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‘Nan’ Chalita Fuengarom is engaged


Everyone is getting married this year, from minor actors to big time stars, Everyone. Because it is the year of the RABBIT? Someone told me that. Former nang’ek ‘Nan’ Chalita Fuengarom is one of those individuals, she was officially engaged this morning to her boyfriend ‘Men’ Thonwat Dutsadiwichai. The couple will have their wedding ceremony at the Madarian Oriental hotel in Bangkok on March 25.

Take note of who is at the engagement ceremony–‘Joy’ Rinlanee Sripen–possibly Nan’s future sister-in-law. Joy is rumored to be dating Nan’s actor brother ‘Nott’ Vorarit Fuengarom. Their father is veteran actor Toom-Chalit Fuengarom and their cousin is May Fuengarom.

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Joy’s beautiful bare face

Not many can pull this off, some women have this big tendency to hid under the covers of make up, they cake on layers of foundation to hid their flaws. Once the make-up is off, they look like the bride of Frankenstein. Not our “Joy” Rinlanee Sripen, she is beautiful underneath it all–big sultry lips, flawless skin, she is simply stunning.

Joy and Mai Davika preparing for a fashion show back in September, I have been meaning to post these pictures for the longest time. She is not too shabby standing next to the much younger19 year old Mai Davika Horne when Joy is turning 33 this coming November and I thought she was younger.


2nd Annual Nataraja Awards 2011

The Nataraja Awards 2011 just finished airing a few hours ago on Ch5. Everyone looked great, BEAUTIFUL. No one was lip-synching when they had to sing the nominated best lakorn songs. Singers from the Star franchise, KPN franchise, and selected AF kids were grouped together to sing the songs. It was a live performance that bedazzled me, it was like a mini concert with all these talented young Thai singers.  I was blown away.

The duet between Gam and Patcha for the song “Pler Ruk Mot Jai (Absent-minded Love)” from the lakorn “Dok Ruk Rim Tang (Roadside Love Flower)” was one of the highlights of the show.

Though the show was beautifully orchestrated, it was a little off , Ploy Chermarn was not there to accept her Best Actress award for the lakorn ‘Rabam Duang Dao (The Star Dance)’, Ken Theeradeth had to awkwardly accept the award on her behalf. Ken presented the nominees and named the winner Ploy Chermarn but she never came up. There was an odd pause where Ken stood to the side waiting for Ploy to come up. Then he realizes she is not coming, so he had to accept the award on her behalf with a chuckle.  There is a whole discussion about this at Pantip. The first annual Nataraja Awards was amazing–this year,  some complained it lacked ‘ dara spirit’ because some of the nominees did not attend. ‘Chai’ Chatayodom Hiranyatsathiti and Ploy Chermarn won but did  not attend. “Aff” Taksaorn Paksukcharean and “Aum” Patcharapa Chaichuea who were nominated in the Best Actress category did not attend, it was quite noticeable too. For the Best Supporting Actor award, only one nominee was present, Puri Hiranpruk. It was really off.

Ken accepting Ploy’s award starts around the 5:20 time mark.

Winners in the lakorn category:

Best song: “Hai Ruk Dern Tang Mah Jer Gan (Let love met)” from the 4 Hearts of Khun Kao Yai Ch3
Best Visuals: Wanida on Ch3
Best Lakorn series: 4 Hearts of Khun Kao Yai on Ch3
Best Editing: Neua Mek (Beyond Comparison) on Ch3
Best Costume Design: Wanida on Ch3
Best Ensemble Cast: Malai Saam Chai (The Garland of 3 Men) on Ch5
Best Artistic Direction: Malai Saam Chai (The Garland of 3 Men) on Ch5
Best Script: Malai Saam Chai (The Garland of 3 Men)
Best Director:Pa-oon Chantornsiri for Malai Saam Chai (The Garland of 3 Men) on Ch5
Best Supporting Actor: ‘Chai’ Chatayodom Hiranyatsathiti for Sai Asoke on Ch3
Best Supporting Actress: “Kik” Suwatjanee Chaimusik for Sai Asoke on Ch3
Best Leading Actor: ‘Captain’ Puthanate Hongmanop for Malai Saam Chai (The Garland of 3 Men) on Ch3
Best Leading Actress: Ploy Chermarn for Rabam Duang Dao (The Star Dance) on Ch3 by Polypus
Best Lakorn: Malai Saam Chai (The Garland of 3 Men)

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Winners at the 25th TV Gold Awards

There is so many categories from sportscasting to kids shows, honor awards. So many, 40 categories. I’m just gonna translate the winners for the lakorn category and music video, I think these two are the ones we really care about it. As expected, Ploy Chermarn won again in the best actress category and she dressed beautifully for the occasion. Tik fans can rejoice, he won also.


Best song: “Hai Ruk Dern Tang Mah Jer Gan (Let love met)” from the 4 Hearts of Khun Kao Yai, Ch3
Best lakorn for society: Mor Hong Won on the Thai PBS channel
Best artistic direction: Wanida on Ch3 by Thai production
Best Script: Fai Amata on Modern 9
Best Director:Pa-oon Chantornsiri for Malai Saam Chai (The Garland of 3 Men) on Ch5
Best Supporting Actor: Om Akapan for Prajan Lai Payak (Tiger Striped Moon) on Ch7 from Polypus
Best Supporting Actress: “Joy” Rinlanee Sripen for Wanida on Ch3 by Thai production
Best Leading Actor: “Tik” Jesadaporn Pholdee for Wanida on Ch3 by Thai production
Best Leading Actress: Ploy Chermarn for Rabam Duang Dao (The Star Dance) on Ch3 by Polypus
Best Lakorn: Wanida


Best Popular Music MV: “Namta Khang Nai Samong (Don’t Cry)” by  Dan WD ft. Way Thaitanium, Sony Music
Best Country Music MV: “Meu Dai Si Kit Hot” from Tai Oratai, Grammy Records

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Nott is not dating Joy for the moolah

They been together for a while now, a year now or more, though they have not flat out admit they are seeing each other, it’s obvious. They’re adults, they want to keep their relationship long-lasting and out of the public eye. Occasionally we hear them talk about their relationship but they try to avoid the questions and  tend to keep us guessing. So “Joy” Rinlanee Sripen and “Nott” Vorarit FuengArom are dating.

