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DJ Push in ‘Lay Nangfah’ is bubbly

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I kinda like this new fella, ‘Vill’ Wannaros Sonthichai’s co-star DJ Push Puttichai Kasetsin for their upcoming lakorn ‘Lay Nangfah (Trickery of an angel)’, he seems like a good guy teasing his  animal co-star in the behind the scenes look of their lakorn.

Pointing to the ‘superstar’ cat at the 17:25 time mark: ‘You’re gonna help me work huh? I am not sure if this cat is happy or just lazy. I am really not sure. Before after we finished filming, it was just still. Staying just like that. Not going anywhere! Staying still, being very cute. Honestly I want the cat not to transform into a bird. Hey no, I want the nang’ek to not transform into a bird but into a cat. Being a bird, it’s too chaotic. One moment, it’s flying there, another moment flying somewhere else. I think transforming into a cat, staying still, it would be the best thing.’


Vill gets a new co-star in DJ Push for her new lakorn ‘Trickery of an Angel’

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Airing this April 7, 2014 after ‘Kum Nang Kuan’ on Ch5 is ‘Lay Nang Fah (Trickery of an Angel)’ starring ”Vill” Wannaros Sonthichai with newcomer DJ Push Puttichai Kasetsin. It’s a fantasy romantic comedy with angels trying to teach a spoiled heiress a lesson about life, about caring for others. They cursed our nang’ek to be a blue parakeet (bird) every night. During the day, she is human. Every sunset, she is transformed into a cute blue bird, being the pet of our pra’ek. He has a cat too. Seriously? Don’t judge me, I am going to watch it because the premise of the plot is just ridiculous. Sounds entertaining.  It reminds me of the ‘Little Mermaid’ a young woman must find true love to break a curse. The difference between these two is that the little mermaid choose her path to find her prince, to make him love her–with this lakorn, our leading lady has to learn how to love others. There are 3 criteria to break her curse. One, she must do more good than evil. Two, she must be considerate of others more than herself. Three (last one), she must love a man (her true love) more than herself. She must complete her 3 tasks in 3 months or else she will remain a bird forever.

She finds love with Teepope played by DJ Push, a childhood friend who she does not get along with. He is the son of the shareholder of her deceased father’s company. When she was cursed into a parakeet, she sought helped from her closest friends and discovered on one truly cares for her and someone is trying to bring down her father’s company. She flies aimlessly to Teepope’s home where he takes her on as a pet.

The nickname of our leading lady in this series is ‘BEAUTY’. I am not joking. Ha.

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Toom Tam in ‘Sut Sai Pan’ will infuriate you

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I have been watching Ch5′s period drama ‘Sut Sai Pan (End of a Thread) ‘ starring singer ‘Toom Tam’ Yuthana Puengklarng with ‘Vill’ Wannaros Sonthichai off and on, I don’t know if I like or not. I just know the leading man infuriates me to no end, he is an emotional guy, very forceful with his love–sometimes he comes off as a bully. Each episode, he is mad about something, there is a constant misunderstanding. The nang’ek played by Vill is clueless because her estrange twin sister has been using her name to seduce men. Oh. Yea. This is like an epic ‘nam nao’ lakorn. 

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Sudsapda magazine’s 10 most huggable ladies of 2012


By popular vote, the most huggable gals of 2012 for Sudsapda magazine December 2012 issue.

The rankings for the gals:
1.  ‘Aum’ Patcharapa Chaichuea
2. ‘Yaya’ Urassaya Sperbund
3. ‘Ice’ Preechaya Pongthananikorn
4. ‘Mai’ Davika Horne
5. ‘Noona’ Neungthida Sophon
6. ‘Min’ Pechaya Wattanamontree
7. ‘Margie’ Rasri Balenciaga
8. Kimberly Ann Voltemas
9. ‘Vill’ Wannaros Sonthichai
10. ‘Pancake’ Khemmanid Jamikorn
11. ‘Toey’ Jarinporn Junkiat
12. Cris Horwang

The odd thing was that Mai Davika and Pancake did not participate in the photoshoot, scheduling conflict? Toey and Cris Horwang had to take their place on the cover. 

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Mark Prin talks Vill Wannaros


So I am not sure what their thing is. Everyday now there seems to be some news about this couple to see if they are dating or not. They did admit they went to see a movie together but her mother was there too and a bunch of friends. Vill said because they were celebrities among their non-celebrity friends so the photographers focus in on them and did not include their friends–making it seem like they went to the movies alone.

Today at event, Mark Prin came out to say they are talking but he wants to be confident 100% before he confirms anything.

At another event, Vill had teased that Mark’s spec (type) can only start with the letter ‘M’. When reporters asked about Vill and her teasing, Mark seemed particularly embarrassed and out of the normal happy and I am sure his ears were red. When Mark gets embarrassed his ears flare up in this bright red color.

‘Vill teased that my type can only start with the letter ‘M’? I just found out about this. It’s not referring to anyone. How should I answer this, we haven’t talked about this. Most of the time, we talk about other things–how you are doing today.’

Did you think Vill was teasing?
‘Truthfully I don’t feel embarrassed by the name, I feel embarrassed from the heart.’

Will you clear this with her?
‘I will ask her about it.’

Is the letter ‘V’ okay for you?
‘I have to wait and see for that. It’s really more accidental because I get a lot of news with girls starting with the letter of ‘M’. I think you should consider it as accidental (by chance). There is nothing to be nervous about.’

Maybe she is upset about something?’
‘This I don’t know. You have to ask Vill herself. Talking to Vill is enjoyable, it’s good. She has a great personality–straightforward, cute krap. We talk. Like I said, I would ask her how was work, are you tired today.’

Is there any chance of developing this relationship into more?
‘We will see how it goes. I can’t answer that. Lets wait until we are ready then I can tell you. It’s not confident yet 100%. We will see for the time being.’

Is Vill your type?
‘Yes because she pretty and lovable. We have been talking for a bit now. I feel like she has a good personality, very lovable.’

So can we consider that you are pursuing her?
‘We are seeing each other.’

Is she the most special?
‘I would consider her a woman who is close to me. I do have a lot of friends that are girls. Are status is still that of friends.’

Will you be more cautious that people are watching you two?

‘I am not doing anything differently. I don’t feel tense about it. I just let it be.’

Mark gives the worst interview.

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Guests at Puri and Ann’s wedding


Thai celebrity weddings are filled with high fashion, high glamour. I wonder why it is not like that for Thai award shows. Everyone looked beautiful and handsome for the event.

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