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Boom’s younger man

Thirty-five year old  “Boom” Panadda Wongphoodee is dating a much younger man–superbike racer “Tingnote” Thitipong Warokorn. He is 13 years younger than her and they have been dating for 4 months. In this short period of time, Boom has considered him to be the one because he takes good care of her and they have a lot in common. O-kay. Dang, he’s younger than me, I must be getting old and I’m not even thirty.

As one netizen wrote at gossipstar website: “Once he took off his sunglasses, I couldn’t accept it.” Sorry to be a B, I would agree.

Some of the comments at gossipstar were pretty harsh, one wrote that Tingnote looked like a mentally challenged person and with a face like his, he must have money to get a woman like Boom.

“Tingnote or Tingtong (meaning to be freakish), with a face like his, he’s definitely rich, otherwise who would have him.”—that was wrong. Looks aren’t everything.

Others gave Boom encouragement, ultimately it is her life.

While there were those who didn’t care about his looks, they did care about the age gap between Boom and Tingnote.

“The problem doesn’t lie on whether he is handsome or not but the huge age gap. Don’t say that age doesn’t matter. The truth is it is very important. If they marry, this kid would have an opportunity to meet many other women. Think over it well Miss Thailand, this might end again. Hur, just to be dating for 4 months, you say he is the one.”

Source: Gossipstar


Prayer/Opening ceremony pictures for “365 days of love”

Prayer/opening ceremony for Ken and Anne’s lakorn “365 Wan Haeng Ruk (365 days of love)”, because I’m lazy, you can read the plot line for the lakorn here.

Usually, the prayer/opening ceremony takes place before filming begins, but in this case, filming has been in production for a while now. They did it in reverse.

Ken explaining the lakorn in the video clip, “For this series, I’ll be more mature, an adult. Their love is like soulmates, they will live together like a couple. Problems will arise like what married couples have to face.”

Anne:”I can’t explain it, it’s kinda like reality. She (her character) has a family that is dysfunctional, not very happy. Thus it makes her insincere about her relationship with her boyfriend. She fears he will cheat on her. She is exaggerating the whole thing, in reality, she has a good husband. But lack of trust complicates her life.”

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Boom shows off her body to encourage women

Oh please, lets face it you only did it for the moolah and your dwindling career. To encourage women, ha!

“Boom” Panadda Wongphoodee posed in various bikinis for “Poo Ying (Woman)” magazine for their March 2010 issue because she looks good and to encouragement to women who are in their 30s, have kids, and are not thin.

“The opinions (about her sexy magazine cover) was very good. I’m not a person who is thin, I’m a  thick woman, but I’m firm. It’s encouragement for many women who one, is over 30. Two, has kids already. And three, has a busy work schedule. They can not make an excuse for themselves now and say that they can not be beautiful too.”—woman, what are you talking about, you got lipo, like we don’t know. And, you make more than the average Thai career woman and it seems to me like you’re unemployed. Where is the lakorn, yo? I’m sure you have a lot of free to run to the gym 3-4 times a week.

Boom will continue to pose sexily in bikinis for magazine covers until they stop offering. “As long as they will hire me,” says Boom. “I believe they are still respecting me since they believe I’m still marketable. They like something unusual and continue to hire me (smiles). As a result, it is good for me too, it makes me take care of myself .”

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Top Awards 2009 winners

Ken got two awards Best Actor in Film and Lakorn, it was a big year for him. His wifey must be proud.

