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Lady Gaga doesn’t need a nose job

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Lady Gaga is engaged to a guy whose hometown is in my area. The topic of them came up at work last week, it was all fine until someone had mentioned she was ugly and needed a nose job and her zany outfits doesn’t help her appearance. I was not part of the conversation.

Fine, those are your opinions and they are objective to your preference but to say someone needs a nose job I thought was MUCH. I am not a Lady Gaga fan, I do listen to some of her music. I will never attend a Lady Gaga concert. Her outfits are out there but she is an entertainer, as a person who is interested in the varied and unique style of Japanese street fashion (you know those fashion statements are colorful and nutty), I am not provoked by Lady Gaga’s meat Flintstones’ styled dress or anything she wears. To me, to be different and to do it well deserves a compliment. Lady Gaga”s outfit don’t look cheap, they are different but well made.

I don’t understand the judging between women against other women  or the body shaming. She looks ugly in that, she is too fat, too skinny, she needs a nose job, she needs to work on her thigh gap, she is wearing this and that wrong, she needs that done to look better. Excuse me? No wonder DOVE put out a campaign to help women accept oneself, to boost women’s self-esteem and I thought good golly.

When I look at someone, I see them. I rarely think oh she is ugly or she needs this done. Or her outfit is jacked up. I have never been targeted but to be around women who superficially bash other people on how they look and wear, it’s draining when you don’t really care and you wish they had their mean girl festivities far from your  hearing range. You gotta love those ladies who had to share that some girl’s pants makes her look fat and you’re all stupefied because you saw the same girl earlier and you didn’t think much of it.

Unless for medically reasons, I don’t see the necessity of plastic surgery. Getting a nose job to help you breath better, yes, if that is such a thing. Getting a nose job because you want to look like a certain celebrity, get out of here. NO.

I don’t understand the compelling need to look like anything other than what you genetically inherited.  There are certain days when I feel ugly, but there are more days when I don’t even think about my looks.


When did my self-worth depended on my INCOME?

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As I am doing my taxes, I realized my income is only sustaining my current lifestyle but not to grow. It worries me a little and I find it somewhat humiliating. I have always thought at this stage in my life, I would have gotten it together by now. I am an adult only by AGE. That is not a good thing.

This is not a complaint as I am not enduring any type of financial hardship–I have no debit (just a car payment), no late payments, no credit card issue. My credit score is impeccable and people tend to be shock on how high it is. I am responsible and pay my bills on time ALWAYS. My checkbook or my phone app checkbook is always balanced to the last penny. I have savings. In every sense, I guess you can say I am in control. I know what I can afford. No one tells me what to do with my money. I don’t ask others for money. I have never asked my parents for money.

I don’t worship money. I don’t care about the bling-bling, fast cars, big houses, luxury brand purses. Glitz and glamour–is just not my style. Hair tied up, Gap baseball cap, comfortable pants, t-shirt,  sneakers, a bottle of aqua, hiking up a trail I am happy.

It’s not really about MONEY, the status of having money, bragging rights, or what you can get with money per se–higher income means more freedom, more free will to do as you please. There are constraints of being poor that I equate to immaturity, LIKE being a dependent child to a parent. You have no say, you are cornered by your parental unit since your survival depends on them. At this age, I shouldn’t feel immature.

Not having enough limits your options not just for useless material things–for your safety, for your food choice, your health, your action to do the things that will make  you happy–or that emergency financial blow to your bank account eating up a few grand. That happened to me last year. Medical emergencies.

Another blow is my income is NOT from something I love.

This is not a rant, just a thought. This is something I don’t agonize over but occasional I do think about. I don’t want to be taken care of EVER, I want to take care of myself.


Fun Fueng Ep 17: The deception is revealed!

  photo funfuengep1770_zps064c98c7.jpgMaybe I should starting singing the Big Byung song ‘Oh my Stress’, everyone is stressed by the lie they created except for Vee who is completely in the dark about everything. E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G! But he stressed out too since he believes his beloved mother despises the woman he loves and possibly the woman he loves might not go through with the engagement since she is being stressed out by his mother.

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Fun Fueng Ep 17: The proposal and kiss

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I have been watching Fun Fueng (Impossible Fantasy) the 2014 remake off and on, fast-forwarding some scenes. When more focus is on the love conflict between servant girl Vilairuk and the driver Artit, I start to lose interest. She is whiny and he is just too naughty. That boy is trying to get away with too many things and he somewhat immature. When DJ Push and Jui come on scene, it’s game time. I just love them together, I just gush that he is so sincere, so madly in love with her that he is willing to defy his overbearing mother. The mental abuse he has had to endure by his moms, it’s A LOT. You gotta give him credit for NOT lashing out at her.

Let me to honest with y’all, I feel bad for the guy, the Khun Vee character–He is getting screwed left and right by everyone he knows. His mom knows, his dad knows, his servant boy knows that the woman he loves is deceiving him. Actually planet earth knows, she is pretending to be Montha, the servant girl when really she is Montheera, the mega-rich socialite his moms be trying to marry him off to.

This is the calm before the storm until the truth is expose they have a moment together and he proposes.

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Aom Sakaojai getting married after 12 years

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Thai stars and their long term relationship before getting married–this is not an atypical occurrence, after much success in their careers Thai stars tend to stay in long term relationships before they get marry. Actress Aom Sakaojai Poonsawat, the nang’rai we love to hate is finally getting married to her boyfriend ‘Ae’ Atit Siphaplearn after 12 years of dating.  The couple has decided to marry on December 25, 2014–hey Christmas.

Aom shared some of her pre-wedding photos on her instagram. Can  you guess her age because this woman is in her forties and looking fantastic. I think a few of us need to go running and take some Pilates to look that good.

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Pinky Savika has married

I have been out of the blogging game for awhile, heck my Mae knows more about Thai celebs than I do nowadays, I didn’t know Aff and her hubby Songkran are expecting, and Kim and Mark Prin are dating, a lot of things happened. Drama. Janie supposedly getting beat up by her now ex-husband and I was like say what.

Marriages, break up dramas, and babies- the full circle of life, tons of Thai celebs are popping out little ones.

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