose job to help you breath better, yes, if that is such a thing. Getting a nose job because you want to look like a certain celebrity, get out of here. NO.

I don’t understand the compelling need to look like anything other than what you genetically inherited.  There are certain days when I feel ugly, but there are more days when I don’t even think about my looks.

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When did my self-worth depended on my INCOME? Sun, 15 Mar 2015 17:09:18 +0000  photo selfworth-tile_zpssurpvn7w.jpg
As I am doing my taxes, I realized my income is only sustaining my current lifestyle but not to grow. It worries me a little and I find it somewhat humiliating. I have always thought at this stage in my life, I would have gotten it together by now. I am an adult only by AGE. That is not a good thing.

This is not a complaint as I am not enduring any type of financial hardship–I have no debit (just a car payment), no late payments, no credit card issue. My credit score is impeccable and people tend to be shock on how high it is. I am responsible and pay my bills on time ALWAYS. My checkbook or my phone app checkbook is always balanced to the last penny. I have savings. In every sense, I guess you can say I am in control. I know what I can afford. No one tells me what to do with my money. I don’t ask others for money. I have never asked my parents for money.

I don’t worship money. I don’t care about the bling-bling, fast cars, big houses, luxury brand purses. Glitz and glamour–is just not my style. Hair tied up, Gap baseball cap, comfortable pants, t-shirt,  sneakers, a bottle of aqua, hiking up a trail I am happy.

It’s not really about MONEY, the status of having money, bragging rights, or what you can get with money per se–higher income means more freedom, more free will to do as you please. There are constraints of being poor that I equate to immaturity, LIKE being a dependent child to a parent. You have no say, you are cornered by your parental unit since your survival depends on them. At this age, I shouldn’t feel immature.

Not having enough limits your options not just for useless material things–for your safety, for your food choice, your health, your action to do the things that will make  you happy–or that emergency financial blow to your bank account eating up a few grand. That happened to me last year. Medical emergencies.

Another blow is my income is NOT from something I love.

This is not a rant, just a thought. This is something I don’t agonize over but occasional I do think about. I don’t want to be taken care of EVER, I want to take care of myself.

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Fun Fueng Ep 17: The deception is revealed! Tue, 20 Jan 2015 03:48:28 +0000   photo funfuengep1770_zps064c98c7.jpgMaybe I should starting singing the Big Byung song ‘Oh my Stress’, everyone is stressed by the lie they created except for Vee who is completely in the dark about everything. E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G! But he stressed out too since he believes his beloved mother despises the woman he loves and possibly the woman he loves might not go through with the engagement since she is being stressed out by his mother.

  photo funfuengep172_zps2490a38e.jpg photo funfuengep171_zps712adc7e.jpg

Vee and Montha took Khun Pason (Vee’s mother) to meet Khun Vilairuk who pretending to be the mistress of the house, part of the rouse to deceive Vee. They are making arrangements for the engagement party, Vilairuk’s family will act as Montha’s elders for the ceremony since Montha has no family. Khun Pason was pretty much a biatch during the meeting, she started off stating, if Vilairuk and Artit didn’t fall in love her son wouldn’t be marrying a servant girl. That’s a little bit much even though it’s all fake. Vilairuk was already nervous, the statement made her even more uneasy.

 photo funfuengep173_zpse6267cd1.jpg photo funfuengep174_zps9e1d9c32.jpg
Khun Pason even added, she is taking  Vee out her WILL once he marries, Montha will get nothing from him. Tense much.

As they were leaving, Vee questioned Montha whether her aunt from the countryside will come. He wants to pay his respect to Montha’s only living relative. He is such a good guy, he wants to include everything that belongs to her. Montha tries to play it off stating her aunt lives pretty far in the countryside. His mother interrupts stating if Montha’s aunt lives too far, she can’t accommodate to that. Vee argues with his mother he wants to include Montha’s aunt at their engagement ceremony and wants to meet her. Everyone is nervous at this point because there is no poor aunt from the countryside. His mother huffs off and Montha’s tries to calm the situation down stating it’s okay if they don’t visit her aunt.

 photo funfuengep175_zpsc99523b7.jpg photo funfuengep176_zpsf9b56062.jpg
After a stressful day with his moms, Montha and Vee took a trip to a ice cream shop. She is about to spoon feed Vee with ice cream to relieve some stress, the Thai Pee-Wee Herman Khun Phujadej intercepts the feeding. Odd much. He be like stalking her. Stop it.