Top Lakorn-“Jaew Jai Rai Gub Khun Chai Taewada”
TOP ACTOR (Lakorn)-Ken Theeradeth for “Soot Sanaeha (A recipe for Love)”
TOP ACTRESS (Lakorn)-Anne Thongprasom for “Soot Sanaeha (A recipe for Love)”
BEST SUPPORTING FEMALE ACTRESS (Lakorn)- “Cheer” Tikumporn Ritthapinan for “Checkmate”
BEST SUPPORTING MALE ACTOR (Lakorn)-Pongpat Wachirabunjong for “Prajun See Roong (Rainbow Moon)”
BEST RISING STAR ACTOR (lakorn)-Pachara “Fluke” Thammon for “Tomorrow, I’ll still love you”
BEST RISING STAR ACTRESS (Lakorn)- Tarn Kanya for “Mia Luang”
BEST DIRECTOR (LAKORN)-Teerapon Jiewcharoen for “Jaew Jai Rai Gub Khun Chai Taewada”
BEST TV HOST-Panya Nirankul
BEST GAME SHOW-Ching Roi Ching Lan
BEST RISING STAR ACTOR (FILM)-‘Kao’ Jirayu La-ongmanee for Prang 5 (5 Phobias)
BEST RISING STAR ACTRESS (FILM)-“Pat” Angsumalin Siripattarasak for Bangkok Traffice Love Story
TOP DIRECTOR-Adisorn Trisirikasem for Bangkok Traffic Love Story
TOP FILM-Bangkok Traffic Love Story
TOP ACTOR (FILM)-Ken Theeradeth-for Bangkok Traffice Love Story
TOP ACTRESS (FILM)-Marsha Wattanapanich for Prang 5 (5 Phobias)

Compare the results from last year here,

Pictures from the event from various sources.

Pinky Savika; Jui and boyfriend New

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“Thorn Rose” given the light of day

I thought it would never air considering that Ch3 kept delaying its air date and possibly wanting to scrap the whole project all together. Originally, it was intended to air around the same time as Aff and Aum’s lakorn “Burnt Sugar (Namtan Mai)” but Ch3 elders pushed it back until now. Finally, “Dan” Worawech Danuwong’s lakorn “Kulap Son Nam (Thorn Rose or A Rose’s Hidden Thorn)” is given the light of day this coming Friday, January 22, 2010, if kapook.com got the date right.

The plot of ‘Kulap Son Nam” reminds me a lot of Kob and Chakrit’s lakorn “Game of Vengeance”, an elder sister going crazy after her younger sister commits suicide because of a broken heart. After her sister’s death, she seeks revenge on the people who cause her sister to die. It’s similar to “Game of Vengeance” with a misunderstanding twist.

Dan, in this series, is Paron. He’s in love with Panapha (Bow Chotima), a young volunteer school teacher, his father Pakon (”Num” Santisuk Promsiri) disapproves, so he runs away with her to live in Mae Hong Son, a province in Northern Thailand. Somehow his father along with his older brother Phurinot (Oil Thana) convinces Paron to come back to Bangkok to get engage to Rujira (Paeng Panchanida). If he does so, they promise to stop interfering with his relationship with Panapha. Paron agrees.

When Paron is giving Rujira her engagement ring, Panapha sees them and is shock. Panapha runs away after making eye contact with Paron and he chases after her in order to give her an explanation that he is doing this for their relationship. He never caught up with her because in his hurry, he was not cautious, and was hit by a car. From the accident, he becomes paralyze and experiences memory lost.

Believing that she has been tricked and made a fool by Paron, Panapha decides to kill herself and also the baby inside of her. When her older sister Palilai (“Ae” Issariya Saisanan) learns of her suicide via the news, she is devastated to the point of going crazy. Panapha’s father Prart (Thon Jakkrit) suffers a mental break down when he learns of her death.

From Panapha’s suicide letter, Palilai learns that Panapha committed suicide because of a broken heart. She felt deceived by Paron–why did he start a relationship with her when he already had someone else? The letter makes Palilai hate Paron and it makes her want to take revenge on him. So she does.

She learns from Nuna (Oh Petlada), her best friend, that Paron was in an accident and is about to be release from the hospital to be taken care of at home. Nuna has been hired as his permanent nurse. Palilai takes the opportunity of knowing Nuna to her advantage for revenge. She pretends to be Nuna and goes to Paron’s home to be his permanent nurse. Her plan is to make him fall in love with her to teach him the disappointment of love and trust and to make him remember Panapha.  As she is building a relationship with Paron, Phurinot (Paron’s older brother) falls for her too, secretively.

