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Pancake and Weir should just get marry

Things are getting VERY VERY serious between “Weir” Sukollawat Kanaros and “Pancake” Khemmanid Jamikorn, there is even a rumor circulating around that Weir has moved in with Pancake and her family. Weir admits he has moved some of his things to Pancake’s house but he is not living there. It’s just for his convenience and to make him feel more comfortable at her place. “It’s normal” he told reporters.

Pancake is currently urging him to buy a house next to her family’s; however, the price tag is just too pricey for him.

She is encouraging me to purchase the house, then when I see the price, I freeze. The house is enormous.”Weir jokes.

Pancake doesn’t see it as being too demanding about the house thing. It’s equivalent to having your best friend as your neighbor, it’s a treat, she explains. Weir definitely doesn’t wear the pants in this relationship, it’s obviously Pancake.

As for the rumor that Pancake’s mother is trying to snatch Weir away from his current manager Ay, it’s false.

What he said,

“The snatching story is very funny, it’s not true, I’m still with Pee Ay. As for Pancake’s mother, she has never invited me to be under her management. Khun Mae is more my life coach and Pee Ay handles my business affairs.”

Weir has always been close with her family. Even when Pancake is not home, Weir visits her house to hang out with her father and siblings. The way they are acting they should just get marry already. Everything is already set in place, her family loves him and he sees them as part of his family.


Ken and Aff won “Best On Screen Couple” at the IN magazine Award

Our favorite Kenny boy and his leading actress Aff Taksaorn from “Jai Rao (Cracked Heart)” won big at the annual “IN magazine:Young Generation Choice 2008” awards. They took home the “Best On Screen Couple” award. They won with a total of 39 points, followed by Ann & Ken coupling for “Sawan Biang (Heaven Diversion)” with 35 points, and the pairing of Aff and Aum in “Jamleuy Rak (Defendant of Love)” came in third with 12 points.

Film star Ananda Everingham won the “Bad boy: male celebrity or singer with immense Charm” award. I know, the award categories are a little weird. Peak Patarasaya won the “Hot Girl” award.

Other winners included…
Most fragrant male (Hot Guy award)-Mario Maurer.
Hot Single– Poly Cherman
Sexy Girl– Aum Patcharapra (her 3rd year)
Bitchy baby (nang’rai of the year)-May Fuengarom
Best Love song“Jood On Kong Chan Yoo Tee Hua Jai (My weakness is at my heart)” sung by Aof Pongsak, written by Seefah.
Movie of the year-Happy Birthday
Best Actor-Ken Theeradeth.
Best Actress– Ann Thongprasom
Best love Drama of the Year- “Jai Rao (Cracked Heart)”
Forever Superstar (Male)– Bird Thongchai
Forever Superstar (Female)– Ann Thongprasom
Cutest couple of the year- “Pancake” Khemmanid Jamikorn and “Weir” Sukollawat Kanaros
Beloved Family-“Noi” Bussakorn Pornwannasirivej and Ken Theeradeth.

The event was held at the GMM Grammy building earlier today, February 10, 2009.

My thoughts…forget the award show, I’m foaming over Aff’s springtime inspired dress. It’s to die for!

If you click and enlarge Mario Maurer’s picture, he is as pasty as ever. He needs to lay off the foundation and also get some sun.

Matching again, so cheesy. And, in flannel! We’re at an award show, not hunting time. They popped their collars too. GOOD LORD! Oddly, I’ve seen this picture before. Maybe it’s not from this year.


May, Bird, and Aum with their awards.

Aof Pongsak accepting his award. Noi and Hubby Ken with their awards. Then, Wier and Pancake in the cheesy matching outfit. Oh throw cheese!

Aof, what’s up with the skinny jeans and Mario, please hire a stylist. Your Connecticut housewife look isn’t working for me, rolled up khakis, come on. You’re a guy, have some spunk!


Weir and Pancake engaged!

Gotcha! Nope, they are not getting engage any time soon, it’s just a rumor!

Weir dispelled the rumor at the opening of the Tesco Lotus Plus shopping mall center/place/ thing/Thai version of Walmart.

“Not yet, I have not thought about getting engage yet krap. It’s not the right time, I want to wait.” He told reporters.

Have you ever given Pancake a ring?

“Yes, I give her other things. If it is a ring, I have given it to her but not the expensive kind. If it’s pretty, I’ll buy it all for her, even a house krap.”

