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Actor Oil Thana is gonna be a father soon

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Didn’t he just get married. So many people getting married or have gotten married since last year, I can’t keep up. Oil Thana married his former air-hostess wife Ter last November 2013 and now they are expecting their first child. They are having a girl, but Oil does not want to disclose the due date. He wants to keep that private. Good for him for easily conceiving a child, so many people have been struggling. Oil have been getting advice from his friend and bandmate Lift Supoj about having kids. Lift married first and has a daughter.

Kinda funny yesterday I was watching an interview clip of their wedding on youtube.

Source: Kapook

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Aum Atichart is getting hitch April 14, 2014

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Not having a traditional wedding, no wedding parade to the bride, no large party of people, only 10 members of their closest love ones. It is a private affair held during the Songkran festival on April 14, 2014 at their  bridal house.. The press will NOT be allowed, they will released their own pictures to the media as discuss earlier in previous interviews. Aum Atichart and Nat Myria plan to start a family soon, they had told her mother they will try to conceive soon after they marry. They want her mother to have a grandchild. Nat joked she is 25-26 years old, she doesn’t want to have a baby past 30. Everyone roared with laughter, Nat is heading towards her 40′s.

They are not calling it a wedding ceremony, it will be a laid-back event having dinner and taking photos.

They have no plans on signing a marriage certificate at this moment.

Aum:’We have not thought about it (marriage certificate). That day we might signed our marriage certificate. We haven’t decided what day we will.’

As for the dowry, Aum did not gave an exact moment. ‘It is an amount that will take care of us for the rest of our lives.’

Nat:’The time we have been dating, Aum has always taken good care of me. I am confident today and so forth, he will continue to be good to me. I have no amounts for the dowry because the thing we created together and the things he has given me, I think is sufficient.’

Much happiness to this couple. Everyone deserves love and happiness.

This is Aum Atichart’s first marriage and Nat Myria’s second. She was once married to resident bad boy turned devoted father Tao Somchai.

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Bie Sukrit featured real life celebrity couples for MV

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Singer/actor Bie Sukrit featured 3 real life celebrity couples from 3 generations for his new music video for his latest single ‘Rak Tae Plae Wa ter (True loves mean you)’. The first couple is Khun ‘Et’ Suprawat Patmasut and his wife Nut Neranut of 40 years, though they have been together for a long time, their love for one another has not change. They represent senior soul mates. Khun Et Suprawat was recently featured in ‘Samee Teetra’ on Ch3, playing Ploy Chermarn’s grandfather in the series.

The second couple is actress/producer ‘Aom’ Piyada Akarasene and her husband ‘Art’ Sara Jutharattanakul with their daughter nong Nava, they are the cozy adult couple with a child.

The last and third couple is script writer/actor ‘Ter’ Chantavit Dhanasevi and his long time girlfriend actress ‘Peak’ Patarasaya Krousuwansiri. They are the fun young couple.

Each couple had a moment where they discuss their relationship, what it is like now.

In the video Khun Et asked, ‘how long have we been together…I will tell you…’ He points his wife, she answers: ’40 years this year.’

Art looking at his daughter Nava: ‘In the beginning our love wasn’t like young love, it was fun and rowdy, we just had fun together without worries. At this point, if we are going to have fun, we have fun with 3 people. We became ‘us’.’

Peak narrates: ‘If you’re gonna date, you have to be happy (have fun) together. When you’re not happy, you won’t stay together.’

Khun Et:’Our Love is not like jit jut like when we were young, it’s more like a concern among people who are getting older.’

Aom narrates:’Our happiness now is to see her laugh, smile, cry, it has become the thing that makes us happy, it energizes us to contend with the outside world.’

Ter:’When you have someone who is complete in every way come into your life, it makes your life better. From now on, you are no longer lonely, you have someone beside you.’

Khun Nut Neranut:’Along with understanding, forgiveness, feelings for that person, you also have to have personal time from each other.’