Fast-forward through the summary because I’m lazy to translate it completely, Palilai learns the truth that  Pakon and Phurinot were the ones that caused her sister to die, not Paron, she starts to feel guilty for what she is doing. As Palilai is uncovering the truth, Paron regained his memory and remembers everything from his past with Panapha. He is devastated about what happen and is completely angry with his brother and father for causing a rift between him and Panapha. The one thing he doesn’t know yet is that Palilai, the person he loves now, is Panapha’s older sister. His brother Phurinot learns of Palilai’s identity first and decides to kidnap her to his family’s vacation house as punishment for trying to deceive his younger brother Paron. You know what is going to happen next–> r-scene. I’ll leave the story at that. Don’t want to spoil myself and you.


Longer Teaser:

Boom Panadda plays a house maid who is having an affair with Pakon, Paron’s father.

Oil and Ae are the pra’nangs.

Some might find this interesting, there is an incest twist to the plot but it turned out to be false. The lead characters are not related but they thought they were. You wanna know which one? Should I tell you guys?

More pictures here.


Tack wants to eat Boom

Ew. Tack go take a shower and learn how to choose your words wisely. Or better yet, learn to keep your mouth shut. He yaps way too much with the press.

Not that I really give a who or anything, hasbeen lakorn actor “Tack” Paranyoo Rodjanawuttitham and “Boom” Panadda Wongphoodee are ‘seeing’ each other. Weird. She is like a loony mamasita with a child and Tack is like a 12 year boy eager for attention. It’s a train wreck waiting to happen.

Tack said he has known Boom for 5 years now; they met on a lakorn set.

“Really, we are close. I’m not lying. She is a special person to me. We have known each other for 5 years. We use to act in lakorns: ‘Soi 3 Siam Square’ and ‘Sapai Part Time (Part-Time Daughter-in-Law)’ together. Since then we have not kept in touch. Fast-forward to recently, I saw her at an event, I wanted to know  how she was doing, so I called her. We became close because of soccer. She is crazy about Man (Manchester United) and I’m crazy about Chelsea, thus we were able to talk to each other.”

“Are relationship right now is much more than a sibling relationship. Is she the person who knows my heart or not? I don’t want to answer that. If you’re asking whether I’m revealing myself, I am coming forth with sincerity. If people saw us together at a store, we did go together because that day I had to buy a necktie, so I brought her along to help me pick.”

“As for myself, I am ready to develop a relationship  with her to be my girlfriend. I’m not serious. It all depends on the future, we have to get to know each other continuously. I don’t fit a type, whether you have to be this or that. One day, it might be a reporter, who will know?”—I think he is on drugs because he is downright confusing.

Reporters then asked Tack whether he mind being a young grass being eaten by an older woman for fun, to which he answered:

“Is P’Boom eating a child or I am eating an elder, I think this way is better (laughs). Though P’Boom is hard to chew, but she still delicious. I like her because she is more educated than I am. Right now, I’m learning radio and television. She is able to teach me because she has experience in those areas. Whenever I have something, I can go seek advise from her. I’m a child and she is an elder. Another thing, I have been out of the academic arena for a while now. If I have an issue with my studies, I can go to her. A person who is smarter than us, we must go to that person.”

-‘To eat someone’ is a playful term meaning to want or have someone sexually.

Tack doesn’t care about their age gap nor does his family.

“P’Boom, she is a very adorable person. She has an upfront personality. She once told me, she liked me because I was crazy. Really, I am crazy. My family have not said anything. Shetold me, okay, if there is anything, come to her because she knows more than I do.”

Again, weird.

Now we have the comments from Manager news website, readers did not find Tack’s blatant interview amusing.

In English, someone wrote this: “He’s such a douchebag!”

One person asked Tack to be more considerate and think before he spoke. Boom does have a daughter.

“Khun Tack,you should have consideration for Boom’s child. Before you give an interview, learn to think just a little, that would be great.”

More comments mocking Tack and Boom:

1.”From the sentence:

‘Is P’Boom eating a child or I am eating an elder, I think this way is better (laughs). Though P’Boom is hard to chew, but she still delicious.’

I think they ate each other already, FUNTONG”

2.”It would be great if they stay together, then they don’t have to endanger other people.”

3. ” Little boy Tack, if Khun Boom is really an intelligent woman, she wouldn’t have chosen a stupid boy like you. But she chose you, which proves that she is more stupid than you are. You have failed in finding an intelligent woman.” —this is my favorite comment. Love it.