About his buzzcut:

“I cut my hair 10 days ago, I don’t know what I was dreaming of, I wanted to cut my hair, I want to grow a mustache so I did it because at the moment I’m not filming any lakorns krap. It will be about a month before I start filming again. Khun Daeng probably saw me working continuously last year and wanted to give me a break, before she choose a role that will suit my character.

What did Pancake say about your new hairdo?

“She told me I looked like a cadet in the navy, but some people have asked me why I cut my hair. For the upcoming lakorn, I don’t think it will be a problem, I only have 2-3 lakrons coming up.”



You Dig? Weir’s new DO!

Ch7 actor “Weir” Sukollawat Kanaros sported a new hairDO for the opening of Tesco Lotus Plus shopping mall the other day, do you dig it?

Other stars in the opening show included: Pancake Khemmanid, Chompoo Araya, Charm Onwarin, Stefan Sunti, Jui Warattaya, and VJ Ja Natthaweeranuch.

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Weir plans to never MARRY.

Someone is going to get an ass whooping or a verbal slashing from Pancake when they meet. Weir admits he would rather be single for life than be married during a mass press bombardment at the “Zen Stylish Men Awards 2008”, where he was accepting an award. Hinting something buddy!

The topic of marriage rose during a question about the Kullasatree magazine fashion shoot for the October 2008 issue. Decked out in all white, Wier and Pancake portrayed groom and bride for the photoshoot. Reporters mentioned the wedding themed fashion shoot because they wanted to know whether it represented a deeper meaning in the young couple’s relationship.

Weir just shrugged off their insinuations.

I made my decision quickly, because we’re not really getting married . Pancake’s mother is friends with the owner of the magazine, it’s really nothing. I see it like a photoshoot for a leading couple. Lakorn couples takes these type of photoshoots all the time, it doesn’t relate to whether they are dating (Reporter: If you were getting married, what type of clothing would you wear?) Oh, I won’t be wearing any type of wedding clothing, the legs would be too short. No way, I won’t be advertising for hotels today. I don’t like crowds or ceremonies, I might not even get marry. (Reporter: No woman will accept that). Ow..then I won’t have a girlfriend, to spend your life alone is much easier (Reporter: someone will sulk) Why sulk, who will sulk?

Pancake might sulk. LOL

Wier also answered questions about Kwan. He still maintains that he is not feuding with Kwan, they may not be friends or hang out together, but they are co-workers. Kinda hinting he doesn’t like her but he has to suck it up for work.

Here is Pancake and Weir on the cover of Kullasatree magazine, 2008 October issue. To see inside pictures, click here.

source: Komchadleuk


Pancake and Kwan more DRAMA

See….she should have kept her mouth shut, instead of insinuating in her last interview that she was having problems with Kwan, now, the press is going crazy and creating news that could or could not be true.

In the latest bit, Pancake’s “close friend” Weir Sukollawat supposedly rejected a leading role in upcoming lakorn “Meu Nang (The Lady’s Hand)” because he didn’t want to be pra’nang with Kwan, who is currently feuding with Pancake.

By the way, is anyone else annoyed by Weir’s title in relation to Pancake, he is known as her “close friend”? Why can’t they just say her “boyfriend”, why they gotta use “close friend”? I guess when the going gets tough they can easily back out of the relationship and say, “we were never dating, we were just friends”. Damn you Thai celebrities.

Weir denies all claims and explained that he had no say in the roles he takes. It is decided and assigned by the channel heads. They decide who is pra’ek and nang’ek in any lakorn and the actors have no choice but to go along with their decisions. So, that’s how it works.

And if the lakorn ‘Meu Nang” ever materialize with Weir and Kwan as pra’nangs, Channel heads will prohibit Kwan’s mother from coming on set to curb the drama. When asked by reporters about how he feels about the prohibition, Weir told reporters he is still a young person and can not prohibit an elder. Plus, there is nothing to say because the lakorn has not even taken shape–no nang’ek chosen, no pra’ek, no story. It’s just floating.

Reporters also asked Pancake ,who was there with Weir at the time, her opinions on the issue. Pancake told reporters she has no opinions on the issue because apparently nothing is wrong. Oh the lies.

Pancake had little to say about upcoming lakorn “Fah Jarot Saai (Sky reaching for the sands)”, in which she is rumored to be playing nang’ek while Kwan is assigned a minor role. Pancake had little to say because no one has contacted her about the role. Right now, it’s up to the channel not hers.

On their relationship, the couple claims it’s better, it has more meaning. Okay! Wier is happy that Pancake is in his life and it has made his life better. I wonder if he means work wise. Dating Pancake equals more work, better PR.