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Gybzy Wanida transform into Mae Nak in horror comedy

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Thai sexy vixen and singer ‘Gybzy’ Wanida Termthanaporn transform into the ghost of Mae Nak for the horror comedy ‘Mor 6/5 Pakma Ta Mae Nak)’ from Phranakorn Films. The film instantly reminds me of Mario Maurer and Mai Davika’s highly successful ‘Pee Mak’ from last year, also a mock comedy centering around the ghost story of Mae Nak. Can’t really say much about this new film, after watching the teaser, I don’t find it funny at all. It’s like a mockery, of a mockery, of a mockery–a few noted on youtube that producers should have waited until moviegoers had a chance to forget about ‘Pee Mak’, maybe in like 2 years. They are trying to ride on the success of ‘Pee Mak.’

Nonetheless, the film did wonders for Gybzy Wanida transformation to Mae Nak complete with a pregnant belly. As Mae Nak, she was unrecognizable from her usual self as being one of Thailand’s top sexy vixen posing provocatively in magazine covers or doing the sexy song and dance for her girl group ‘Girly Berry’ and her solo singing venture with Baitoey for the song ‘Don’t Cha’.

‘Mor 6/5 Pakma Ta Mae Nak)’ in 3D  comes out on April 10, 2014 around the Songkran Holiday.

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DJ Push in ‘Lay Nangfah’ is bubbly

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I kinda like this new fella, ‘Vill’ Wannaros Sonthichai’s co-star DJ Push Puttichai Kasetsin for their upcoming lakorn ‘Lay Nangfah (Trickery of an angel)’, he seems like a good guy teasing his  animal co-star in the behind the scenes look of their lakorn.

Pointing to the ‘superstar’ cat at the 17:25 time mark: ‘You’re gonna help me work huh? I am not sure if this cat is happy or just lazy. I am really not sure. Before after we finished filming, it was just still. Staying just like that. Not going anywhere! Staying still, being very cute. Honestly I want the cat not to transform into a bird. Hey no, I want the nang’ek to not transform into a bird but into a cat. Being a bird, it’s too chaotic. One moment, it’s flying there, another moment flying somewhere else. I think transforming into a cat, staying still, it would be the best thing.’


Lakorn TV ratings for March 17-30, 2014

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It is no surprise Samee Teetra did well in the ratings last Thursday with the revelation that Khun Seewa is Pueng’s baby daddy. The drama, the fighting! I was hooked! Producer Anne Thongprasom has a hit on her hands.

Monday-Tuesday March 17-18, 2014
Ch3′s Look Tat (Child of a slave): — / 6.7
Ch5′s Kum Nang Kuan: 1.4 / –
Ch7′s Jao Sao Salatan (Stormy Bride): 12.9 / 14.8

Wednesday-Thursday March 19-20, 2014
Ch3′s Samee Teetra (Marked Husband): 10.3 / 11.1
Ch5′s E-Sa: 2.2 / 1.8

Fri-Sat-Sun March 21-23, 2014
Ch3′s Cubic: 8.2 / 8.3 / 9.5
CH7′s Payu Taywadee (Storm of the gods): 10.3 / 10.1 / 10.7

Monday-Tuesday March 24-25 2014
Ch3′s Look Tat (Child of a slave): 5.9 / 6.3
Ch5′s Kum Nang Kuan: 1.0 / 1.2
Ch7′s Jao Sao Salatan (Stormy Bride): 13.0 / 15.3 (Finale)

Wednesday-Thursday March 26-27, 2014
Ch3′s Samee Teetra (Marked Husband): 12.5 / 14.3
Ch5′s E-Sa: 1.7 / 1.7
Ch7′s Haang Kreuang (Dancer): 8.2 / 8.1

Fri-Sat-Sun March 28-30, 2014
Ch3′s Cubic: 8.8 / 9.2 / 10.4
CH7′s Payu Taywadee (Storm of the gods): 9.9 / 8.9 / 9.2

Source: Nielsen , Thaidramarating