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Thai stars and their long term relationship before getting married–this is not an atypical occurrence, after much success in their careers Thai stars tend to stay in long term relationships before they get marry. Actress Aom Sakaojai Poonsawat, the nang’rai we love to hate is finally getting married to her boyfriend ‘Ae’ Atit Siphaplearn after 12 years of dating.  The couple has decided to marry on December 25, 2014–hey Christmas.

Aom shared some of her pre-wedding photos on her instagram. Can  you guess her age because this woman is in her forties and looking fantastic. I think a few of us need to go running and take some Pilates to look that good.

 photo aomsakaojai3_zps208870eb.jpg
 photo aomsakaojai2_zps5284508c.jpg

Source: Sanook

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Pinky Savika has married Fri, 12 Sep 2014 11:34:04 +0000

I have been out of the blogging game for awhile, heck my Mae knows more about Thai celebs than I do nowadays, I didn’t know Aff and her hubby Songkran are expecting, and Kim and Mark Prin are dating, a lot of things happened. Drama. Janie supposedly getting beat up by her now ex-husband and I was like say what.

Marriages, break up dramas, and babies- the full circle of life, tons of Thai celebs are popping out little ones.

The latest, I knew about this at least but didn’t pay much attention to it–scandalous, former mistress to Tanya Tamnarong’s hubby Peck has gotten married today to a wealthy businessman ‘Petch’ Itti Chawalittamrong. They had their Islamic ceremony at the Cove Pattaya and meet the press at the Dusit Thani Pattaya hotel at 1pm Thailand time today. Forty-five days from now, they plan to honeymoon in France for a month. They have not signed their marriage license, within 45 days before leaving for France, they will. Phet doesn’t want Pinky to continue working in the Thai entertainment industry, he doesn’t want others to consider his wife as a ‘product’, caring for one another and family is the most important thing said Phet. However  after having kids, they will discuss again if she wants to go back to work.

Their marriage announcement was abrupt, some considered it a possible  shot gun wedding, Phet assured everyone it is not. If Pinky does get pregnant soon, count the months he suggested.

Please click on the source link below to see more pics of Pinky Savika and her groom Phet.

Source: Kapook, Sanook

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Singer/ actor Mike Pirat has fathered a child out of wedlock Fri, 25 Jul 2014 22:58:29 +0000  photo mike_zpseb6544ee.jpg
Actor and singer ‘Mike’ Pirat Nitipaisalkul has fathered a child out of wedlock born last week to a Sarah N. Casinghini, a Thai-Italian model. Oh my. The child is named Maxwell. He has known for 2-3 months about the pregnancy. Sarah and him used to date but have broken up for some time. A DNA test will not be performed because Mike is sure the child is his. ‘When I saw him, I felt he was mine,’ said Mike. His parents have not seen their grandchild yet, but Mike did state they support him.

Mike was there for the birth.

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Leh Nangfah: Episode 28 best ending ever Wed, 09 Jul 2014 03:09:49 +0000  photo IMG_0278_zps50fe1580.png
They are so freaking cute, best ending ever. We get to see the AFTER happily ever after, their union, their marriage, their child. We get to see all of that. They just don’t get together, a hug on the beach while watching the sunset. No, they actually got married, we see their kid, their future.

It was fake, her uncle was not trying to steal her company, it was all a farce to make her become a better person and CEO. Her cousin Pat didn’t sell her designs to another company. Pat wasn’t that evil, she was more jealous that her father was paying more attention to Beauty than he was to her. The real enemy was Bee, Pat’s assistant who believed her father’s suicide was related to him getting fired from the company. Really he has  gambling problem and used the company’s fund or something to finance his issues. Teepope’s father was forced to fire him. Bee wanted revenge, so he pinned Pat and Beauty against each other and cause havoc for the company secretly.

This has got to be one of the most satisfying endings ever.


 photo IMG_0018-tile_zps66fccf12.jpg

Wanting revenge for her father’s suicide  years ago, Bee barged into the showcase event for Grace Miller, she pointed a gun at Teepope’s father and said she will kill the person he loves the most, she then points a gun at Teepope. Seeing her love in endangered, Beauty blocks Teepope and gets shot in the back.

He calls out her name.

Beauty:’You’re safe right?’

