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Kwan weeping beside her deceased father

It’s heartbreaking to see these pictures of Kwan Usamanee weeping beside her deceased father during his bathing ceremony, one of the first steps in a Thai funeral. As part of the ceremony, monks, relatives, and friends pour scented holy water on the right hand of the deceased individual, and a thread is then passed three times each around the hands, toes, and neck, symbolizing the bonds of passion, anger, and ignorance. I have done it but never understood the concept.

Roughly 2 days ago, Kwan’s father Kasem Phulakert was found dead in a parked car near an eatery–cause of death, lack of oxygen.

At her father’s bathing/watering ceremony more than 700 people which included her fanclub members, other celebrities, singers, and Ch7 executives came to honor her father’s passing. The funeral will span 7 days from September 23-29. On the 29th, his body will be relocated to a temple in Tha Rap, Phetchaburi province where it will stay for about a year.

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Memory Loss in Kwan and Win’s new lakorn

Yea, it wouldn’t be a lakorn without one. Eh…whatever, it’s not going to stop me from watching it.

On September 15th, Siamdara invaded the set of “Theppha Jamlaeng (the God of Deception and the Goddess of Disguises OR Masquerading Love)” as they were filming the romantic beach scene in Hat Bang Saen. Siamdara conducted an interview with the leading couple of the lakorn “Kwan” Usamanee Waitayanon and Tawin Yaowapalakul and learned there will be a memory loss plot line near the end of the lakorn. Good Grief, lets hope it is brief like half of an episode.

The interview:

How filming at the beach of Hat Bang Saen?

Kwan:”There will be guk-gik (being very playful and overly affectionate) and mood scenes, it won’t be sweet, it will be intense.”

Win:”There will be 2 parts. At the beginning, they will love each other very much, then there will be a big misunderstanding. I will be mad at her and she will try to confuse me.”

Win, you will have to play a person who suffered memory loss right?

Kwan:”Yes, there will a memory loss [plot line]. Then he will pretend [to suffer from amnesia] to get back at me for deceiving him.”

Win:”It will be towards the end when I suffer from memory loss. But at the beginning part, I will only tease/pretend.”

For this role you have to portray a playboy?

Win:”Just about. I have to be a playboy–morally unacceptable, a womanizer who tries to charm everyone.”

Kwan:”He is a man that all women desire–he’s good-looking, rich, talented, owns a company, and has skill in this lakorn na (laughs).” Kwan is mixing the lakorn character with Win.

How many lakorns have you done together?

Win:”Roughly 3 lakorns, this will be our 3rd. I don’t get excited anymore. When I did my first scene, Kwan was the one who taught me many things.”

Kwan:”You shouldn’t call it teaching, they call it helping each other. What I mean is in terms of advice. P’Win has helped me a lot in other areas. He’s extremely good with technology, he is very trendy with hit. He is person who is updated about it. He is always bringing new games to play on set.”

By what percentage has filming been completed?

Win:”About 90%, the first episode will air on the 25th, there won’t be more than 10 queues then we can close the set.”

Kwan:”Actually I heard vaguely that filming might end today (laughs).”

By the conclusion of the interview, Kwan and Win hoped everyone will follow up on their lakorn.

Kwan:”Please follow up and watch this lakorn na ka. This series is one series that we are coupled together. However, don’t be bored with us just yet. I promise this lakorn will be very fun.”

Though I’m looking forward to this lakorn, it is by Kantana productions. Not the greatest lakorn production company, sometimes they bore me. Seriously they do.


Kwan says thank you for watching my lakorns

This is amusing, Kwan is caught smoking at her university and then threatened her friends not to tell the media. Kwan caught smoking is not amusing, how she answered the media was amusing.

The article from Thairath about Kwan’s smoking:

She can never escape bad rumors, lately “Kwan” Usamanee Waitayanon is rumored to be a lion who blow smokes at her university and in addition to that, she has threaten her classmates if they tell, they are gonna get it. Once asked, Kwan quickly cleared it for us to listen to. “Me smoking a cigarette, that is just a rumor ka. It’s nothing much. News like this, I’m used to it. Whether I’m going up to a condo with a Sia (usually a name reference for rich old dude); everything has been said about me,” answered Kwan.

There is a rumor that you threatened your friends (classmates) that…if they told the media about your smoking, you would slap them. Reporters are too funny.

“I think you have been watching way too many lakorns. (Smiles) Thank you for watching my lakorns.” You know she said it sarcastically, Kwan is probably annoyed at this point.

Next question, do you think it was one of your friends who told the media?

“If people are really friends, if someone has done wrong. They wouldn’t do this. I believe my friends would not do this. Not just this issue, every issue na ka. I’m not a perfect person 100 % of the time, but I don’t have friends who are like this.”

Maybe someone at the university dislikes you.

“Different view, they have the right to say whatever they want, and I have the task of answering your questions.”

Do you feel disheartened by this type of rumors?

“News like this are light before I received worst. It has made me immune to it.  However, I don’t want it like before, quiet like nowadays is better.”


Kwan smoking

I have always wanted to see these pictures for some reason, pictures of Kwan smoking a cigarette.

Years ago, Kwan was caught in a scandal about smoking and also being underage while doing so. She was sixteen at the time. She said they were powdered fake cigarettes. I don’t think anyone believed her.

I wonder if these are the same pictures. Not judging, I was just curious.


Min is copying Kwan

It wasn’t her fault, rather it was the fashion director for TV inside magazine’s fault. Min Pechaya was featured on the cover of TV Inside magazine for their June 2010 issue in a red-white polka dot dress, a replica of “Kwan” Usamanee Waitayanon dress worn on the over of OHO magazine for their January 2008 issue. For that cover, Kwan posed with Dome Pakorn to celebrate 2008 year of the RAT. Though the style is different, the themes are the same, both are cute darling/polka dot dresses.


Anniversary party, YO!

Seven young stars: Kao Jirayu, Aof Chanapol, Ying Ploypapat, Kwan Usamanee, Rotmay Kaneungnij, Namcha Sheranut, and Grand Phanwarot appeared on the “Wan Waan Yang Waan Yoo (Everyday you’re still sweet)” variety show hosted by Aom and Pa for their 6th anniversary episode airing today. They sang, they danced, they looked at childhood pictures of themselves, they had cake, it looks as though they had a good time. I might watch it, though rarely do I watch Thai variety shows.

Haha Aof, Kao is gonna be taller than you pretty soon.

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