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Stars came out to support OHO magazine’s 3rd year anniversary

On Thursday night February 3rd, several prominent and minor Thai celebrities came out to support OHO Entertainment magazine’s 3rd year anniversary at Central World. There were performances by pop stars and Thai Pop Queen Marsha Wattanapanich in a see-through long black dress.

I have a feeling some were paid to be there and others came out to support their good friends. Ken and his wife Noi Bussakorn definitely came out to support “Mam” Katreeya Mcintosh because this is Mam’s magazine–Noi and Mam have been friends for years. Anne Thongprasom has known Willy personally and professionally for years, she came out to support him.

Ken is sandwiched between is off screen nang’ek (his wife Noi) and his onscreen nang’ek (Anne Thongprasom). I love his hair. Ken looks so young and stylish like a preppy kid from an all boys school.

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Khunatum is protective of his father Ken

At an event for Men’s Health magazine, Noi Bussakorn told the funniest story to the press about her son Khun (Khunatum) on how he is very protective of his father Ken Theeradeth.

“He has seen some of his father’s work,” said Noi. “Like for example, when Ken played in “Wiwa Wa Woon (Chaotic Wedding)” with Chompoo Araya and the scene where Chompoo pushed his dad, he walked over to the TV screen and told her to back off (laughs). It was very funny. I just sat there and laughed.”

The kid is 2 years old, he doesn’t know any better.

Little Khunatum likes his infant brother Chun but doesn’t know how to interact with him according to his mother Noi.

“Nong Khun wants to play with his brother na and he does try to, but he doesn’t know how. Sometimes he plays rough by bouncing on his brother with his whole body (laughs). My reaction was ‘oy’ (laughs). My goodness! Play softy. He wants to play with his brother, he wants to give him kisses, and he feels a little sensitive because he is not getting enough attention. I’m always with Nong Chun. He would walk out and watch me and then leave to go play in another room. I have to be fair, once I’m done feeding Nong Chun, I would go to the other room and play with Nong Khun. He knows what is going on, but he wants me to be with him more so. He probably thinks since he got a brother why do I have to be with him constantly. He is a child so he doesn’t understand fully.”

Nong Khun with Noi a few months ago for Praew magazine.


Ken’s son is born, where are the pictures?

Pictures pronto. I been hunting all day (actually just 10 minutes). Noi, Ken’s wifey, has given birth at the BNH hospital to a boy and he was given the nickname “Chun”. His real name is Tippatai.

Chun is a July 4th baby, it means nothing in Thailand. I live in America, it means something to me–a day off.


My baby bump is bigger than yours!!!

“Noi” Bussakorn and “Mam” Katreeya Mcintosh have a lot of things in common, both were once  VERY popular nang’eks, both are happily married, both had a boy for their first child, both are pregnant with their second child, due next month, it’s a boy for both Noi and Mam. Another thing to add  to this list is that both are featured in Praew magazine for their June 2010 issue.

Ken said the Mam and Noi looked beautiful and cute.

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It’s another boy for Ken and Noi

Look at that belly, it’s HUGE. Is she having twins? No, she is not, a single baby, a big fat boy like Khunatum. Their first born was 9lbs at birth, I wonder if this kid is gonna be MASSIVE too. It looks like it. She is only 7 months.

The media caught up with Noi Bussakorn at the event for Knorr foods. Noi is brand ambassador for the company in Thailand. The media asked her about her recent honeymoon trip to Japan with Ken for 9 days and the sex of her unborn child.

About the Japan trip, it wasn’t a honeymoon trip, Nong Khun went too.

“I wouldn’t consider it a honeymoon trip because Nong Khun went with us. We went there for 9 days, around the whole nation. We had attended to go watch the cherry blossoms, but it rained. The weather kept fluctuating. Nong Khun wasn’t too excited to see the cherry blossoms anyways. He was more excited about the trains there. When he sees one, he would say, ‘fai fai’ (laughs) every time we left the house. We would tell him, it’s time to go look at the trains, then he would get excited.”

Hows her pregnancy going? Better, she answered. She recently gained 4kg (8.8lbs).

“The day before, I went to see the doctor and  the previous month, I gained 4kg, the doctor even teased me by saying the Japanese sweets must be delicious over there. Before, I was allergic to all foods and I had problems gaining weight. Now it’s not like that. I am able to eat and everything is delicious. I had more food sickness in this pregnancy than my previous one. I have to admit that. I couldn’t eat anything. I vomited everything out. I had to be given IV. Now, I’m okay. I can’t get enough of sweets. As for my cravings, normally, I don’t eat durian, now I’m eating it. Ice Cream, eating that too. Normally, I don’t  drink sodas when I have my meals. Now I am. It’s very cool and refreshing. The doctor has told me to not gain any more weight and to go easy from now on.”

When is the baby due and is it a boy or a girl. The baby is due in July and it’s a boy.

“The beginning of July. Maybe the first or the second week, it depends. We just had an ultrasound,done, we’re having the same (smiles).”

The reporters asked if they will stop at 2, Noi said yes. She is tired. Don’t they want a girl, the reporters asked. Noi answered that it is too expensive to have kids. Two is enough. “The day before, I teased Ken on trying for a girl, he said ‘huh’ (laughs). Kids are expensive. [With this kid] we can still economized, he can used Nong Khun’s old clothes.”

One of her old commercial for the company.


Ken is the only guy model at the Chanel fashion show

Ken must of have felt SPECIAL, he was the only male model for the Chanel Fashion show for their Spring/Summer 2010 line at the Siam Paragon yesterday. Ken walked down the country barn themed catwalk barefoot in tan casuals and a granny tan jacket–so NOT masculine. Bee Namthip was his runway partner.

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