Teepope:’I’m fine. Why did you do this? If anything happens to you, how will I live?’

Beauty:’I know now, I love you more than my life.’

Teepope:’Beauty, Beauty. No.’

She faints and everyone screams in unison and you’re like the hey. People nowadays.

 photo IMG_0038-tile_zps6f9fed7e.jpg

Beauty is out of surgery, Teepope watches over her while the others wait in the waiting room. They want to give her space.

 photo IMG_0051-tile_zpsfd465a04.jpg

Beauty’s servants are crying, worrying over Beauty, the sun is setting, she will transform into a parakeet soon, they are concern she will not survive the wound when she morphs into a bird. The gay guy is all confuse like she is not dead yet, why is everyone crying, he is asking them. LOL. Dude. You just don’t know. Even Pat is stressing, watching her watch. Teepope’s parents and Beauty’s uncle are all baffled like why is everyone in state of shock.

 photo IMG_0060-tile_zpsf3c785dd.jpg

Teepope is stressing too, ‘it’s almost 6 o’clock Beauty.’

‘The sun is almost setting. You have to be alright, you have to stay with me.’

Then she starts to change, her body starts to glow.

He pleads with her: ‘Beauty, you have to be alright. You can’t leave me.’

‘I love you na Beauty.’ He repeated those words and hugged her.

 photo IMG_0068-tile_zpsdb2a5bf2.jpg

He remembers what Pat said, when the sun sets, Beauty will be a bird and he also remembers what one of Beauty’s servants said, ‘Beauty is like a princess in a fairy tale, we should find a prince to kiss her to wake her up.’

Teepope took a long ass time to kiss Beauty, what is up with the hesitation man? In the end, he took the leap and kiss his lady love, breaking the curse/spell.He was the last piece.

Good man.
 photo IMG_0085-tile_zps264f7c6b.jpg

Everyone saw him kiss her, even Oun who came with Jade Chan. Yeppers.

 photo IMG_0092-tile_zps195b7c16.jpg
She wakes up and smiles at him. Like ‘hi’.

Teepope:’ Beauty, you woke up. You don’t have to be a parakeet anymore.’

Beauty:’I don’t have to be a bird anymore?’

Teepope:’Not anymore.’

He kisses her again.

Oun quietly excuses herself with Jade Chan following behind.

 photo IMG_0104-tile_zps1fd4336c.jpg

Outside, Jade Chan and Oun  have a chat. Jade Chan asked Oun if she was alright. She replied she is fine, she has known for a long time now that Teepope was not the one for her. She always felt burdened around him, she didn’t know how to act around him–will he like her if she did this. Will he approved of this or that.

Oun: ‘When people who love each other, when they are together, they should be happy. But when I was with him, I was always gloomy. I didn’t know if I was good enough or if he likes me. And also, how I should act. What about you being with Beauty, how did you feel?’

Jade Chan:’I don’t even know her. Unlike how I am with you.’

Oun:’With me? Being with me how is that like?’

Jade Chan:’Humorous and funny.’


Jade Chan:’Like being myself.’

He looks at her. ‘And there is happiness.’

Oun can’t believe it.’That’s crazy. Don’t joke with me.’

Jade Chan: ‘I am not joking.’

He looks at her. ‘We should date.’
She covers her face with her wristlet.
He takes her hand and uncovers her face. ‘Let’s be girlfriend and boyfriend na.’

She agrees. Aww.
 photo IMG_0139-tile_zpsa8530253.jpg

Since Teepope lied to her about her uncle trying to steal the company and was part of that scheme to make her a better CEO, she is making him work it to earn her forgiveness. She makes him a common worker at their company, ordering him around, making him carry a heavy box. She taunts him saying, he should work harder that this new employee is not cutting it. He is getting annoyed and tells her to take it easy. She taunts him saying a directing manager must know how to do all the jobs of each employee.

He drags her over and orders her to arrange the boxes. She gives him a look, she is not in a worker’s uniform, she points out he is. Ha.
Fine. He wants a reward for all this hard work. A kiss on the cheeks. She wonders why should she, when she was training, he never rewarded her.

Oh yes he did he teased, ‘I gave you plenty. I allowed you to sleep on my chest each night. Isn’t that  a reward? I even gave you a special bonus, I allowed you to see me undress and see my six pack.’
 photo IMG_0158-tile_zpsae1e771e.jpg

She saw more than that.

