Vintage Praew magazine cover

One of the few things I enjoy doing online when I have a slow day is going through magazinedee or sanook.com and seeing vintage Thai magazine covers, it’s fun to look at how Thai celebrities have evolve over the years.The cover above is from Praew magazine, September 2001 issue.

Left to Right-Front row, sitting down we have: Chakrit Yamnam, Aom Piyada Akarasene, Peter Corp Dyrendal (Singer/model), and Vicky Sunisa (Jai Rao).

Left to Right-Standing in the back row: Tata Young (singer), Tew Santipap Suwannapim (Lerd Hong), and Nui Sujira Aroonpipat (Num Sornram’s ex-gf)

The two people who have changed the most would have to be Tew and Nui, I can barely recognize them. They have gotten rounder, Nui in a good way and Tew not so good.