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Kaew surprised Pong on his birthday last month


If you follow Thai entertainment news, you have probably seen this, pictures of ‘Kaew’ Jarinya Sirimongkolsakul preparing a birthday surprise for her much older boyfriend Pong Nawat. It was the second week of July–his birthday is on July 10th.

His thoughts on the surprise:

‘It was kiddish, very cute (shy smile). She did that for me I was happy. She didn’t have to do it, but she did, I was delighted. That day, I went to go eat with her like normal.  Normally, I go up to see her in her room. She lives in a condo with her mother, I didn’t go to see her for anything bad. But that day, she told me not to come up–to go to the pool. Right away I knew she did a surprise for me (smiles). As for the gift, she brought me a shirts from a brand we both like. It’s very cute. I don’t want her to buy anything too expensive, it’s best if she saves her money.’

Pong said his girlfriend is maturing and age isn’t a factor in their relationship. ‘Our feelings for each other is still the same, she has matured more and her way of thinking is getting better. Age is not a factor or an issue for us. We are like any other couple, we have problems–there is misunderstandings, typical things–there is arguing, it’s the time to get to know each other–to adjust our thoughts to come together. The issues that we have are like tests that must come continuously, we are not in a rush. We are getting to know each other. We are slowly getting to know each other.’

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Pong surprises Kaew with flowers at her concert


Well their love is strong, much older guy Pong Nawat surprised his much younger pop star girlfriend ‘Kaew’ Jarinya Sirimongkolsakul with flowers at her FFK Aholic concert Saturday May 26, 2012.

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Pong Nawat and 19 year old Kaew FFK

She is the ‘K’ in the girl group FFK (Faye, Fang and Kaew), she is young, 19 years old, has a leading role in ‘Bangkok Kung Fu’ and oddly she is being linked to Pong Nawat, a 30-something lakorn actor. What?

Well at least it is not as shocking as learning that Ben Chalatit is gay and has been dating his long-time boyfriend for 8 years and they plan to start a family together with kids. That was totally unexpected and he lived an open gay lifestyle too. His family knew, but the whole world meaning the media and the public did not.

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