Teepope continued to tease her. ‘Aye, you probably saw more than that.’


Beauty:’You’re crazy. You’re detestable.’

Teepope:’That bird beauty, she eyed me widely when I walked out of the bathroom.’

Beauty is embarrassed and points at him to stop. ‘That is enough, don’t say anymore.’

 photo IMG_0169-tile_zps786a0deb.jpg

He pulls her in close. ‘Hey, do you know I have thought about that bird Beauty a lot. I have not slept not even one night. You too right? You have to take responsibility. You made me get use to having you sleep snuggling on my chest.’

He pulls her in closer and placed her head on his chest. She bit his neck playfully.

Beauty:’I bit you.’

Teepope covers his neck all amused. ‘You have a temper like the Bird Beauty.’

She is completely embarrassed and refuses to talk to him and runs off.
 photo IMG_0179-tile_zpse02a71b8.jpg

The pair take a trip to Hua Hin. They found the tree where they buried a cookie tin containing their gifts together as children. They pinky sweared to each other they would not uncover it unless together. So cute.
 photo IMG_0192-tile_zps4680a089.jpg

During that time, she made him write a card with his gift, but he never showed her what he wrote. She takes out the card, ‘I am so excited. What did you write in this card?’

Teepope timidly:’Just read it.’

She reads it, it said love Beauty. She realizes he has loved her since they were kids.

Beauty:’You have secretly liked me since we were kids?’

Teepope smiles:’Hmm.’

Beauty:’How comes when we got older, you hated me?’

Teepope:’I didn’t hate you. Well when you got older, you had a bad personality, so I stopped liking you.’

Beauty:’What about now?’

Teepope:’Right now, your personality is good so I love you. I love you a lot.’

She smiles brightly.

 photo IMG_0203-tile_zpsa62ebcf6.jpg

She tells him to open his gift. It’s a white pig with glasses, titled ‘four-eyed fatty.’

She laughs at him. He is not amused, he says he is not fat anymore. Look at his muscles, they are bulging.

She still teases him repeats over and over again ‘four-eyed fatty’.

 photo IMG_0214-tile_zps4d1df199.jpg

He even warns her if she continues to call him a four-eyed fatty, he is gonna kiss her. She repeatedly calls him a four-eyed fatty and he chases after her until she relents. Ha.
 photo IMG_0225-tile_zpsd993e80e.jpg

Now her gift, it’s a plastic egg containing a ring. She finds it cute.
 photo IMG_0230-tile_zps64fdaf66.jpg

He tells her to close her eyes there is a special way to put on this ring. Then he asked her how many fingers is he holding up to test that she is not peeking. She says two and he accuses her of peeking, she argues she didn’t peek, she just saw him put up 2 fingers before she closed her eyes.

For reals this time, she opens her eyes to see an engagement ring.

Teepope:’Be my bride?’

 photo IMG_0237-tile_zpsca06a8e1.jpg

She will if he promises to do 2 things for her.

Beauty:’I have two rules. The first rule, you have to love me, love me very much, love me only. Love me for the rest of your life and you can’t change your mind.’

Teepope:’That won’t be difficult. I love you the most already. I won’t change my mind for the rest of my life too.’

He gives her a quick kiss on the lips.

Beauty:’Second Rule, you have to promise to never lie, deceive me regarding anything.’

 photo IMG_0248-tile_zps92f55a21.jpg

He puts up three of his fingers and promises to never deceive her again. EVER.

Beauty:’If you lie to me again just once more, we will break up.’

Confidently he tells her,’that will never happen. I promise you.’


 photo IMG_0253-tile_zps2cb639f8.jpg

She gives him a quick kiss.

Beauty:’You’re pretty awesome now. I will marry you.’

He is thrilled by her answer and jumps around. He shouts out: ‘Teepope is gonna get marry. Four-eye fatty is gonna have a wife.’

 photo IMG_0265-tile_zps9f92c9c7.jpg

He places the ring on her finger and kisses her hands. Aw. I swear to holly, can I get a Teepope in my life. I want one.

Teepope:’I Love you na. From now on, I will take care of you myself.’

