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Pinky Savika has married

I have been out of the blogging game for awhile, heck my Mae knows more about Thai celebs than I do nowadays, I didn’t know Aff and her hubby Songkran are expecting, and Kim and Mark Prin are dating, a lot of things happened. Drama. Janie supposedly getting beat up by her now ex-husband and I was like say what.

Marriages, break up dramas, and babies- the full circle of life, tons of Thai celebs are popping out little ones.

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The face of Pinky Savika’s new man

 photo paulpinky2_zpsa6612a6d.jpg
I can’t lie and say I keep up with actress Pinky Savika’s news from her false upcoming wedding to a Hong Kong businessman name Jason to their break up. I don’t know what is true or false. Did he even existed? Who knows. What I do know today is that scandalous Pinky Savika has a new man name Paul, he is Japanese-American, apparently he is rich and described as ‘handsome’. Oh.

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Khun Boy does not care about Pinky’s scandal


Pinky will get work I know from Ch8 and from ‘Boy’ Takolkait Weerawan, the boss of Exact Scenario.  With Khun Boy, if Pinky is suitable for the role, Pinky will get work as an actress, he doesn’t care about Pinky Savika’s scandal with Tanya over Tanya’s husband Pek.

Khun Boy: ‘I don’t think there is anything krap. I don’t think there has been anything? It all depends on her acting, her abilities, and her acting that will make viewers want to watch. She has proven, she is a talented actress. She has made people like her and want to watch her. I think we have to distinguish in acting it depends on talent and Pinky is a very talented person, for that reason you have to look for a suitable role for her to see if she is worth watching in it.’

Currently he is working on finding a role for Pinky, will it be intense like a nang’rai role, you have to wait and see said Khun Boy.

Khun Boy admires Pinky for her acting talents, the other stuff he doesn’t care. Pinky does not have a contract with Khun Boy. He said he doesn’t need to tie Pinky under his production company, their work relationship is clear– whenever he has a good script and a good role for Pinky, he will pass it along to her.



Pinky admits she sent the sms message

At the event for ZEN Body Sense 2012: Stories of Seduction at Central World, Pinky Savika spoke with reporters about her scandal with ‘Tanya’ Tanyares Ramnarong over the linked clip of Tanya arguing with Pinky’s mother over the sms ‘Miss you’ message sent by Pinky to Tanya’s husband. Last Wednesday August 15, 2012, we heard from Tanya and Pek from their press conference about the scandal–this past Friday August 17th, it was Pinky’s turn to share her side of the story.

All I can say is that Pinky is baffling too, she said she replied to his message out of courtesy.

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Pinky’s mother speaks about the leaked audio clip

It’s really getting out of hand.

Pinky’s mother Oi Surinya speaks about the leaked audio clip of herself arguing with Tanya Ramnarong over the ‘Miss you’ text message allegedly sent by Pinky to Tanya’s husband.

‘I am upset na. There are many people calling, I can’t accept them all. Whatever anyone wants to say, let them say it. (Have you talked to Pinky about this?) I have. She is indifferent towards it, she told me at an event she will say something. I don’t want to talk about anyone else. Everyone has their own reasoning. I have to apologize for losing senses because I can’t handle this anymore. I will be persistent in working and let time act as proof.’

‘As for the people who is giving us encouragement and are sympathetic, thank you. But right now, I want everyone to be separated in their own corners. I want it to end. Because this issue has no benefits to anyone. How we can pass this issue depends on time. Right now, I am just focusing on my responsiblities. I don’t want to fight.’

‘I don’t want anything. There are many shows that went me on but I don’t want to [make an appearance] I want this to pass as fast as possible. If there is anything just yell at me, I can accept it all. Don’t yell at Pinky. I pity my child. (We heard you have evidence.) I have no evidence of any sort. I won’t expose anyone to make a living. Even if I had evidence, I won’t do it. Why would I do it? Is this a movie or a lakorn (Thai series)? This is a person’s life. I want all the reporters to stop. I will stay in my corner, everyone else should stay in their corner.’

Pinky’s mother said she won’t hide or flee from this issue.

‘I won’t flee, I will work to earn a living. I won’t close off or hide. (Has the news affected your daughter’s work?) Work has been normal. There is nothing. I have gone through a lot–have been ruined a lot. This is not creative (fun) news at all, it’s better if you did news that have benefits. (Is Pinky stressed?) Her head is probably swirling. But she is not the type to speak. Like I said, if there is anything blame it on me. I want all the parties involve to end it. I apologize for using impolite words. I truly apologize. If I am wrong, I do apologize. At that time, I lost it. I am better now. I apologize, there is nothing shameful about that. I will stay in my corner and I believe that all the bad things will pass.’

Source: Kom Chad Luek


Tanya and Pinky are not done yet

It’s like a never ending story between these two. This morning I was reading transcript of a audio clip leak allegedly of  Tanya Ramnarong arguing with Pinky’s mother about Pinky ongoing relationship with Tanya’s husband ‘Pek’ Sanchai Engtrakul. What is so special about that guy? Pinky’s mother was not happy on the phone. Tanya accused Pinky of texting her husband most recently on August 1st, Pinky’s mom accused Pek of being a selfish man with a lot of mia nois (mistresses).

Below is the full audio of their heated conversation:

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