Celebrity couples are loved by ‘event’ organizers and magazine editors because it sells. Lets face it, we the public are nosy little buggers who want to know who is dating who, who is ‘gik’ with who, who is married to who, and how many kids do they have. Because of the public’s curiosity, this couple like many other Thai celebrity couples are getting offer to do ‘event’ gigs and to appear on magazine covers together. Both Joy and Nott have been rejecting these type of offers because as Nott said, they are not dating to make money.

“There have been offers to do couple gigs, but we have not accepted them. It’s not that we don’t want to, it just that it’s not comfortable. Both of use are not comfortable with it. It doesn’t feel like a waste. I’m not using this opportunity to make money. We are not seeing each other to make money, if we are really seeing each other krap. I don’t think it is necessary. Lets get an opinion from another person, it’s best I don’t say anything.”

They won’t be doing a magazine cover or spread together anytime soon because Nott hates taking pictures. Jokingly, he said he hated his ugly face.

This past New Years, the status of their relationship became clearer (more obvious) when they were sighted together at Nott’s resort in Chanthaburi province. Nott admits they were there together. It was a 5 day vacation with their families. “There was my dad, my mom, and Joy’s family. We went to relax during the New Years because other places would be too chaotic,” said Nott. Their relationship must be serious, they are taking family vacations together already.

For Valentine’s Day, Nott doesn’t have an idea what he is going to get Joy. There is still several days till then, said Nott, he has time. He wants to surprise her, he said.

Source: manager


Joy Rinlanee and Nott Vorarit are dating

Sorry Oil Thana, you’re out of luck. She has moved on.

Previously Nott Vorarit admitted to be seeing Joy Rinlanee, now, Joy is following suit. They probably chatted about it first before they talked to the media. Either way, they are stating the obvious. Yes, we all know you are seeing each other. Rumors swirled about Joy and Nott since the filming of “Moonlight Crown”, almost a year and a half ago.

“We’re getting to know each other continuously (laughs) but it’s not like…hey…we have to be boyfriend and girlfriend. We are talking ka. If you asked if we go to places together more often. No, my mother is there, of course, he comes along. He is not a stranger. Before he courted me, we used to go out to eat, we did a show together. There was a whole group of us. There was P’Pootern, P’Gik, who I did a show with. Now, we go occasionally, but it’s not special, it’s not just the two of us.”

Have you been more open with each other? “Well, we are talking more. If I was to call him my boyfriend, I need a little more time.”

To change the status of a friend to a good friend, do you feel awkward about that? “No, I don’t (laughs). I’m not a shy (awkward or easily embarrassed person). I feel the same. I don’t feel oddness at all. We talk to each other the same way. Thus, we are not awkward towards each other.”

Is he your type? “Not at all (laughs). I don’t have a type. And, I’m not his type also. We have known each other for a long time now, if I was his type, he probably would have asked me out back then.”

Since you have known him, has he changed? “It’s the same.”

Has it been sweeter? “As for myself, I’m not a sweet person. If someone becomes sweet with me, I think it would be a tad bit strange. “

Is your family okay with it? “Truthfully, my family is clear with everyone I talk to, it doesn’t have to be a boyfriend. I’m a homebody. For that reason, who ever goes to my house, it’s a typical matter. Now if I was to go out anywhere, that would be odd. Because I’m always in the eyesight of my mother, my elders. Everyone I know, we all know each other (meaning knowing her mother too), even if that person is courting me.  We all know each other. To come to house, they would typically see my mother.”

Did you go anywhere during the Songkran festival? “I went to do buddhist merits at my house in the province for 1 day. Then, I stayed in Bangkok, that’s all.”

Your love now, have you thought about the future yet? “My love this time? About that (laughs). I haven’t thought about marriage. Even to now, I haven’t thought about marriage yet.”

Is your mother concern? “She is not concern. My mother is not the type that says…hey…my daughter is this age, she has to get marry or else she is odd. I think women in this age can take care of themselves. We don’t need someone to take care for us. The era has changed. “

Have you talked about this with Nott? “I don’t think we have reach that stage to talk about marriage (laughs).”

Do you fear he might not be able to wait? “I’m not afraid. I’m passive about it. He can talk or break up with me. I say we are independent of each other. “

So you are keeping concealed? “No, it doesn’t have to be like that. To have him as my boyfriend, it doesn’t mean there is a happy ending. It’s not like that. Everyone has their own opportunities. The one is the one. Not the one is not the one. I’m not serious in regards to…hey…I have someone ka. It’s not like that.”

Do you think Nott will feel upset you said he wasn’t your type:”I’m not his type also. People have their dream guy or girl, but dreams and real life aren’t the same. We may like a Korean singer, but our significant other is not even close to being like that. He might just look  very Thai. I think it’s not about looks, it’s about understanding more so.”

Right now, you’re talking each other the most? “Well, there is no one else I’m talking to (Laughs).”

So the chances of him being a boyfriend is high? “I can’t say. It’s continuous.”