Beauty:’I love you too.’

 photo IMG_0278-tile_zpsfdada849.jpg

They kiss beneath  the tree.

 photo IMG_0281-tile_zpsd48612cd.jpg

Three years later, Beauty’s company and brand ‘Lallalita’ has grown. She is gracing the covers of major Western fashion magazines. She is taking charge.

 photo IMG_0290-tile_zps7900b76f.jpg

She is married with Teepope and they have a son. At the end, they are walking together to the company ‘Dad is taking you to your grandfathers’ company. Do you see?’  A blue parakeet lands on Beauty’s shoulder. She lifts it up. ‘Hey little bird? Did you get cursed? If that is the case, quickly do good, do good to benefit others, and also get a kiss from a man you love more than your life quickly na.’

 photo IMG_0297-tile_zpsd7bccd79.jpg

Teepope laughs while holding their son. They tell their son to say bye to the little bird. Teepope gently reaches his son’s hand to touch the bird, the little guy pulls back. Teepope looks at him and laughs playfully.

Beauty wishes the bird well. ‘Quickly break your curse. Buh-bye. Good luck na.’ She release the bird up to the sky.
 photo IMG_0302-tile_zps51d5b653.jpg

Teepope hands their son to Beauty and they both give him kisses. Cute kid.

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Leh Nangfah: Ep 24 He confessed Wed, 25 Jun 2014 02:57:44 +0000  photo nangfahep146_zps51ce74a2.jpg

After having a terrible 2nd day at my new job, I came home to an absolute adorable episode of ‘Leh Nangfah’, the day wasn’t that bad I guess. I realized I might be over my head, but I can’t quit. I refuse to.

With Beauty at least she is getting some loving from Teepope. He is like how a guy should be, man up and confess, to which he did. No hesitation, I like you, I want you, I will be there for you, you will never be alone anymore–he said all those things, he was a true gentleman.

 photo w1-tile_zps25df4d2b.jpg
Beauty founds her sketches and confronted her cousin Pat about them, I didn’t really listen. Pat admitted to stealing the sketches, but she did not betray the company and sell them to a competitor. She did it for personal reasons, she just hates Beauty. Teepope scolded Pat for not being to separate work from personal feelings. ‘How can you let your hatred trump over your responsibility for this company? Why did you think negatively like this. She is your younger sister (nong sao, can refer to cousin) too. She is not other people.’

Pat crying:’Has she ever thought of me as a pee (older family member)? That’s right P’Tee, I am not a good person. I am terrible. I can’t compete with her with anything. You have probably fallen in love with her too.’

Teepope started to look uncomfortable. Beauty looks at him too, stunned.

Pat:’Beauty, you’re probably feel satisfied, you have stolen another person that I love. You have gotten everything.’

Teepope tells Pat to stop acting like a child. She should learn to separate work from personal life. He puts her on work leave to mediate about what she did. If she does not realize what she did wrong, she shouldn’t come back.

 photo nangfahep144_zpsdd2e6e01.jpg

Beauty is out in the field, Teepope follows her there. ‘What you thinking about?’

Beauty:’How did you find me?’

Teepope:’I didn’t see you at the company, I decided to come here to see. ‘

She pauses.

Teepope:’Are you ready to tell me yet?’

Beauty:’Regarding what? The thing I am thinking about now or me being nude at Jade Chan’s condo?’

Teepope:’The one before.’

Beauty:’I told you already, I can’t tell you. Even if I say it, you will never understand.’

Teepope:’Why not? I don’t understand why you can’t say or explain it when you said nothing happened with him. Just explain to me why you were in that state or that guy did something to you.’

Beauty:’No one did anything to me. One day you will understand without me explaining anything. Right now, please don’t misunderstand me, please trust me.’

Teepope:’Do you know how much I worried about you? Do you know how much I can’t stand seeing you in that state with another guy.’

Beauty:’Why are you worrying me, go worry about your girlfriend.

Teepope:’I broke up with Oun already.’

Beauty:’But you are about to get engage.’

Teepope:’I can’t get engage to someone who I don’t love. I love someone else.’

Beauty:’You have someone else you love?’

Teepope:’Yes. The person Pat said, is the one (true).’–Fool, it’s you! Screams. Faints. Splash water on face. Screams.

 photo nangfahep145_zps6649006d.jpg
Beauty smiles with tears in her eyes. He hugs her.