Khun Phujadej apologizes in mockery English immediately after he sees Montha stating she looks like someone he knows. He knows, he is just messing with her. Montha is pretty annoyed at this point and slightly worried since Khun Phujadej knows her real identity. She keeps quiet.

Vee corrects him, it’s not Montheera, it’s Montha, his fiance. Awww. Khun Phujadej congratulates them on their upcoming engagement and wants to know when they are gonna have the ceremony.

 photo funfuengep178_zps275f5ddc.jpg photo funfuengep1710_zps881833b9.jpg
He wants to share the news too, especially to Khun Montheera. Vee essentially told him to butt out, he is taking care of the invitations, there is no need for Khun Phujadej to pass along the news.

He congratulates Vee with a handshake and congratulates Montha by the wrong name of Montheera and later recants with ‘Oh no, I’m sorrry. Khun Montha.’

Montha curses him silently and Vee apologizes for Khun Phujadej, dude is just like that. Ha. Weird.

 photo funfuengep1711_zps0a38e746.jpg photo funfuengep1712_zps95cdbb10.jpg
Vee drops Montha at her house and senses she is stressed.

Vee: Are you okay, you seem quiet? Are you still upset about my mom?

She says no. He rubs her arms and bids her farewell. She goes in and you can tell he is stressed and worried. She comes back out and tells him: ‘Khun Vee ka, thank you for doing everything for me. I want to let you know whatever happens, I love you.’

He knows and gives her a forehead kiss. The look on his face is a man who is worried.


 photo funfuengep1715_zps6dc4fcd0.jpg photo funfuengep1718_zpsc15d0a21.jpg
After dropping off Montha, he goes to meet his boys. I love these two guys the doctor and Artit, they are stressing too. They know the truth and they are part of the lie. Artit is majoring stressing, this is worst than the time he told Vee he had cancer. They are praying this will work out. They are scared of the consequences especially Vee’s wrath.

Just as  Artit proclaims this will make Vee much more angrier than the cancer lie, Khun Vee walks in and tells him,’it all depends on the speed of your confession.’


 photo funfuengep1717_zpsd203e6c1.jpg photo funfuengep1720_zpsce81fc60.jpg

Artit turns around and is startled to see Vee. Vee tugs on Artit’s collar to make him confess his wrongdoing.
Vee:’What did you do that you are so worried I would get angry? SAY IT! I TOLD YOU TO SAY IT?’

He looks over at his doctor friend and asked for the answer too. The doctor is mums on the secret. He closed his lips tight.

At the bar, the guys are having a good time, Vee still wants to know the big secret with Artit. His friend lies that it was nothing, it was just a little inquiry from Artit about him planning to get pregnant with Vilairuk before Vee and Montha would. Artit brags to everyone, once they start, he will get his girl pregnant one try. Shakes head. He already did, Vilairuk is starting to have pregnancy symptoms in this episode.

 photo funfuengep1719_zpsa5e3afc9.jpg photo funfuengep1721_zpsafe9af34.jpg
They start to talk about Artit’s girl problems, did he make up with Vilairuk and how is the issue with psychotic socialite Ing-On. The doctor friend tells Vee, Artit doesn’t need to worry about Ing-On, he got’s her. The guys caught on to that and started teasing him. What’s going on with him and Ing-On. He avoids the question and changes the subject back to their little party. His friend senses that he is stressed about his mother and his wife to be and tells Vee don’t stress out, everyone goes through this– the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law conflict. Vee wonders if Montha can tolerate his mother.  His boys assure him, she can. Him and his father are able to tolerate his mother for this long, it shouldn’t be a problem with Montha.

 photo funfuengep1722_zps0b7b4472.jpg photo funfuengep1723_zps469521fb.jpg
Later that night,  Vee is fussing about his engagement ceremony the next day, do they have everything ready? He is worried because his no good driver Artit is managing it.
His mother walks in and tells him why he is so anxious, he is only getting engaged to a servant girl. I know you are faking it but come on. That was rude. She tells to go to bed.

