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Ann Alicia must feel old standing next to Nadech

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Bringing back the old days when Nadech Kugimiya was a foot shorter than  ‘Ann’ Alicia Laisuthruklai, like where did this picture come from–Nadech as a kid standing next to the fresh face Ann Alicia. You look at Nadech and Ann, it’s hard to believe they have a 12 year age difference. He will turn 22 this year and she is 34. Besides getting taller, Nadech hasn’t changed much.

Source: Kapook


Ann and Puri’s Phuket wedding


Another wedding reception for Ann and Puri, this time at their special spot in Phuket province among their closest friends. It’s a two day event from December 1-2. They look really happy like this is their real wedding. Much happiness to this couple and all the other Thai celebrities who married this year.

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Ann and Puri’s wedding presentation is sweet

It gives us a glimpse of the ups and downs of their relationship. They dated for years and then broke off and then got back together. Their wedding presentation gave us an overview of their relationship, it seemed genuine and sincere not a production but a tale of their love story. It’s sweet.

The theme is ‘This is the beginning of our journey’

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First few pictures of Puri and Ann’s engagement


I keep forgetting, Thailand time is a day ahead of the east coast US. Just a few hours ago, actor  Puri Hiranpruk and actress ‘Ann’ Alicia Laisuthruklai’s got engage in front of close friends and family at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Bangkok. Ann wore a traditional Thai style cream and pink dress and Puri wore a cream colored suit with stellar looking tan dress shoes.

The couple will hold their wedding reception at the same hotel the Mandarin Oriental Hotel on November 15, 2012. They will hold a third event for their wedding at the Nakha island in Phuket province on December 1-2, 2012.

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Ann and Puri will marry in October

A follow up on this young couple, ‘Ann’ Alicia Laisuthruklai and Puri Hiranpruk have a date for their wedding–October 11, 2012– a Thursday because both were born on a Thursday. They have booked a hotel, the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Bangkok. I swear, everyone gets marry there–from Aff to Nana to Noon. Nearly everyone.

‘We have booked the hotel, the Mandarin Oriental, but everything else we have done nothing,’ said Ann.

Their plan is for October 11, 2012 if nothing changes, but it could change to be the engagement that day and the reception another day. Puri and Ann are aiming for a day event instead of two.

Ann is a sociable girl and has many girlfriends but her choices of bridesmaid are limited, many of her friends have married–Nana, Woonsen, Paula Taylor–all married. You can’t be a bridesmaid if you are married.

The couple wants something simple to start off their life together and nothing over the top.

Ann:’I want it to be simple, nothing over the top. To start a new life you want it to be simple and relaxed and not wasteful.’

Since it is 5-6 months away, they are not too worried about it, but Puri did mentioned one concern–no flooding like last year. Knock on wood.

They do have something planned for Phuket, a private ceremony among 100 of their closest friends and family–it would be like their dream wedding said Puri.

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Ann and Puri getting married by the end of the year


Damn. Another Thai celebrity couple takes the plunge–“Ann” Alicia Laisuthruklai and her long time beau of 6 years Puri Hiranpruk are gonna get hitched this October 11, 2012. Good for them,  they seem truly in love and I am all for that.

Ann and Puri had been looking for their auspicious day from many places, they all said around May. After May, there wasn’t any auspicious day for them to wed.  Puri then suggested getting marry near the end of the year, it would be a convenient time for him. Their elders found the date for them, a Thursday on October 11, the only day available to them.  Interesting enough, both Ann and Puri were born on a Thursday

They have started to plan their wedding, looking at hotels, planning when to do their engagement ceremony and when to have their reception. Ann wants a traditional Thai engagement ceremony in the morning and a typical nightly reception.

About having kids soon after their wedding, Puri said he has to discuss it with Ann first. Having kids is on the table but when is another discussion.

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