Beauty:’You are not angry at me anymore? You believe me now that I didn’t have anything to do with Jade Chan.’

Teepope: ‘Yes.’

They were going in for the kiss that would break the spell, of course Somchang had to interrupt them. Sighs. Total disappointment.

Somchang has the sketches, they are gonna go chat with Jade Chan, Teepope stops them.

 photo nangfahep146_zps51ce74a2.jpg
Teepope:’You don’t have to go see him anymore.’

Beauty complained, why not, she didn’t resolve anything yet regarding the sketches and she didn’t find the culprit who stole the sketches either.

Teepope:’You don’t have to, I have sent our lawyer to handle it according to the law. From now on, you don’t have to fight or do anything on your own anymore.’

He pulls her in closer. “You will always have me.’

You can’t help but grin too.

Summer love.


 photo nangfahep142_zpscb5b7bb9.jpg

Back at the office, Teepope makes Beauty promise to never see Jade Chan alone ever again. She agrees shyly. Beauty explains that her uncle Korn and cousin Pat are teaming up to kick her out of the company. She feels betrayed by her uncle. Teepope doesn’t believe it, her uncle loves her and is her biological uncle. She tells him about the new company her uncle is building. Beauty begs Teepope to help her protect the company from Jade Chan and her uncle.


 photo nangfahep143_zpsd66df1ea.jpg

Teepope:’Don’t worry, we will fight for the company together. No one can harm it easily.’

He hugs her.


 photo nangfahep141_zpsfb8a784d.jpg

Later that night, Teepope is getting a major slashing from his father for breaking up with Oun. It will affect the company. Teepope explains he doesn’t love Oun, he wants to separate work from personal life. He doesn’t feel it is free to date her when he doesn’t lover her. He has tried, but he can only see  her as a sister. His father understands. His father asked if he loves someone else, he truthfully admits to being in love with Beauty. 

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Leh Nangfah Ep21: Teepope and Beauty are awesome Tue, 17 Jun 2014 03:59:59 +0000  photo lehnangfahep216_zps122068a6.jpg

I need to stop, I’m like giggling to myself, I am not a kid anymore. Oy. He kissed her human form, sadly not on the lips, on the forehead. Gosh darn it. We need a kiss that would lift the curse. Wait, this is a lakorn, a forehead kiss is usually all that we get, isn’t good enough? They are teasing us, we won’t be getting a kiss anytime soon.

 photo lehnangfahep212_zpsdca9b025.jpg

The end of the episode, good guy Teepope takes Beauty to see a plot of land. Beauty had handed her fashion design sketches to the crew and they have some spare time to hang out, eat. Beauty reminded Teepope about his debt, he still owes her a half day to do as she commands. Teepope refuses to go to spa like last time, so Beauty recommended that Teepope take her to a place she has never been. It would be difficult because she has been everywhere and done everything. Teepope has a idea, a place close by that she has never been before.

To her surprise, he takes her out door to look at a plot of land. He explains what it means to him. This is their future, let me emphasis ‘their future’. He has it all planned out, together as the two head board of directors of the company, they are gonna expand the company just as wide as this piece of land.

Beauty tearing up: ‘I want to help but I don’t know if I will still be here.’

Teepope not noticing her tears:’Why do you say that? Our lives has as just began.’

Beauty looks up at him. ‘Because our lives our uncertain. One day, I will have to leave.’

Teepope all confuse. ‘Where are you going?’

Beauty tearing:’To be a bird maybe.’

Teepope lets out a sigh of relief:’That is nonsense Beauty. You got me all shocked.’

He notices her tears and softly calls her name. ‘Beauty, Beauty.’

She tears up some more and faces him .

Teepope:’Why are you crying?’

Beauty:’Nothing, the glare of the sun is stinging my eyes.’

Teepope like a gentleman: ‘let me see, you are really crying.’

 photo lehnangfahep214_zpse4ff045c.jpg
Teepope touches her chin:’Beauty, do you remember what I used to do when we were kids and you cried? Do you remember?’

She shakes her head ‘no’.

He takes her arm:’If we were kids, when my Beauty cried, I would do this.’ –don’t you just love it when he claims her, Beauty kong P’Tee.