Once he leaves, she starts fussing about the engagement gifts and money envelopes and the banana branch.

 photo funfuengep1724_zps5e0693ce.jpg photo funfuengep1725_zpscef25ece.jpg
Montha is stressed about the lie, she asked her aunt whether  they are doing is the right thing. Her aunt tells her she is not sure, she is not comfortable with this either. She doesn’t want her niece to toy with Love but Vee’s mother adamant on the lie. It has gotten so big, she doesn’t know how to fix it.

Her aunt:’Lets just say we will work together to make everything turn out alright tomorrow.’

 photo funfuengep1726_zps6b295514.jpg photo funfuengep1727_zpsfb59f4fe.jpg
Montha receives a call from Vee. He teases her saying she is probably excited because she is getting married to a groom like him, how can she fall asleep? Cocky much? She doesn’t say anything which makes him nervous.

Montha: I need to tell you something.

He can tell by her voice it won’t be good.

Khun Vee: Why does your voice sound stress? Have you changed your mind and decided not to get engage to me tomorrow?

Montha laughs: Nothing like that.

Khun Vee: Are you worried about my mother? If it is regarding my mother issue, I don’t think you need to worry. I believe in a short time my mother will like you. About other things, we will overcome it together.

Montha: It’s nothing like that.

Khun Vee: Then what is it?

Montha: I am worried you won’t love me.

Khun Vee: Me not loving you? I love you to death.

Montha: I love you too.

Khun Vee: Go to sleep my beautiful bride.

And he teases if she doesn’t get enough seem she might get those baggy black eyes.

 photo funfuengep1729_zpsed097a41.jpg

He might be playing it off cool with his girl, dude is stressing too.


 photo funfuengep1730_zps970e17c6.jpg photo funfuengep1731_zpscb12c684.jpg
 Montha tells Vilairuk she must be happy she doesn’t have to lie anymore.

 photo funfuengep1732_zps60626451.jpg

She lets out a tear.

 photo funfuengep1733_zps8e55f424.jpg photo funfuengep1734_zps9e5ed724.jpg
The day of the engagement ceremony, Montha and her aunt spot Khun Phujadej at their house uninvited. Her aunt goes to confront him about his intentions at the event and gives him a warning. He can stay but be cool.

 photo funfuengep1735_zps18a79fac.jpg photo funfuengep1736_zpse1a52992.jpg
During the engagement parade to the bride,  Vee starts to notice a lot of things like Montha’s friends at the ceremonial gates don’t look like servant girls and Vilairuk’s family went all out for the ceremony like they are marrying off one of their daughters. His mother disagrees, the event is not that big.

At one of the gates, Montha’s friend stated that she wants another money envelope, when Montha was living aboard she was very popular, meaning Montha is worth more than this at this gate. Vee is taken back. Aboard? Artit lies that Vee probably misheard her—in thai countryside and aboard have the same ending nok ‘outside’.  The friend realizing her mistake lies that she means countryside.

 photo funfuengep1737_zps36264c0e.jpg photo funfuengep1738_zpsfa48672b.jpg
Vee is surprised that Montheera’s aunt came to the engagement ceremony, the aunt lies that all is forgiven about him rejecting Montheera. She is here with good intentions. Vilairuk’s parents are poor actors, they can’t hide their shock on the dowry amount. It’s hefty: 10 millions baht cash, 40 carats worth of jewelry, and more.

 photo funfuengep1740_zps832cc7b2.jpg
Time for the bride to come down and she is beautiful. This is the calm before the storm. You feel bad for him at this point because he is so happy to see her.

 photo funfuengep1741_zps4c1e9344.jpg photo funfuengep1742_zpse79efff6.jpg
The tell each other their ‘I love yous’ at the base of the stairs in front of everyone. AW! Macaroni and Cheese.

 photo funfuengep1743_zps4118a301.jpg photo funfuengep1744_zpsff59d8d8.jpg

Before the ceremony can start, Khun Phujadej makes a scene shouting: the ceremony can’t start because he doesn’t have seat and proceeds to wave a girl out of her seat. The girl actually stands up not knowing what to do and gives her seat to him. Realizing there is no more seats, she stands around confused like she was just stupid to give up her seat until another guy offers her his seat. He just shakes his head like Khun Phujadej has lost his damn mind. It was funny.

