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Mew Lalita to return in ‘My Darling Mother-in-Law’

‘Mew’ Lalita Sasiprapa is returning to the small screen once again in the upcoming romantic comedy ‘Mae Yai Tee Ruk (My Darling Mother-in-Law)’ by Maker J productions and ‘Nok’ Jariya Anfone–the people who recently gave us ‘Mia Taeng (Wedded Wife)’ with Rome and Chompo Araya.

For this lakorn, Mew will be taking on the  young mother or the young ‘mother-in-law’ role. She is playing a woman who is 35 years old, married to “Kong” Saharat Sungaprecha, and has a daughter who is 20 years old. Do the math,  she got pregnant when she was 15 years old. Chakrit Yamnam, the pra’ek (leading man) in this lakorn is her future son-in-law. As seen from the fitting photoshoot, she doesn’t take to him very well, she probably hates him for being an older guy who likes her young daughter.

It’s a remake.

Source: Khaosod


Top Thai leading actresses with nearly naked men

Raised eyebrows or it’s your kinda thing–nonetheless you can’t deny it was beautifully done and the ladies who participated look smoking hot. The concept for Image magazine’s December 2010 concept is Greek mythology meets Roman warriors.

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Mew Lalita is not doing “Pim Mala”

Mew Lalita, beloved veteran actress from many memorable lakorns from the 90s, will not be returning to the small screen any time soon, since she has rejected the role in TV Scene’s upcoming lakorn “Pim Mala”. The lakorn  possibly pairing off Aum Atichart and Ploy Chermarn together, so odd.

Mew, her husband “Kong” Narabadi Sasiprapha, and her two boys Ethan and Plankton have been spending more time out of Bangkok.

“We have a house in Cha-am, we have been there since a year ago. I live my life alternating between the provinces and Bangkok. I have turned into provincial person, I don’t accept work as much as before. Occasionally I film commercials and do photoshoots for magazines. My children love living over there. They love living life naturally. Because we live in Bangkok, it was very chaotic. For the holidays we would go there. When school ended for vacation, we would go, so they love spending a lot of time there. However they are still studying in Bangkok. Traveling is not difficult, we just go back and forth.”

Though there has been rumors that Mew Lalita was returning to lakorns in TV Scene”s upcoming series “Pim Mala”, Mew is no longer accepting the role. She apologized to Khun “Pin” Natnan Chawiwong, head honcho of TV scene, she does not feel ready to return to lakorns.

“At first Khun Pin did contact me, now I’m not sure. I would have to apologize to Khun Pin, I’m not ready to accept [the role]. Though this time around it was not true, don’t feel regretful. Next time I will come back  for sure if I find a lakorn that is suitable for me.”

Though she won’t be in the small screen any time soon, Mew does have a film coming out by the end of the year, the film “Mahasajan Lek Noi (Little Miracles)” by Pattaya Films.

Mew and her husband Kong at an event for Samsung, more pictures here.


Praew magazine 30th year anniversary

…fashion show and award event. I honestly don’t know who won what, I been trying to track down the info for a while now. The event was held at Central World this passing Saturday September 18.

Just enjoy the pictures. Everyone looked great and it just seem like everyone was there. The make-up, the fashion, the shoes, just FLAWLESS. I am referring to what they wore to the event. The fashion show, I felt the style sense was a little off for the guys. What the ladies wore looked fantastic!

Noi, Mew, and Anne, beautiful looking women.

It looked like a fun event, everyone knew each other intimately. Look at Mam McIntosh chatting with Mew Lalita, it looks like a fun conversation they are having over there.

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Mew Lalita, when she was young

A comparison picture of Mew Lalita, her husband Kong, her 2 sons: Plankton (Eldest) and Ethan when they were young.Plankton takes after his father while Ethan looks like Mew. He inherited her farang traits.

Presently, Mew and her boys. Cute.


ELLE fashion for LIFE

Pretty darn cool! Several Thai celebrities are taking part in the “Elle Fashion for Life” campaign, an HIV/AIDS benefits campaign aiming to create a new life for people who are living with the HIV virus. There will be a concert, a fashion show, and a magazine spread in Elle magazine to raise money for the benefit. Part of the proceeds earned from these events will go to the “Positive Partner Project”(a community development group) and also to Dr. Mechai Viravaidya aka “Mr. Condom”, the man who popularized the use of condoms in Thailand. He has promoted safe-sex and the use of condoms since the 70s.

The magazine spread in Elle magazine will come out this month and the concert will be held some time in June 2009.

Ken Theeradeth, Mew Lalita, Ananda Everingham, Dome Pakorn Lum, Tata Young, Pancake Khemmanid, Chompoo Araya, “Cindy” Sirinya Burbridge, Thanachai “Pod” Ujjin, Sunny Suwanmethanon Mario Maurer, and Nat Myria are few Thai celebrities attach to the project.

Pictures from the magazine spread…

Cindy is the woman lying down. Tata Young with her arms up. Dome is looking mighty scary hiding under his red leather jacket. Sunny surrounded by artists I don’t know.

Nat Myria is standing next to a weird guy. Pod is sandwiched between Chompoo and Pancake. Ananda looks lonely and wearing a red knitted beanie. Mario is sitting with a girl that I don’t recognize.

–Do click to enlarge, the photos are amazing. I love the red in contrast with the black and white.

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