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Big Ass lead singer is dating actress Nat Nattasha

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Twenty year old actress ‘Nat’ Nattasha Nauljam from the teen rock flick ‘Suckseed’ by GTH is dating the new lead vocalist for the Thai rock band Big Ass, ‘Jeng’ Daycha Konalo. He is roughly a decade older than her and some Big Ass fans describe him as looking like King Leonidas of Sparta played by Gerard Butler in the 2007 American action flick ‘300’. It’s his haircut.

Most recently, Nat surprised Jeng with flowers at an event for the band’s 7th album titled EP Dan Neramit. Originally he had thought she wouldn’t be able to make it because of filming for her lakorn for Ch7. In the end, she came and surprised him with a bouquet of white flowers and he posted it on his IG with the caption that read:’Thank you for the surprised today na krap @nat_nattasha I was really surprised.’

They are seeing each other and are not using the term ‘boyfriend and girlfriend’ yet.

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Favorite scenes in SUCKSEED!

Been waiting since I heard about it, it’s been a couple of months. I was not disappointed.

I was disappointed in ‘Love Julinsee’, I did not understand that film at all, near the end with  ‘Kao’ Jirayu La-ongmane and ‘Mo’ Monchanok Saengchaipiangpen’s segment about love between two friends, it got ridiculous. Two best friends decide to take their relationship to the next level, they decide to date. The guy is all into the relationship, he is open and cheerful, he tells everyone they are dating, he even craved their names with a heart on a wooden bus bench to which I thought was cute. She, on the other, was embarrassed and yelled at him, ‘why do you have to tell everyone? Aren’t you embarrassed?’ The girl was rather confusing, she initiated the relationship and he was doing what is expected of him, being a doting boyfriend.

The part when he  kissed her on the bench when she was napping, she became defensive. ‘Are you satisfied?’

He lend back and apologized, ‘I’m sorry.’

She then asked, ‘why did you kiss me?’

I was taken back by that question and Kao gave an answer I would have given. ‘Because we are boyfriend and girlfriend, everyone is doing it.’

She charged back with: ‘your concept of being a boyfriend and girlfriend, do we have to kiss?’—what? Well yea, in America, we do.

Kao’s character is all confuse, this is his first girlfriend and his first kiss. “Well, it wouldn’t be damaging. Have you ever kissed anyone?’

“Then What?’ She snapped back at him.

“I just wanted to know.’ He replied. She then implied that he should have asked her something else, like if she had slept with anyone. That girl has a lot of insecurity issues. She had no trust in her best friend who became her boyfriend. She automatically assumed he was a hot-blooded guy who wanted her for one thing, it’s starts with the letter ‘S’.

She starts yelling at him even after he said, ‘you are misunderstanding me.’

‘You date me, you love me, or maybe you just want.’  Hey gal, you’re totally going off track. To me, it could have been such a beautiful moment, but she ruined it and made him cry.

SUCKSEED  made me laugh and here are two of my favorite parts in the film.

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The kids of “SUCKSEED” on the cover of Hamburger magazine

The film “SUCKSEED” by GTH succeeds according to Thai audiences. Last week, it topped the Thai Boxoffice making 21.3 million baht over the March 18-20 weekend. Though it did not beat “LOVE Julinsee” premier weekend earnings of 25.5 million baht, the reception by Thai audiences has been more positive, more discussion, more urges to go watch the film. I have a feeling in terms of overall earnings, Suckseed will succeed in the long run over Love Julinsee. After the first week, Love Julinsee’s box office earnings dropped by 80.9 % making only 5.6 million baht for its second week.

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SuckSeed Teaser out

The teaser to GTH’s new film “Suckseed”, a teen comedy directed by newcomer ‘Moo’ Chayanop Boonprakop starring Kao’ Jirayu La-ongmanee, and 3 new faces ‘Peach’ Pachara Chirathivat,  ‘Earth’ Thawat Pornrattanaprasert, ‘Nat’ Nattasha Nauljam. It is set to roll out in Thai theaters nationwide on March 17. The story centers around two best-friends shy guy Ped (Kao) and the obnoxiously outrageous Khung (Peach) as they form a band to attract girls and to prove themselves to everyone around them. Eventually they will compete for the same girl played by Naet. 

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Kao is a shy guy in his new film “SuckSeed”

It’s their final year of high school and they have a lot to prove in the Thai film “SuckSeed” about 2 band members aiming to compete in the hard-rock “Hot Wave Music Awards”, a no-joke battle of the high school bands competition. Back in 1996, Bodyslam then known as La-oon took first place at the competition and is now one of the top rock bands in Thailand. A decade ago, the now broken up rock band Clash competed and also won first place at the competition.

In the film, ‘Kao’ Jirayu La-ongmanee is playing ‘Ped’, a young man driven by his love for ‘Earn’ played by newcomer ‘Nat’ Nattasha Nauljam. She is described as narak (cute, lovable) and like an angel to our shy guy Ped. Earn taught Ped the meaning of love for music, she once told him, ‘when listening to a song, it is like having a friend beside you.’ Earn loves rock music and guitar hero. Under those bland blue and white Thai school uniforms, she is a hardcore rocker chick at heart. Our young man Ped starts getting into rock music, starts playing an instrument (a guitar), he wants to transform himself from an ‘ai yae kee aai (spineless shy guy)’ to a ‘rocker’ just for his secret crush Earn.

Ped is friends with Khung played by ‘Peach’ Pachara Chirathivat. Khung lives in a house that is a pawnshop. He has a personality that would make him the ‘idol’ of the school, but he is overshadowed by his twin brother Kay who is the better student and is oddly better looking than him though they look exactly alike. I love in the synopsis they put ‘even though they look alike’ in parentheses after they described how Kay is better looking than Khung. Poor kid. Most importantly, Kay is a guitarist in a band that has been chosen to compete in the “Hot Wave Music Awards” competition. Kay’s ‘hotness’ has turn Khung into a person only known as ‘Fah Faet Kay (Kay’s twin)’ in most people’s eyes. Poor kid again.

It’s their final year in high school, Kay’s band with Earn as their lead singer is competing in the “Hot Wave Music Awards” competition, the boys have to do something, so they form the band “SuckSeed (a play on words for ‘succeed’) to prove to everyone they are not losers and nobodies like everyone thought. Ped wants to prove himself to his first love Earn where as Khung wants to prove to everyone he is not just Kay’s twin brother. He’s someone too.

“SuckSeed” is produced by GTH and is directed by newcomer ‘Moo’ Chayanop Boonprakop. It will roll out in Thai theaters nationwide on March 17, 2011. This film is described as a teen romantic comedy.

Kao leads the pack in this film because he is the only recognizable person here, at least from my perspective. Following Kao, we have 17 year old turning 18 this May, ‘Peach’ Pachara Chirathivat. You know Peach has an older sister named Pear, she is a singer. He is the middle child and his younger sister is named ‘Pi’ or “Pie”. So it’s not so strange his nickname is ‘Peach’. After doing a little research on Peach, he is from  one of the richest families in Thailand, they own Central World group–you know Central World shopping center, like one of the biggest shopping complex in Thailand. Dear GOSH! A quirky tidbit about Peach is that he hates spiders.

Next is 17 year old newcomer ‘Earth’ Thawat Pornrattanaprasert, followed by the oldest and our lead girl in the film 19 year old ‘Nat’ Natcha Nuanchaem. In her profile, Nat stated the two things she hated the most are ghosts and liars. Her talent is singing, Thai traditional dance, and the guitar.

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