The ceremony begins with the exchange of rings.

 photo funfuengep1745_zps068a3003.jpg photo funfuengep1746_zpsa98d9b66.jpg
Just as they are about to bow to their elders, Vee asked Montha about her aunt. Did she come? Oh no. Montha doesn’t answer him, she looks terrified. There is no aunt from the countryside. Everyone sorta panics for an answer. Montheera’s aunt stands up to provide an explanation  and Khun Phujadej starts clapping. Dude, sit your ass down. Oh my gosh, this guy.

He reveals everything. He starts off by congratulating Vee on how everyone  supports his love even Montheera’s aunt came even though she has nothing to do with Montha. Isn’t that nice?


 photo funfuengep1747_zps73a79153.jpg

Say what? Everyone stands up when Khun Phujadej asked where Montheera is at? No one wants to  say anything because Montheera is right there pretending to be Montha.


 photo funfuengep1748_zpsdbbc1c2e.jpg photo funfuengep1749_zps39f05003.jpg
 Vee’s dad orders Artit and the doctor to escort Khun Phujadej out, Vee tells them to let him go. He wants to hear what Khun Phujadej has to say.

 photo funfuengep1750_zpsd28e2297.jpg

Khun Phujadej: Open your eyes. Have you not seen, have you not notice, Montheera and Montha look very alike. I can understand love shields the eye to make you unaware the truth that Montheera and Montha is the same person.

Khun Phujadej tells him the Montha standing before you is not a servant girl, she is actually the owner of this house and the employer of everyone here.

Vee is taken back! He looks over at Montha: is it true? She doesn’t answer.

He looks over at Artit and shouts for an answer, he doesn’t answer him.

Montheera’s aunt says she has an explanation for this and Vee didn’t want one: ‘I don’t want an explanation. I want the answer whether Montheera and Montha is the same person.’


 photo funfuengep1751_zps830cc931.jpg photo funfuengep1752_zps511e1bed.jpg
 Yea it’s true, look at those two ladies faces. His mother tells him the truth. She had asked Montha to lie a little longer.

Khun Phujadej being totally obnoxious points out those two people, pointing to Vilairuk’s parents, they are the gardener and the cook and Vilairuk is actually Khun Montheera’s personal servant. Then he proceeds to dance and proclaims ‘this is fun’. Why? It’s just him, ya know. He is one of a kind.

 photo funfuengep1753_zps932db2af.jpg photo funfuengep1756_zps6460fe47.jpg
Vee turns to look at Montheera, ‘is this fun?’

Montheera in tears: ‘listen to me first.’

Vee: ‘I heard everything.’


 photo funfuengep1757_zps8981ee0d.jpg photo funfuengep1758_zps02116cc8.jpg
They tried to stop him but he stormed out. I thought it was manly when he shouted ‘let me go’ when they tried to stop him from leaving.

 photo funfuengep1759_zpsb70e20df.jpg photo funfuengep1760_zpsc26453e9.jpg
 Everyone follows him out. Montheera pleas with him to listen to her.

Artit pleas with him too. Vee wants to know when he found out. Artit answered since he went to ask for Vilairuk’s hand in marriage.

Vee pulls at Artit’s collar: ‘When you found, why didn’t you tell me?’

Artit begs for forgiveness. ‘You can yell at me, kick me, do whatever, I accept full responsibility.’

Vee: ‘How can you do this to me? I saw you as my real little brother. How can you join forces with other people to deceive me like this?’

Artit repeatedly apologizes.

Montheera tells Vee, she begged Artit to keep it a secret. She accepts full responsibility for this lie.

‘I just wanted to play a joke on you.’


 photo funfuengep1761_zpsbce48919.jpg
Vee: You probably had a lot fun? Because everyone was committed in lying to make me believe Montha and Montheera were two different people. You probably thought my love was a joke.

 photo funfuengep1762_zps64835a04.jpg
She pulls him back to explain herself. ‘It’s not like that. Listen to me. It’s not like that. In beginning, I just wanted to play with you.’

Vee: But I never joke with Love.

He leaves.

 photo funfuengep1764_zps7b8bb3fb.jpg photo funfuengep1765_zpsf12df7df.jpg

Sometimes I think Khun Phujadej is missing a chromosome or two, this guy doesn’t get it. He walks up to the emotionally devastated Montheera and proceeds to tell her that Vee doesn’t love her. He is the one that truly loves her. Excuse you? Since Vee can’t forgive her, it means he doesn’t love her. It’s call PRIDE. She put him through a lot.