He pinches her cheeks. Aw!

Teepope teases her softly back and forth:’A beautiful person doesn’t cry, a beautiful person doesn’t cry.’

She laugh cries. Aw.

 photo lehnangfahep213_zps56c456fd.jpg

He gently pulls her in for a comforting hug. So perfect, can I have you? Gosh. They pull away slowly and she looks up at him and says to herself:’I love you na. But you don’t love me, you love someone else. I will never get a kiss to lift the curse from you.’

He looks at her:’Beauty, what is wrong? You can tell me. You are not alone in this world, you have me.’

 photo lehnangfahep211_zps64997dde.jpg
He touches her face: ‘whatever it is, you can tell me. You are not alone anymore.’–what is this, a declaration? You best take responsibility for what you say Mr. Man. He gives her a forehead kiss and I died a little with happiness.

 photo lehnangfahep217_zpse236a42c.jpg
He wipes her tears away, not like a brother but as a lover. This guy is awesome, he genuinely cares for her whether in her bird form or human form. He is a good guy.

 photo lehnangfahep215_zpsd3309091.jpg

It had to end here. Why!

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Leh Nangfah Ep 20: They kissed! Wed, 11 Jun 2014 03:49:42 +0000  photo ep204_zps6c76dfcb.jpg

But it has to be in her bird form. Sighs. The thing I hate most about this series is the lack of movement in the romance department. Geez! Let them be together already, my gosh we are on episode 20. Their interaction is very passive, get with the program people, he likes her, she likes him. A few episodes back and in yesterday’s episode, Beauty complains that Teepope only shows his love and tenderness to her bird form but not when she is human. Aw. You like her guy, stop doing push-ups and sit-ups to avoid your true feeling and stop talking to the bird, tell her how you really feel. He is projection all his affections for Beauty to her bird form. Kinda confusing.

His pseudo- girlfriend Oun, or whatever their relationship is, I don’t get them. It’s like they are not even in a relationship, he is clearly  not interested. They have no chemistry. Good, cause that is not his soul mate, bratty Beauty is.

At least the kiss, at least she finally realized she likes him. Finally! Something major happened. They keep teasing us every week.

Let me tell you, I am really digging DJ Push as Teepope right now, guy is like blowing me away with his first lakorn, first performance as an actor. His chemistry with Vill, out of this world. I like them together, I like their interaction, they make this lakorn work. In general, the Teepope character is not  your typical d-bag pra’ek, he is a good guy, a gentleman, respectable. He doesn’t mistreat our nang’ek Beauty, he guides her, he teaches her at the same time teases her. You know in some lakorns, the pra’ek can be a little (majorly) abusive–verbally and physically and we are suppose to buy into this crap that he does out of love. The Teepope character is a good chap, I like him. I would totally date him.

You know what I realized, total fan service, DJ Push must take off his shirt in every episode or have a shower scene in every other episode. It’s part of contract for this lakorn, must take off shirt in every episode. Total fan service from Exact productions.


 photo ep202_zps6f34cd73.jpg

As Teepope is talking to the bird Beauty, Oun is starting to realized his true feelings for the real Beauty. Yea, time to move on little lady. He gives more attention to the bird than his girlfriend, kinda hilarious and sad at the same time.

 photo ep203_zps61b5d4d7.jpg

This is how I watch this series, fast-forward to the DJ Push and Vill scenes, the rest I ignore. There is no substance in it. As usual little bird Beauty flies over to Teepope’s house to check out what he is doing.

She comes in, he tells his cat to scatter and he whines that Teepope sees the bird better than the cat, she complains back at him saying, he doesn’t at all. Whenever he sees her, he yells and yells.

He notices her chirping and teases: ‘you’re a little nagger aren’t you?’

Then he feeds like always. ‘Come on it’s delicious.’

She eats it.

Teepope:’If Beauty knows how to listen like you, it would be good.’

Bird Beauty:’Well with my mouth so full, how am I suppose to talk?’

Teepope:’what is this, you argue back? Huh? I bet you’re Beauty’s bird.The next time, I am going to secretly follow you and see if you are with her.’

Bird Beauty:’More than be with her, I am Beauty. Look at me carefully, I am Beauty.’

