Oh’s wedding

[The bride and groom always laughing]

Bebe and Bobo finally wed. That’s what “Oh” Pakjira Wanasut and her husband “Fiat” Matukorn Potwangot like to call each other. HAHA. They’re a riot together.

After 3 years of dating, the couple married to day at the Oriental Hotel in Bangkok. For her dowry, Oh received a gold weight of 200 baht, a 4 carat diamond ring, and other jewels totaling 10 carats. Though she may appear plump and some are suspicious as to whether she is pregnant, she dispelled those rumors. The couple plan to honeymoon in Italy, one of a few places Oh has never been to. They plan to start a family early next year. Fiat jokingly stated he wouldn’t mind producing 2 sons. Her mother also wants grandsons.

For their reception, the bride and groom invited 1,000 people. Good Golly!

Oh felt nervous and happy at the same time, she said unless you have gone through a wedding yourself, you can not understand this feeling. At the morning ceremony, Oh cried a lot because she was so happy.


Ken Theeradeth and his wife “Noi” Bussakorn Pornwannasirivej. They don’t match, not saying they should. However the contrast between his outfit and hers is huge. His striped white and red tie and her gold themed kimono dress, color scheme wise, they don’t sync with each other. I don’t think Ken really cares, he doesn’t seem to be the type to care about fashion. He wears whatever.

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