Artit has had enough of Khun Phujadej and punched him. Montheera has had enough of him too and tells him off. ‘Enough! Stop talking. Whatever you do, or how hard you try. I will never love you. Do you hear me! I have never LOVED you.’

She orders him to leave, to leave her house, to leave her life. She tells him to leave repeatedly. HA.

 photo funfuengep1767_zpsdbdaa332.jpg photo funfuengep1768_zps55879dc9.jpg
 She stops Vee at the gate, he honks for her to move aside for him to pass. When she doesn’t move, he gets out of his car.

‘Move, I have nothing to say to you.’

Montheera: No,  I will not let you leave.

 photo funfuengep1769_zps9b0132f4.jpg


Vee shouts:I told you to move!

Montheera:No, please don’t leave, stay with me.

This is like their first fight.
 photo funfuengep1770_zps064c98c7.jpg

Since she is not moving, he is leaving by foot.

He goes home and packs his things to move out. Wow. Guy is running away from home. I love his room scene where he looks at his engagement ring but doesn’t take it off. He is angry but still clings on to his love for her. Aw.

The rest of the episode would be describe as finding Vee. Dude ran off. His parents doesn’t know where he went, he didn’t tell his friends, his work. Nada.



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Fun Fueng Ep 17: The proposal and kiss Mon, 19 Jan 2015 23:42:53 +0000  photo IMG_0563_zpsdd91c019.jpg

I have been watching Fun Fueng (Impossible Fantasy) the 2014 remake off and on, fast-forwarding some scenes. When more focus is on the love conflict between servant girl Vilairuk and the driver Artit, I start to lose interest. She is whiny and he is just too naughty. That boy is trying to get away with too many things and he somewhat immature. When DJ Push and Jui come on scene, it’s game time. I just love them together, I just gush that he is so sincere, so madly in love with her that he is willing to defy his overbearing mother. The mental abuse he has had to endure by his moms, it’s A LOT. You gotta give him credit for NOT lashing out at her.

Let me to honest with y’all, I feel bad for the guy, the Khun Vee character–He is getting screwed left and right by everyone he knows. His mom knows, his dad knows, his servant boy knows that the woman he loves is deceiving him. Actually planet earth knows, she is pretending to be Montha, the servant girl when really she is Montheera, the mega-rich socialite his moms be trying to marry him off to.

This is the calm before the storm until the truth is expose they have a moment together and he proposes.

 photo IMG_0541_zpse0fb35e1.jpg photo IMG_0538_zps1e4cc18f.jpg
They are at a diner date at his restaurant and she finds a ring in her chicken dish.

 photo IMG_0539_zps4992d122.jpg photo IMG_0542_zpsa782c321.jpg
She brings up the ring  in a state of emotional bliss.

Khun Vee:  I have been fortunate to be born into a family that is well off and have everything. With fortune, there is also misfortune because I was uncertain of the people who came into my life whether they were sincere or wanted something from me…until I met you, I feel like when you are with me, you have been sincere. I don’t have to put up an image or pretend to be someone I am not. I am able to be myself. Every time I am with you, I am happy.

Faints, Oh my gosh! AH!

 photo IMG_0548_zpsaf733d66.jpg

He takes the ring from her and proposes, ‘Will you marry me?’–YES! A hundred times. Who wouldn’t?

She doesn’t answer him and is like in a state of shock.

Khun Vee:You being silent this long is starting to make me unhappy. So are you going to marry me or not?

She extends her hand to give him an answer of ‘YES’. SO SWEET!

 photo IMG_0549_zps2cfcd7b2.jpg photo IMG_0551_zps3be6469b.jpg
They stand up so that he can give her the ring and he thanked her for making him the most fortunate man in the world and promised he will do everything he can to make her happy. She also promised him the same thing.

Montheera/Montha: Khun Vee ka, from this point on, whatever will happen I will always stand beside you, I love you.

 photo IMG_0557_zpsca63822d.jpg photo IMG_0558_zps6060d8ce.jpg
He also confesses he loves her too and gives her a forehead kiss.

 photo IMG_0560_zpsa23fcbf0.jpg

They looked up at each other before they kissed.

 photo IMG_0564_zps5ceadc95.jpg
They slowly go in for a kiss. Sighs. He is so perfect.
 photo IMG_0563_zpsdd91c019.jpg

It’s sweet, I will take it. This is not American television, no real kissing allowed, at least their lips touched.

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