Teepope:’You are just like Beauty, always making me worry.’

Bird Beauty is touched. ‘You worry about me?’

Teepope:’You come, you go, you disappear, one minute nice, the next evil. You can’t keep your emotions in check.’

Bird Beauty:’What? You are saying I am crazy?’

Teepope sighs:’If you are like this, how will you manage the company?’

 photo lehnanfahep205_zps156d665d.jpg

Bird Beauty:’Don’t think too far, the next month, I don’t even know if I will still be human. By the end of the month, will I be able to lift the curse?’

He notices her somber state. ‘Ow? All of a sudden you are acting all dramatic. What are you sad about? What is wrong with you.’

He brings her in for a hug to comfort her. Damnit, I want to be a bird! ‘Let me see, are you done crying.’

He then kisses her forehead. He kisses the bird but they show the kiss in her ‘human’ form.

He such a nice guy!! I want him. Sighs.

 photo lehnangfahep20_zps8a15bbce.jpg photo lehnanfahep203_zps7b3d1f03.jpg

She kisses him back.

Teepope:’Hey, you kissed me. You love me ha?’

Bird Beauty:’I think I like you.’

 photo lehnanfahep202_zps81b656f7.jpg photo lehnanfahep204_zps54d4872e.jpg

He kisses her back. Aw….screams!

He excuses himself to take a shower. She touches her lips. ‘The curse will be lifted by a kiss from the man I love more than my life.’

Sadly, the goddess reiterates only in her human form not her bird form can the kiss lift her curse.

Bird Beauty:’Only in my human form, how am I going to receive a kiss from you? When you don’t love me, you only love the bird Beauty.’–oh sweetie, he like totally loves you. Don’t lose hope!

 photo ep201_zps5c1a11bb.jpg

That night, like many nights before, she spends the night with him.

Bird Beauty as they are sleeping: ‘I love you na. But you don’t love me.’

He notices her crying and comforts her. ‘Beauty, why are you crying. Come here, don’t cry.’

He places her on his chest and pats her tenderly.

Bird Beauty:’I am probably not the girl you are dreaming about. In your dreams, there is only that whiny Oun. Within one month, you won’t like me (romantically). Even longer to a year, I probably won’t have hope.’

He hugs her tighter. She tears up in his arms.

 photo lehnanfahep207_zps72ba5a89.jpg

The next morning, she forgot to go home before she changed to her human form. She finds herself sleeping beside him, in his arms to be exact. He has got to be one of the most heaviest sleeper ever, he sleeps through it, even when his alarm clock beeps.

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Lakorn TV ratings for April 7-20, 2014 Wed, 23 Apr 2014 03:23:33 +0000  photo birdy_zps1b2aca60.jpg

Tik and Anne’s lakorn ‘Forget me not’ dominates while Ch7 lakorns continue to struggle. Ch7 might see success with their new horror lakorn ‘Susan Kon Bpen’ it rose by 1.4 point by the second episode. If not they might hurry it along and find a new lakorn to air. Unlike Ch3, if a lakorn is not a success, they quickly end it.

Monday-Tuesday April 7-8, 2014
Ch3′s Look Tat (Child of a slave):8.4 / 8.9
Ch5′s Leh Nangfah: 1.1 (first episode) / 1.9
Ch7′s Sapai Hua  Daeng: 6.5 / 7.1

Wednesday-Thursday April 9-10, 2014
Ch3′s Yah Leum Chan (Forget me Not): 9.1 / 10.0
Ch5′s E-Sa: 1.8 / 1.8
Ch7′s Haang Kreuang: 7.8 / 7.7

Fri-Sat-Sun April 11-13, 2014
Ch3′s Cubic: 10.7 / 10.4 (Finale)
Ch3’s Kuan Kaan Tong Gub Gang Por Pla Lai (Spinsters vs Casanovas): 6.2 (first episode)
CH7′s Payu Taywadee (Storm of the gods): 7.7 / 8.0 / 9.4

Monday-Tuesday April 14-15, 2014
Ch3′s Look Tat (Child of a slave): 9.9 (finale)
Ch3′s Fai Ruk Plerng Kaen: 6.3 (first episode)
Ch5′s Leh Nangfah: /
Ch7′s Sapai Hua  Daeng: 5.9 / 7.2

