Which Son is g*y?

Son “Yuk” Songpaisan and ‘Son” Sonthaya Chitmanee

This is one of the most hilarious news I’ve read all week.

Currently in the Thailand Entertainment industry, there are two male celebrities named “Son”. They both work under the Grammy company umbrella. The older and the more respected Son works as a singer for Grammy records; the younger and lesser known Son works for Exact productions as one of their leading men. Exact productions is owned by Grammy.

The younger Son, whose full name is Son “Yuk” Songpaisan (leading actor from “Gaew Lom Phet”) is always in the media defending himself over scandalous rumors. He is rumored to be a certain orientation. Simply put, the media thinks he is g*y.

Older Son is Sonthaya Chitmanee of “the Stars” franchise and also a Suphanahong winner for his supporting role in “Muay Thai Chaiya”. He’s well-liked, well-respected in the community as a comedian. However, you don’t hear much about him unless he is doing a concert with his “The Star” compadres: Bie, Ruj, R, Ton, and Gaem.

At the moment, Yuk has a g*y rumor with Ice Saranyu. Yes, Ice Saranyu the singer. Someone witnessed Yuk arguing with Ice and slapping him in the middle of the road at Royal city Avenue (RCA), one of Bangkok’s largest entertainment areas. Apparently, Yuk and Ice are an item. Yuk slapped Ice out of jealousy because Ice was hitting on another guy while he was there.

I know, this sounds really ridiculous but I’m not making this up. I’m just translating it from Manager news website. Believe what you want to believe. In the end, who gives a who. Smiles.

When reporters caught up with Yuk at an event, Yuk denied he argued and slapped Ice out of jealousy. Yes, he was there that day. Yes, Ice was there too; however, nothing like that happened. According to Yuk, they hung out but they barely talked.

Yuk:“I can tell you in one phrase, it’s not true krap. That day, I went to play water for the Songkran festival at the RCA, I went to play with a group of friends from Grammy. P’Ice Saranyu is in this group. We didn’t talk, we didn’t argue, I barely know the guy. We just played water with the same group of friends.

I want to tell you all that I’m a 100 percent man and I like girls and this news is not true. Really, I want you all to know that. Actually I’m not serious about this news, I don’t think much of it. I know that these types of news will occasionally spring up. It’s not something I’m upset about, it’s something I have to answer. It’s something I have to clarify and resolve. What ever he is thinking that’s his issue, but I want to tell you all that I’m not.

Right now I’m talking to someone and it’s a woman. we’re currently in the beginning stages and it’s nothing serious. She is a woman. Her girl friends who first meet me, they would immediately ask whether I like girls or guys. I would have to tell them I don’t like guys. If they don’t believe me than just keep tabs on me because really I’m not g*y.”

Now to the funny part, in the comment section at Manager news website, there is a group of people have no idea who Son “Yuk” Songpaisan is and they are rather disappointed this article it’s not about Sonthaya Chitmanee, their ideal.

This is what they wrote.

From [I thought it was Son]:“Aw..wow..wow, this is not Son: The Star. Did I just click the wrong news?”–He received 41 approval points from other readers.

Several people replied to [I thought it was Son].

They wrote:

1->”I thought it was Son: the Star too. Then I came to read the article and I thought who is this guy? Come to think of it, I think this guy is g*y.”

2->”Me too, completely!
The name Son in the entertainment business, I immediately thought of one person, Son: The Star.
Just wondering, how is P’Son: the Star doing, I haven’t read news about him in a long time.”

3->”I thought it was “Son: the Star” too. I thought I was going to read an article about P’Son being g*y and how was that possible. I have to say, Khun Boy’s “Son: the Star” is more famous than this pra’ek.”

4->”Same here. I thought, if he was g*y, how would it be?”

5->“+1, I thought it was Son: the Star too, this guy I’ve seen his face before but never knew his name.”

6->”When I came here, I got confuse too. Pee Son: the Star (Sonthaya Chitmanee). This southerner is completely confuse, I thought it was P’Son, it should have been him. However, it turned out to be this guy. Who is this Son? I don’t know him.”

7->“I know Son: the Star from Son Songpaisan. However from what I observed, my k*toey friends they like this Son a lot. HAR…HAR!”

HAHA. Son: the Star fans are hilarious. Apparently in Thailand, no one cares for Son “Yuk” Soonpaisan except crazy fangirls.