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Lift is going to be a daddy

This is way too precious. After months of trying, singer/ actor Lift Sooput and his wife ‘Ying’ Narawan Nirattisai are expecting and you can tell from his interview he is jumping for joy, he can’t seem to hold himself back. “She is 3 months pregnant now. The truth is I wanted a child for a long time. I waited for a year, finally we have succeeded. At this moment, we have not prepared much. It’s more about caring for the mother first. Reaching the the 3 month mark means we have reached the safe period. From this point on, we have to watch our physical health, our eating, and resting.”

Succeeded? I don’t know why I laughed at this, he made it seem like he won a race and his trophy is a baby. The guy is beaming.

I remember back when there were articles, to which I did not pay attention to, about Lift wanting to have a child and was trying but could not conceive. So reporters asked Lift how did he succeed this time. Before he tried so hard, but when he didn’t try, he and his wife were able to conceive. Lift answered that had to do with emotions. “I think it’s all about emotions. Like I said, people who want (a child) but can’t conceive; however, if we relax, not be tense, and let things go naturally, the child will come.”—awww, he is giving advice like his expert….like I succeeded you can too.  Too cute.

There was a rumor that he made a vow to the heavens for a child, Lift said he didn’t go that far. “No, I didn’t go that far. However, when we went somewhere (to a religious place), I would give a ‘wai’ to the sacred object and ask for a child. I didn’t grumble, I was not stressed about it. If it (a baby) came, it’s good. If it doesn’t come, it’s alright. We learned about the pregnancy back in October at the BNH hospital, they estimated the due date to be July 2, 2010.”

Lift joked that it is the same year that Tao Somchai’s son is being born, they can battle it out. Lift doesn’t care about the sex of his child but he thinks it might be a boy. “For my first child, either is fine, whatever the gender. You know people have been telling me that if it a boy, the mother experiences a lot of morning sickness, and also find the scent of perfume and soap revolting. Truthly, I don’t know yet. We have to wait until next month to find out the gender. This period is the period to care for the mother. In 6 months, I will have to care for my child.”

Lift’s family is even more happy then he is. “They are crazy about it more than I am. We are all very happy. They have warned me that I’m going to be a father soon. If I do anything, I should think about my child and the future of my family. I believe it is like what they said in the olden days, when you have a kid of your own, then you will know what it is like.”

From their 8-8-08 wedding, former bandmate Oil Thana was present at the wedding.


Oh’s wedding

[The bride and groom always laughing]

Bebe and Bobo finally wed. That’s what “Oh” Pakjira Wanasut and her husband “Fiat” Matukorn Potwangot like to call each other. HAHA. They’re a riot together.

After 3 years of dating, the couple married to day at the Oriental Hotel in Bangkok. For her dowry, Oh received a gold weight of 200 baht, a 4 carat diamond ring, and other jewels totaling 10 carats. Though she may appear plump and some are suspicious as to whether she is pregnant, she dispelled those rumors. The couple plan to honeymoon in Italy, one of a few places Oh has never been to. They plan to start a family early next year. Fiat jokingly stated he wouldn’t mind producing 2 sons. Her mother also wants grandsons.

For their reception, the bride and groom invited 1,000 people. Good Golly!

Oh felt nervous and happy at the same time, she said unless you have gone through a wedding yourself, you can not understand this feeling. At the morning ceremony, Oh cried a lot because she was so happy.


Ken Theeradeth and his wife “Noi” Bussakorn Pornwannasirivej. They don’t match, not saying they should. However the contrast between his outfit and hers is huge. His striped white and red tie and her gold themed kimono dress, color scheme wise, they don’t sync with each other. I don’t think Ken really cares, he doesn’t seem to be the type to care about fashion. He wears whatever.

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…and they wed.

Lift and Ying’s morning ceremony pictures from their wedding.

The couple had a very traditional morning ceremony at the bride’s home with monks and everything. Monks at a wedding? I don’t do weddings, so I don’t know the traditional aspect of it.

The wedding continued at the Shangri-La hotel ballroom with numerous Thai celebrities in attendance. No pictures yet. Right now, it’s 12:30pm Thailand time and the reception started at 8pm, I’m sure the partying is still going on. They will probably release it in a few hours.

The couple plan to honeymoon in Europe and will wait a year before having children.

Happy couple alert. Big smiles.

Best friend and bandmate Oil Thana and lakorn director Ah-Too helped out during the ceremonies.


Wedding alert!

I don’t think anyone cares but Mr. Lift “I want to bring my friends along on my honeymoon” Soopot is getting marry today (well tomorrow for us) at the Shangri-La hotel in Bangkok. The reception will start at 7pm and that’s all I know. LOL.

Lift and his fiancee ‘Ying’ Narawan Nirattisai have been dating for years and decided to tie the knot on the auspicious 8/8/08 date because in the Chinese culture the number 8 symbolizes infinity for a relationship and great wealth. And I just thought Lift had a weird obsession with the number 8. Apparently there is a whole culture that thinks like him.

Also marrying tomorrow (or today in Thailand time) is singer “Tao” Somchai Khemklad and ex-wife Nat Myria Benedetti. Why? I don’t know.The couple divorced a few years back because of infidelity. Has anything really changed? Actually, I’m not sure if they are marrying tomorrow. We’ll see.

Lift and Ying Valentine picture

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