Wednesday-Thursday April 16-17, 2014
Ch3′s Yah Leum Chan (Forget me Not): 9.1 / 9.5
Ch5′s E-Sa: 1.7 / 1.9
Ch7′s Haang Kreuang: 9.8 (Finale)
Ch7’s Kom Payabat: 7.7 (first episode)

Fri-Sat-Sun April 18-20, 2014
Ch3’s Kuan Kaan Tong Gub Gang Por Pla Lai: 6.6 / 6.3 / 6.3
CH7′s Payu Taywadee (Storm of the gods): 11.9 (Finale)
Ch7’s Susan Kon Bpen: 9.2 (First episode) / 10.6

Source: Thaidramaratings

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Leh Nangfah Ep 6: Teepope is starting to like Beauty Wed, 23 Apr 2014 02:45:22 +0000  photo lehnangfah1_zps33f9aac7.jpg

I like this guy, I like him a lot. For a newbie, for his first lakorn, DJ Push Puttichai Kasetsin is doing well and having an amazing chemistry with his co-star Vill Wannaros Sonthichai. The plot of Leh Nangfah can get a little boring, but when Vill and DJ Push is onscreen, I get excited. I enjoy the the push and shove and the bickering. These two have a lot of chemistry and I hope to see more romantic scenes of them together. We are on episode 6, and there is still no drastic development in their relationship, just bickering.

Did anyone notice or is anyone watching?We got Teepope played by DJ Push showing signs that he has been harboring feelings for bratty Beauty played by Vill Wannaros since they were kids. In his quiet, annoyed way, Teepope is protective of Beauty. I get the feeling he wants to be the big man in her life. When they were kids he used to be a cute fatty and he was bullied by her, she called him ‘four-eye fatty’. My thought is since he secretly liked her, when she started teasing him about his chubbiness, he never got over it even as an adult.

Near the end of episode 6, so cute. These child actors are so adorable, I want to punch someone. They were in the flash back sequences, showing that Teepope probably liked Beauty since they were little.

Currently  we got Beauty being trained by Teepope on how to manage the company, he is forcing her to work from the bottom up and making her write daily logs about her experiences. In one of her entries, she writes the workers are divided, there are some hoodlums that work in this company, causing ruckus and she admits she is being bullied but she fights back. Teepope asked how can she fight back when she is just one person against many, Beauty tells him, she relies on her supervisor Bah Seenuan (Aunty Seenuan) for protection. Teepope is baffled, earlier Beauty had complained Bah Seenuan was too strict and yelled at her often. After working with her, Beauty brags and praised Bah Seenuan as the most sincere and compassionate person in the company. ‘Yes, she yells but only yells when you have done wrong. But I have never been angry with her. Bah Seenuan is very sincere–the most adorable person ever!’

Hearing this, Teepope smiles a little, deep down he knows underneath all of Beauty’s brattiness she is a sweet girl. Seeing her grow as a person, he is starting to become mesmerized by her. He remembers when they were kids, he had a puppy and she was a afraid to pat it. He assured her: ‘Don’t be afraid, I won’t let it bite you.’  Little Beauty complains to chubby Teepope how she wants to raise a puppy too but her father refuses to let her. Chubby Teepope promised to find her a puppy if she gets permission from her father to have one. ‘Really? You promised?’ she excitedly asked him.

‘Yes, really.’ He replied and she hugged him and praised him ‘you are the most generous person on this planet.’ So cute. And he is like all proud and touched by the compliment.

Adult Teepope remembers this moment fondly. Adult Beauty doesn’t notice he is off in la la thinking about the past.

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Toey Jarinporn transforms for Praew magazine Wed, 16 Apr 2014 04:09:21 +0000  photo toeyjarinporn-01_zpsfb167a95.jpg

Something different, a new look for ‘Toey’ Jarinporn Junkiat as she takes the cover of Praew fashion magazine for their 2014 May cover as a tatted up feather headdress wearing maiden. The theme is American western, native american–extremely different from her usual mix of cute and fashionable attire. She was barely recognizable in this photospread.

 photo toeyjarinporn-03_zpsf7d0a97e.jpg photo toeyjarinporn-02_zps763d03d6.jpg

Do you dig it?

Source: Kapook

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